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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Since writing the 1st post, I've taken this Mac Mini to two different Apple stores, and they have replaced the fan controller board twice and the fan assembly once. But the problem is unchanged. I think your diagnosis sounds more correct. I will suggest that on my third visit to the Apple store.
  2. I just purchased a new Mac Mini Intel 2.0GHz Duo Core with 2GB & 160GB drive, and it likes to run the cooling fan at 5400 RPM to keep the processor at 95F to 105F. When I stop using it, the processor temp will increase to 120F, and the fan drops down to a quiet under 2000 RPM. (Using ThermographX and smcFanControl apps) This Intel Mini sounds like a jet engine next to my whisper quiet early 2005 G4 PPC Mini. Why is the new Intel Mini so incredibly noisy? Do Intel processors run much hotter than the PowerPC processors? I need a solution to quiet this new intel mini down; I will never be able to handle its current noise.