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  1. New "Get A Mac" ads

    Yay!! The new Xmas-themed Rankin-Bass-inspired Get a Mac ads are back! And this year, we get TWO! Love Hodgman/PC's sweater...
  2. "Get A Mac" banner ad

    Customer Satisfaction banner ad at PCworld.com...
  3. New "Get A Mac" ads

    A nice incentive to never eating another cupcake again!
  4. New "Get A Mac" ads

    Two new ads are up:
  5. "Get A Mac" banner ad

    PC's new op-ed piece at PC World. Hi-Larious!
  6. New "Get A Mac" ads

    Sweet Zombie Jezuz! We have another one!
  7. New "Get A Mac" ads

    They're back!
  8. "Get A Mac" banner ad

    A new PC World banner ad is up online. Click the pic below & check it out: If you happen to miss it - don't panic - I've Snapz-captured the ad and will post this - and a collection of previous Snapz-captured mac banner ads - as flash versions in due course.
  9. New "Get A Mac" ads

    Boy-howdy, how awesome is this?! The extended "Sad Song" tv spot... Love the dawg!
  10. New "Get A Mac" ads

    I guess I missed it... so here it is:
  11. New "Get A Mac" ads

    Two new Hodgman & Long TV spots
  12. New "Get A Mac" ads

    Got stress? Get a Mac.
  13. New "Get A Mac" ads

    New additions to the Get A Mac TV spot family: Breakthrough & Yoga Sweet
  14. "Get A Mac" banner ad

    Check out the new Hodgman & Long Get A Mac banner ad over at PC World. Clever stuff.