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  1. tbrouwer

    Import Mail

    Thank you Matt! In the meanwhile I figured out the solution on my own and it worked perfectly of course. I had originally used the Mail Imposrt Assistant and it didn't work. After numerous attempts using the assistant I finally got angry and reasoned it out on my own - no help from Apple. Well, my wife and I are now on the road for a two year overseas assignment and both have all our mail on one Macbook Pro. We love this machine! Thanks again Matt!
  2. tbrouwer

    Import Mail

    Seems like I should know this already but how do I import mailboxes along with the messages when I move from one computer to an account on a shared computer? I got all the mailbox folders when I went through the new account assistant but no messages when the computer I am abandoning was in Target Disk mode. Any ideas? My guess is that I have to put all the messages and mailboxes into a public folder on the Target computer? Has anyone dealt with this lately? Thanks! Tom
  3. tbrouwer

    OSX 10.0 - 10.4

    Although I use OSX 10.4 and have bought every version since 10.0 I think we're all getting ripped off due to lack of useability on the early versions. I didn't mind paying the dough for 10.0 knowing the box contained coupons useable for redeeming on updates in the future. My hope was that subsequent releases would actually be useable for my day to day needs. Remeber that 10.0 had little functionality since there wasn't any third party software available for it. Then 10.1 (also with major shortcomings)came out and I had to pay again, no upgrades available! By now I've paid over $500 for a fully functional system. I do like Tiger but getting there has been too expensive and painful. Too me, it is crazy that Apple doesn't reward loyalty of users by offering upgrades for major new versions of it's OS.