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  1. McKenzie Carlile

    Migration Assistant

    I just replaced my MacBook internal hard drive with an awesome 500gb 7200 RPM drive. I know, right? Anyway, I did a clean install of Snow Leopard, hoping to pick and choose essential applications and documents to the new drive via migration assistant. When I try to migrate these files through migration assistant, I get an error message: The Backup Cannot Be Opened-Make sure that all of your network devices are connected and turned on. It appears that this backup is already in use. Make sure the backup is not currently mounted by another machine and try again. It appears that Migration Assistant won't look for files in this backup because it isn't from "my computer." Anyone know how to fix this?
  2. McKenzie Carlile

    PowerMac G4 Dual 867

    AFTER SOME RESEARCH: I have ascertained that my computer may not have a DVD drive. I have heard of target disk mode, but I do not have a firewire cable. Can I do this over CAT 6 ethernet? Can I put my MacBook into target disk mode and boot using the option key on the wiped powermac?
  3. McKenzie Carlile

    PowerMac G4 Dual 867

    Thanks. Disk is out. I have verified my disk to be a retail copy of Leopard. I replaced the disk and let it run (because I have heard that it takes a really long time sometime?). My PowerMac G4 is still giving me an apple logo with spinning gear, taunting me. Do I need to boot the computer holding down a certain key or something to launch the installer? Once again, the hard drive has been wiped, no OS. Thanks
  4. McKenzie Carlile

    PowerMac G4 Dual 867

    So, I have an immediate problem: how do I eject my disk? It just won't come out.
  5. McKenzie Carlile

    PowerMac G4 Dual 867

    I just bought a PowerMac G4 without an operating system, completely wiped hard drive. I have a Leopard install disk, but when I put the disk in, all I get is an apple logo with the spinning gear. The disk will not eject. Whats goin' on?!?!?!?
  6. McKenzie Carlile

    iPhone dock connector problems

    My phone came into contact with a bit of moisture on the dock end. My phone is fine, however I get a warning everytime I unlock my phone that "this accessory is not made to work with blah blah blah." As such, my phone thinks it is perpetually docked and I cannot listen to any audio through the headphone port or internal speaker. Is there any way to bypass this?
  7. McKenzie Carlile


    I installed carbonite backup service on my Mac. I deleted the application, but when my computer is booted, I continually get a pop up that says that their was a problem with carbonite installation. I have used spotlight and finder to search for "carbonite" but nothing appears. I NEED THIS GONE!
  8. McKenzie Carlile

    iTunes + Time Capsule

    OK. Is there a way for me to have my Time Capsule AirDisk mounted permanently? I have no idea about the "symbolic link in the terminal" to connect my downloads folder with the iTunes library. Is there a preference where I can just have new content added to the same iTunes library on my Time Capsule? Thanks
  9. McKenzie Carlile

    iTunes + Time Capsule

    So, I am having some trouble with moving my iTunes library. I have successfully moved my iTunes library to my time capsule and can access the music from iTunes and iPod/iPhone. However, when I add music and apps to iTunes, it does not send the files to my wireless hard drive with the rest of my iTunes library, but it keeps it on my local hard drive in the iTunes folder which I migrated all the files from. Also, my iTunes can't "find" my music until I click on each individual track. This triggers iTunes to connect to the hard drive and causes my system to shudder. It sounds like I have a good deal of iTunes trouble on my hands. Any tips?
  10. I have linked my google account with my MSN contacts through a transfer and the program Psi. Everything works great in Psi, but when I try to add the google account with the transfered contacts into iChat, iChat does not see any of my contacts, save for those who were added as google talk friends. Am I leaving out a crucial step? I have followed this guide from the AllForces blog.
  11. McKenzie Carlile

    MSN and iChat

    I have tried to use his advice. It is a great guide, however, I cannot find a stable MSN transport server. Anyone know a good one?
  12. McKenzie Carlile

    MSN and iChat

    I have been searching through threads trying to get iChat to work with MSN messenger. DOES ANYONE CURRENTLY HAVE THIS UP AND RUNNING, I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW YOU DO IT! Thanks a lot.
  13. McKenzie Carlile

    Numbers Checkbox?

    Is there a way to make a check mark equal, when clicked, a certain dollar amount? I teach drum students 4 times every Wednesday and have a spreadsheet set up where I manually type in the dollar amount I receive from each and have it totaled through function for every week of every month for the year. I then plug the monthly totals into my 'income 2' on my main budget. However, since my lessons are always worth the same amount, I thought I might be able to just use the checkbox instead of typing in $40 each time. My plan is to just check the box if they showed up that week. How do I make the checkbox correspond to the dollar amount?
  14. McKenzie Carlile

    Airport Express and Power Mac G4

    I checked my express under airport utlity and found that it was accepting both b and g wireless. It still has trouble connecting. Another clue is that I couldn't install my airport disc. It said that the drive was incompatible. However, that might be because I was installing it in Leopard and Leopard has it built in.
  15. McKenzie Carlile

    Airport Express and Power Mac G4

    My brother recently bought a Power Mac G4 with an airport card installed. However, we are having severe trouble connecting to the network. It recognizes it, but will not join it. Any ideas?