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  1. So, what is your #1 favorite feature of the new iPhone 3.0 OS Enjoy! Steven Edit: Added 3 more features Edit: Added "Better Performance" Edit: Added "Tethering" for when it becomes available
  2. Hi all, I know this is a simple question but how do you enter Skype and Twitter names in the Mac Address Book? Actually, I mean where do you normally put them? I know how to create custom fields. I would like to put Skype and Twitter anmes under IM. But, the I don't see how to make an custom IM field. I can't seem to edit the list: AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, etc. However, the Home, Work, and Other list is editable. I could put them under email or in the Notes field but would prefer not to. So, where do you all put such custom information? Thanks & enjoy life! Steven
  3. Gospel

    Favorite iPhone 3.0 feature?

    Yes, I added the MMS choice for non-US folks and for US folks WHEN it becomes available. Should I add "Better Performance" to the list? Thanks, Steven
  4. Gospel

    Mac Tablet

    I'd buy a MacTablet in a heart beat as well. I'd like to see the following features: 7" 1280x800 touchscreen (finger and stylus for finer control) ARM/Intel dual core processor hybrid (one core ARM, one core Intel) 128GB or 256GB SSD 2GB RAM 2 USB ports (probably be mini-USB) 1 HDMI or mini display port 802.11n Bluetooth SDHC card slot (added to my list after WWDC keynote) Mac OS Xi (Looks like Max OS X & feels like Mac OS X but can also natively run Intel and iPhone apps) * Can be connected to a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro and be used like a Wacom tablet * Can easily be tethered to an iPhone * Handwriting and voice recognition * VoiceOver * Virtual Keyboard * OS support for Bluetooth keyboard I think that is enough. How is that for a wishlist?! Enjoy life! Steven
  5. Gospel

    Google Sync for iPhone

    rhatta, Have you tried the app Pocket Information? http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...st?id=284945003 There is a free trial version but he paid app is $12.99. I don't mind paying a high price for good apps. I have Jaadu VNC & RDP. I am just beginning to use my Mac/iPhone for calendar events. I'm trying to decide between iCal or Google Calendar. I've migrated my Palm TX Datebook to iCal. Now I am working on transferring the iCal stuff to Google Calendar. Pocket Information uses Google Calendar since it is currently forbidden for third party iPhone apps to access iCal events on the iPhone. I've checked out the lite version of PI but I don't have enough iCal events transferred to Google Calendar. I'd really like to read opinions on PI. Right now, I am waiting to see what iCal offers in iPhone OS 3.0. Thanks & enjoy life! Steven
  6. Gospel

    Skip-Bo for the iPhone

    Hi all, I have mostly switched from a Palm TX to my iPhone. However, there are a couple apps that I can't find for the iPhone. My favorite card game on the Palm TX is a version of Skip-Bo called PocketBo. I have not found a version of Skip-Bo for the iPhone. Does one exist? If one doesn't exist, this may be a good game for someone to publish. Skip-Bo is tradmarked by Matel. I think it was originally called "Spite and Malice". Thanks, Steven
  7. Hi all, I switched from a PC to a Mac Pro back in November 2007 and haven't looked back. Unfortunately, I still have to use Windows at work. We were looking for a way to do a particular task on a PC and came across something interesting. It seems that there is a DOS (cmd.exe) that advocates switching. There is an actual GETMAC command in DOS (cmd.exe). Yes, it is used to get a MAC address from a remote system but who cares about the details. Enjoy life! Steven
  8. Hi all, I just ran the App Store app on my iPhone and it said that there was 1 update, Apple Remote. I look it the update description and it said: "For compatibility with iTunes 8.1". I just ran Software Update on my Mac Pro and I don't see an iTunes 8.1 update yet. My version of iTunes shows 8.0.2. What's up? Thanks, Steven
  9. Hi all, I am importing some TV series that I have on DVD. I want go into details about that. I've already got the DVDs on a hard drive. Now, I'd like to capture the episode information. Yes, I can use TV.com but sometimes the lists are out of order. What I'd like to do is use Front Row to go to each CD's episode list screen and take a screen capture. Some of my series even break down episodes into a chapters. These chapters even have their own titles. So, each episode will have a screen showing four chapters. Is there a way to do a sequential series of screen captures straight to a files where I specify a name like "Show YYY.jpg" where YYY keeps incrementing? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks, Steven
  10. Gospel

    Front Row and screen capturing

    Turns out that I don't need to do the snapshot thing. It seems that Amazon.ca outlines the entire DVD menu structure in their full product description ("See all Product Description" link). It even lists the chapter names of the main feature. Very handy. I'll keep this in mind for future use. Enjoy life! Steven
  11. Gospel

    Time Machine Error

    It isn't just external drives getting this error. I have an internal 5yr warranty 1TB Seagate HDD in drive bay two that gets this error. It is split into two partitions. The 300GB partition is for Time Machine and has 250GB of free space. The other partition is being used as my iTunes Library. BTW, the iTunes library is 391GBs and still growing. I'm been importing DVDs that I OWN like crazy. Enjoy life, Steven
  12. Hi all, I know about using Keyboard pane in Systems Preferrences for changing keyboard shortcuts. I try to keep custom keyboard shortcuts to a minimum. However, I have caught myself overriding an predefined shortcut. Is there an application that makes managing custom shortcuts easier? Here are a few desired feature: • Highlight modified shortcuts. • Search to see if a particular shortcut already exists. • Indicate visually and/or audibly when I am trying to use a shortcut that already exists. • Help organize global and app specific shortcuts. Some tips I have picked up: • Create/modify shortcuts one at a time as needed. • Keep shortcut usage in mind that a particular custom shortcut most likely won't be the same on someone else's Mac. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Steven
  13. Hi all, I like the white keyboard that came with my Mac Pro except for the fact the F keys are all squished together. I like how PC keyboards group the F keys in groups of 4. Even with the F keys grouped are not that easy for me to use. I also have a Logitech Internet Navigator keyboard that has media keys along the top. I am visually impaired so I do touch typing and don't look at the keyboard. In fact, I keep the keyboard tray recessed under the desk while I am typing. I am currently using the Mac Pro keyboard with my Mac Pro. I haven't tried using the Logitech keyboard with the Mac Pro. I'm trying to make it easier to access shortcut keys. I don't really like redefining keyboard keystrokes because I don't know if I am overriding an existing keyboard shutcut. So, a better keyboard shortcut manager would be nice that showed me applications use which shortcut keys. Does such software exist for the mac? Could such programs learn the shortcuts used by newly installed applications? Also, I think it would be handy to have an external keypad that I can assign shortcuts to. I would want some shortcuts to be global and some to be local to certain apps. Also, I want to be able to use the main keyboard's modifier keys. At least one jog wheel would be nice too. The Shuttle Pro V.2 looks like a possibility but I can find very many articles about it for general use. Most of the articles refer to it being used with pro apps. Anyone care to share their experience with this? BTW, I use a Logitech TrackMan Marble+ trackball instead of the Mighty Mouse. I'd appreciate any other suggestions such as keyboards or extra keypads. Thanks! Steven