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  1. I have a late-2015 4K retina iMac. I also have 12.9" iPad pro. I can fully charge this iPad in less than 3 hours (while in use!) via the Lightning to USB-C cable & Apple's 29W power wallwart. Is there a way to get USB3 data speeds when syncing the iPad with the iMac? It has USB 3 ports. Is there a way to add USB-C to the iMac via an adapter/dock through the iMac's USB3 or Thunderbolt 2 ports? Thanks! Steven
  2. Gospel

    Airplay Headphones?

    Hi all, Stereo Bluetooth headsets are nice. But, I would like to have Airplay headphones. Does such a beast exist? Does Airplay carry better audio quality than Bluetooth? Or, are they about the same? Noise canceling Airplay headphones would be ideal! But probably very pricey. Thanks! Steven
  3. Gospel

    256GB SSD in a Mac Pro?

    Hi all, I would eventually like to get a 256GB SSD as the system disk for my Mac Pro. I'm still using the 250GB HD that came with my Mac back in Nov. 2007. The drives the other three bays are at least 1.5 TB. Byu, it serms that all of the SSD drives are 2.5". The drive bays are 3.5". How do i put a SD in these bays? Is the a 2.5" to 3.5" converter? If so, which model is recommended? Thanks! Steven P.P. Yes, i do back up my system disk. Doing one now with SuperDuper.
  4. Gospel

    Recommended weather program for Mac OS?

    I accidentally found a weather program that meets my needs. Weather HD from the Mac App Store. It was on sale for 99¢. I the the iPhobe app because it is "pretty" so i bought it. Today, I discovered that it has a variety of maps sumilar to WeatherBug. Thanks & Enjoy life, Steven
  5. Hi all, I was a long time WeatherBug user when I ran Windows. Now that I have switched to Mac OS (Nov. 2007), I have not found a really good weather software. Most that I have seen just show current temp and forecast from the menu bar. I'm looking for something that shows Doppler radar. I really would like to to have the iPad version of WeatherBug Elite on my Mac. Is there anything close? I did find RadarScope in the MAS for $29.99. I do have RadarScope on my iPhone and like it. But, I was looking for something a little lower in price if possible. Hmm, I'm in the Apple Developer program. I guess, I could set up virtual iPad using the iOS simulator but I haven't figured out how to set up the simulater, yet. Thanks! Steven
  6. Gospel

    AirPlay mirroring to aMac?

    Hi all, First of all, can the iPhobe 4 (not 4s) do AirPlay mirroring to an APple TV? Uf so, is there a way to use a Mac as the mirror instead of an Apple TV? I'm visuallt impaired. U can use the iPhone as is. I just thought it would be nice I could view the screen on my large monitor. Thanks! Steven
  7. FWIW, the Sony headset sounds much better than the Motorola headset. Has much better base for music. But, the Motorola is Half the price of the Sony. YMMV.
  8. Hi all, I got my Mac Pro in Nov. 2007. I'm trying to get my Sony DR-BT21G stereo Bluetooth headset to work with this Mac which is running 10.7.2 Lion. The headset works great with my iDevices. I have paired the headset to this Mac and it seems to be properly recognized as a Bluetooth headset. But, I can't get the headset to connect with the Mac. Here is what the settings show: http://i.pbase.com/o6/17/373317/1/139635084.MBw4A1cb.BTHeadset.jpg I was not prompted to enter a PIN for the device. Anyway, it would be 0000 if I had to. The headset shows up as an audio device when I opt+click on the speaker icon on the right part of the menu bar. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Steven
  9. That's what I've done and it seems to be working fine. No drop outs. The "dongle" barely pokes out of the USB port in front.. Good news, my Sony headset now works with the Mac Pro using the dongle. But, I will probably just use the Sony headset with the iDevices and use the Motorola headset with the Mac. Thanks for your help! Steven
  10. I do have a USB Bluetooth dongle. How do I get the Mac to use it instead of the built-in one? Is it just Plug 'n Play? BTW, got the Motorola headset today. It works good but I do get dropouts just sitting in front of the computer. Thanks! Steven
  11. So, basically, it may not work with my Mac Pro despite having no issues with iDevices. Here isthe Amazon UKlisting for my headset. I can't find it on the Amazon US site anymore. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000RZEK4K?ie=UTF8&force-full-site=1 So, I will try this Motorola vetsion which looks similar in style (behind the neck): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002BH3I9U/ref=cm_sw_em_r_am_ip_am_us?ie=UTF8 BTW, I don't use a BT mouse or keyboard. I also turned off BT on my iPhone while teying to get the Sony headset to work with the Mac. I will report back on the results with the new geadset. Thanks, Steven
  12. Hi all! I'm looking for more iPhone/iPod touch wallpaper apps that allow full size image downloads besides the fitted 640x960 images? The app(s) Wallpapers HD and Wallpapers HD Gold are the only example of what I am talking about that I know of. You have the choice of downloading a fitted image or the full sized image. Some full sized images are as big as 2500x1536 or 2500x2000 which good enough for a 27" Apple Cinema Display. Other wallpaper apps only allow the download of wallpaper that fits the display of the device on which the app is running on. I really like having a choice of at least a 640x960 or 1024x1024 image. Plus, I find looking for wallpaper much easier on my iPhone 4 than on the Mac. I no longer have my iPad 1. Lost it at a doctor's office back in December. :-( Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks & Enjoy life! Steven
  13. Hi all! Is there a tool or hotkey that will quickly move a program window to the other monitor in a dual monitor set up? Yes, I can drag the window over and than click on the green maximize button. However, I am looking for something that will do this task in a single keystroke sequence. Example, I take photos in portrait and landscape modes. I use Aperture 3 for my photo processing. I have two 24" 1920x1200 Dell LCD monitors. I keep the left monitor rotated 90º clockwise so it is 1200x1920. When, when viewing a photo that is portrait, I would like to be able to quickly move the window to the other monitor. BTW, I keep many app windows like Aperture maximized. So, when switching a maximized window to the other monitor, I would like it to be maximized on the other monitor matching that monitor's dimension. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks & Enjoy life! Steven
  14. Hi all, From Mac Mail or some other programs, I would like to be able to open a link in a browser that is not default browser. My default browser is Firefox 4. But there are times I want to open a link in Safari or some other browser. When I right click on a link, one of the menu options is "Open link in browser". I sure which there was an option that would "Open Link >" with a submenu of installed browsers. Yes, I can open Safari Preferences and change the default browser, open the link, then change the setting back. But, I would not prefer to have to do this each time. A dropdown Menubar list to select the default browser would be OK. Is there anyway to do this? Or would it to be added under the "Services >" menu item? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks & Enjoy life, Steven P.S. Using Mac OSX 10.6.7.
  15. Gospel

    Open link in non-default browser

    Graham, Drag & drop works fine. Thanks for the tip. I will still look for a menu bar applet to change the default browser. But, I not in a big hurry to find such an app. I know there is one. Just can't think of the name. Your tip takes care of the itch for now. Enjoy life! Steven
  16. Hi all, I found a very decent OCR app for the iPhone (Perfect OCR). I trying to extract text from an image (640x960) of a slide. I would like to remove the purple gradient background and replace it with black with the white text. I've successfully OCR'ed a slide with less text. Removing the gradient would make things easier. Is there an app to di this? I have Color FX, Photo FX, TouchRetouch, Photogene, Brushes, Sketchbook, Filterstorm, and a few other photo editing apps. Anything info would be appreciated. BTW, I'm just saving the text for my notes on the subject. Thanks! Steven
  17. Gospel

    Remove gradient background from image

    Update: using the "B/W - Green" filter in Photo FX did a great job in reducing the brighter purple area in the slide. Got the text. Only needed slight editing. I still would like to know how to eliminate a color or hue range from an image using an iPhone/iPad app. Thanks! Steven
  18. Which Apple iPad will be buying if any? Thanks, Steven
  19. Gospel


    I've been thinking about the name "iPad". It really does describe it well and does not give at stigma to a particular app. If it was called iBook, one would think of only reading books. If it was called iSlate, one would think of a device for book writers and bloggers. If Apple picked something more fancy like iNovaPad, one may think the device is too technical and scary for the average consumer. Apple likes simplicity. How much simpler can you get than iPad? The name is not scary and very open ended. The only thing is that someone's grandmother may put a hot casserole dish on it to keep from burning the counter top. Enjoy life! Steven
  20. Gospel


    I will be getting the, uhm, iPad. I will get the 64GB WiFi only version. I'll use tethering on my jailbroken iPhone if I need Internet on the iPad when away from a WiFi hotspot. I haven't turned on tethering on my iPhone, yet, but will probably do so once I get the iPad. I'm disappointed that the screen is not 1280x768 for native 720p video playback. Yes, the iPad can play 720p H.264 videos but not a its full resolution without chopping off the sides. But, it cannot do 720p video out to a big screen TV. I was wishing there would be two speakers so I can hear stereo wound when playing videos in landscape mode without having to use headphones or external speakers. The icon spacing is not an issue for me because I plan to jailbreak the iPad as soon as the option is available. I doubt I will have to wait a long time for that since work is already underway with the iPad simulator. The good stuff, well hard to tell right now. I was not expecting a full netbook experience with the iPad nor do I need such. Apple doesn't want to cut into their Macbook sales. Glad that a form of iWorks will be available even at $10 per app. The iPad + the keyboard accessory will be great for writers! However, there were no details on how to iWork documents will be synced. Also, there was no mention of MobileMe integration or Exchange support. I like the option of running games at native 320x480 resolution or full screen. However, this is probably a global setting and can't be set on a per app basis. I bet a Cydia app will take care of this, though. No user-enabled background processes. Probably will happen in OS 4.0. In the meantime, Backgrounder will take care of this. Saw in the specs that the iPod plays Audible.com 2, 3, and 4 formats. No mention of the 'e' enhanced 64kbps format. I hope this is simply an oversight. I did see a typo in the specs when Apple was obviously referring to a component AV cable but it read composite AV cable instead. The word "composite" was used twice. Strange that it has a microphone but no built-in voice recorder app. It also seems strange that the compass app is missing even though there is a built-in digital compass listed in the specs. Also, no built-in clock app? What gives with that? This paragraph is according to the iLounge.com first look article. The photo frame feature from the lock screen is cool! Hopefully, I can specify which photos to show. iBooks, well, it looks cool but I don't know how much I will be using it. Will I have to repurchace the O'Reilly books that I bought for the iPhone alreadly if I was the iBook version? And, I use Laridian's PocketBible as my Bible reader. At no extra cost, I was able to use the Bibles and commentaries on the iPhone that I had bought for MyBible on Palm PDA devices. Now, the iPad is going to be an awesome digital comic book reader. iVerse Media, you have two months to put something together for the iPad! If not, I will at least have the zoom feature that I've been requesting for six months. Speaking of the accessibility zoom feature, I will enjoy the VoiceOver and the white on black features of the iPhone 3GS on the iPad. I only have an iPhone 3G. The 1GHz processor is sweet. Can't wait to see the performance improvements of my iPhone 3G. 802.11n WiFi is definitely a must. Now is that 2.4GHz or 5.4GHz 802.11n? Doesn't say int he specs. That pretty much covers most of it. Sorry about being so windy. Enjoy life! Steven Soon to be sent from my iPad!
  21. Gospel

    i. TV

    I see the main topic in this thread has been answered but I wanted to point out some alternative apps. AT&T U-Verse, Comcast, DirecTV, and Dish all have iPhone apps that serve as a TV Guide and allows remote access to your DVR. I've been very happy with the U-Verse app. Enjoy life! Steven
  22. Gospel

    Thanks for Address Book tip

    Adam, Thanks for the great tip on how to handle family contacts in the Address Book. I have used relationships but your suggestion sparked an idea that will solve a lot of my issues I've been trying to resolve. Let's make a pretend family. Husband: John Doe Wife: Jane Doe Sally Doe (John's daughter from previous marriage) Tom Doe (Jane's sun from previous marriage) Billy Doe (Son after marriage) Address Book entries: John & Jane Doe Home Phone: Home Address: Aniversery: Child: Billy Doe Notes John Doe Job Title: Company: Work Phone: Mobile Phone: Work email: Home email: Work Address: Birthday: Spouse: John & Jane Doe Wife: Jane Doe Child: Sally Doe Notes: Jane Doe Job Title: Company: Work Phone: Mobile Phone: Work email: Home email: Work Address: Birthday: Spouse: John & Jane Doe Husband: John Doe Child: Tom Doe Notes: Sally Doe Mobile Phone: Home email: Birthday: Parent: John & Jane Doe Brother: Tom Doe Brother: Billy Doe Notes: Tom Doe Mobile Phone: Home email: Birthday: Parent: John & Jane Doe Sister: Sally Doe Brother: Billy Doe Notes: Billy Doe Birthday: Parent: John & Jane Doe Sister: Sally Doe Brother: Tom Doe Notes: Billy is only 3 and too young to have a mobile phone or email address. If you are John Doe, you may want to have separate personal and professional entries and maybe add a middle initial, prefix (Dr., Attorney), or suffix (M.D., PhD, P.E.) on the professional entry to make it distinguishable from the personal entry. Possible uses: 1) Joined address entries can be used to help automate printing of Christmas card envelopes. 2) Separate ringtones for each person's cell phone and home phone. 3) Incoming emails address identify each individual. 4) Anniversary in joined entry with birthdays on individual entries. Note: Please don't be offended by the way I separated out the child relationships. This could help a person keep things straight. I did make all the parent relationships the same. And I did not use step- in the brother and sister relationships. But, if you did have the true parents' entries in your address book, you can then specify the relationships accordingly if you wish. This technique has a lot of possibilities. However, I do wish that the iPhone Contacts app supported the relationship tags. The only issue I have is how to add Twitter names. I guess, I could put the full URL of Twitter and Facebook entries under the URLs section. But I would prefer putting in the @myname instead of the full Twitter URL under the IM section. But, you can't customize the IM labels. Hope this helps someone! Enjoy life! Steven
  23. Hi all, I came across this PopSci article today: How The Apple Tablet Could Ruin Computing http://www.popsci.com/gear-amp-gadgets/art...-ruin-computing Edit: I still want a MacTablet! Thoughts? Styeven
  24. Gospel

    In-app purchasing comic book app?

    Hi all, I am really surprised that there is no comic book app that users in-app purchasing. At least none that I know of. <rant>It is really annoying to me when using AppSniper to see screens and screens of individual book/guide apps. Recently there must have been 20 to 30 travel guide apps from the same developer. It seems it would be much more convenient to have one app that allows you to add guides via in-app purchasing.</rant> Back to my subject, I'd like to see the same thing for a comic book app. Right now, I have 6 apps on my iPhone for iVerse comic books plus 6 or 7 more in iTunes that I've already read. It should would be nice to have one app that allows me access to all of my purchased comic books. Yes, I'm sure that there won't be one such comic book app that rules them all. Instead each publisher outlet will have their own app to distribute their wares. I can understand that. In the meantime, I am holding off on buying individual comic book apps until an in-app purchasing comic app comes out. However, at this point, I have no clue how long the wait will could be. Also, I am not betting on the ability to convert my already purchased individual comic book apps to the in-app versions when the come out. I'm curious, what do others think on this topic? Thanks, Steven
  25. I don't think this is normal. I used redsn0w on Monday to JB my iPhone 3G. I've synced my iPhone every day since. No problems. However, I do have auto backup disabled in iTunes. Steven