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  1. Camera that Adam mentioned

    Thanks! -=Tim=-
  2. Does anyone remember what the brand of webcam was that Adam mentioned on the last podcast, the one for $49? Thanks! -=Tim=-
  3. Apple Store or AT&T Store

    Are there levels of AT&T Stores that will be better than others? In my area there are smaller and bigger ones, is it safe to assume the bigger the better? -=Tim=-
  4. Apple Store or AT&T Store

    I'm finally converting to iPhone this month. I currently use Verizon and have a famly plan that include my son and me. He doesn't need an iPhone and can take whatever's cheap and easy, I want the iPhone. I suspect I'll have to do this transaction in an AT&T Store as it involves transferring an account (and phone numbers) and acquiring a non-iPhone as well as an iPhone. Am I correct? Thanks! -=Tim=-
  5. Simple Recording

    Thanks for the help folks. I think I'm going to go with Audacity and iTunes, its not too complex a process and leaves the missus with a nice organized library of sessions. -=Tim=-
  6. Simple Recording

    I think I'm trying to crack a peanut with a sledgehammer. My wife is a therapist who gives her clients a copy of their session after each session. Its an audio recording of what was said by both parties. In the past she's used cassettes but fewer and fewer people have cassette players so she's going to move to burning audio CDs. I was going to use Garageband to do this but the mixdown process is VERY slow and she doesn't need that much sophistication. Just the ability to record and burn. I can make this work having her use Audacity and she can then drop the file into iTunes to burn. Is there an easier, maybe just one-step, way to do this? Audacity/iTunes isn't too bad but a one-step solution would be better than a two-step one. Thanks for any ideas! -=Tim=-
  7. Garageband Template

    I think I'm not taking the right approach here, please ignore this thread and I'm open another. Sorry! -=Tim=-
  8. Garageband Template

    Is it possible to have a Garageband template? When my wife runs Garageband and selects Podcast I'd like it to select a file that already has a background music track on it so that all she does is record the voiceover. Like a template in a word processing program. Thanks! -=Tim=-
  9. Resolution Problem & Cats

    This was the problem however I didn't fix it. My friend called the Apple Store and someone talked her through it. Thanks to all! -=Tim=-
  10. Resolution Problem & Cats

    Thanks, I'll try that out. I read somewhere that if I reboot holding down the shift key I'll do a safe boot and get default Preferences, can anyone else confirm that? -=Tim=-
  11. A friend has cats and they've somehow stepped across her MacBook Pro keyboard and set the screen resolution so its huge. So huge in fact she can't use Preferences to set it back to the default. Is there a keystroke combination or something like that that she can use to reset to default resolution? Thanks! -=Tim=-
  12. I've just been given an m-audio Keystation 61es controller. It works great with Garageband except that after awhile it seems to time out and I need to turn it off and on again for be able to "play" Garageband. Is there a timeout turnoff somewhere that I'm missing or something else easy and obvious? Thanks! -=Tim=-
  13. Benchmarks

    Thanks! -=Tim=-
  14. Benchmarks

    Is there somewhere online where I can compare benchmarks for my current 15" PowerBook G4 1.5 against the current generation of MacBook Pros? Thanks! -=Tim=-
  15. iLife 08 and Leopard

    Thanks Graham. -=Tim=-