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    Upgrade iBook?

    A friend has a 1.42GHz iBook with 1 gig of memory. He uses it primarily for email, web and iPhoto but its kinda pokey speed-wise. Would upgrading to 1.5gig (the max) help? Would going to Leopard make things better or worse speed-wise? Thanks! -=Tim=-
  2. TimB

    iPod to Mac

    Thanks y'all, I thought I'd looked and couldn't find the answer but yours are MUCH appreciated! -=Tim=-
  3. TimB

    Copying Podcast Subscriptions

    Wow, that was so easy and I'd never have thought of using Export/Import! Thanks so much!!! -=Tim=-
  4. Hi, my first post here! I'm looking for a way to copy my Podcast subscriptions from one Mac to another. I don't need to bring over the programs tho' that would be nice too. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks! -=Tim=-