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    Cant find files in finder

    Yeah, finder CAN find any single file ... thing is the iPhoto Library "BLOB" is looked at as one file on the surface ... much like Mac apps are actually folders of content.
  2. Dolphbucs

    Cant find files in finder

    Now I think I got you. These are movies that you shot on your camera and when you imported the content of your camera these movies were imported into iPhoto also correct ? If so, these files are being stored in what I call a "BLOB" format ( just my little term for a master file like the iPhoto Library that does not play well with finder because the files are not stored in the exact same format ( uses some type of compression technique ). What you want to do is within iPhoto, select the movie you want and then go to File>Export in the menu bar. Export that movie to your desktop or any other folder on your HD or an external. this will place the movie in that location in mvi format so that you can do with it as you like.
  3. The same thing was said by many back in the day when Apple switched from OS 9 to OS 10, and, to a lesser extent when OS X went from 10.4 to 10.5 and 10.5 to 10.6. Like I've been trying to explain to Music .... the stuff that used to work doesn't mostly due to lack of foresight on the app developers part and the new stuff usually is buggy for some until .2 or .3 comes out. It's always been that way, even in the Apple community ... it's just that some may never have noticed it before. If you want things to always be as they are, that's fine ... just don't upgrade or at least, never choose to be an early adopter.
  4. Dolphbucs

    Cant find files in finder

    What location does iPhoto say those files are in ?
  5. Dolphbucs

    Ethernet issue

    LOL, you know what's going to happen ? If you do get this ethernet adapter to work, and something in the mini WAS damaged by the storm, you're just going to have more issues later on. Why are you against the idea of having Apple look at it ? Is it out of warranty ? If so, I can see why you might be wanting to explore solutions that would avoid a major repair, but at this point I would not trust that mini for any major function ( like as your main computer or a business machine ). If the mini works fine booting from the external drive then you may have a HD issue ... or it may simply have a "glitched" OS X install since the storm. But in any case, the machine needs to be checked out or it may let you down when you need it most.
  6. Dolphbucs

    Steve Jobs no Longer CEO of Apple

    Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple Inc. He has been made the new Chairman of the Board and Tim Cook has been named CEO. I have to say this does not surprise me. Steve's health probably is not imnproving as much as he would like and they probably figure to make this move in case of the worst. Jobs did NOT look well at WWDC and I had a gut feeling then that was his last hurrah.
  7. Dolphbucs

    Ethernet issue

    My thought was that there might be something on the motherboard that was damaged causing even the ethernet adapter to not be recognized. Isn't it possible that a USB port could work fine with one type of device but not with another .... maybe OK with thumb drive but NOT as an internet access port ? I don't know for sure, just guessing, but I do know that if the mini was in a storm you need to have it checked out because who knows what else is wrong.
  8. Dolphbucs

    Ethernet issue

    Could be ... that's the funny thing about electrical damage from storms ... it jumps around and causes all sorts of weird damage.
  9. Dolphbucs

    Steve Jobs no Longer CEO of Apple

    Not according to MacWorld http://www.macworld.com/article/161927/2011/08/steve_jobs_resigns_as_apple_ceo.html And below is his officail letter of resignation. http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2011/08/24/steve-jobs-resigns-puts-tim-cooks-name-forward-as-ceo/?section=magazines_fortune
  10. Well, in the case of waiting for delevopers to update their apps so that they will run with a new system ... they have had over a year already. One could argue that if you actually waited until a majority of the developers had their apps ready, you would NEVER release an OS update. I think all the game issues you cited above fall into that category. One thing I didn't notice from you OP before is that you have been running Steam. Do you realize how much stuff Steam has running in the background ? If you have Steam in your menu bar, that in itself could be the problem with Safari. There have also been many reports of people having problems with Steam on Lion ... but can that really be blamed on Apple ? Steam is not run by Apple and if the guys over at Steam cannot get it to work on the new OS X version how can Apple be held accountable ? The fact that I and others have had a MUCH better experience than you can only lead to one conclusion ... there has to be something different about the system you are running from those that have had little or no issues. You also state that ""things which bugged me from Tiger onwards have actually been made worse ". In my mind that also tells me that there must be something with your system different than mine, because I sure have not been having issues since before Leopard was released ( 2006 ? ) My current iMac is an early 2008 model with a 3.06 ghz processor and 4GB of RAM ... what are your specs ? If they are less, then perhaps your machine just doesn't have the horsepower to do what you want. The fact that you run Steam tells me that you are at least more of a gamer than I am ( I only do major gaming on my PS2 still ). As such, you must realize that when you read the minimum system requirements for any software they are just that ... the minimum it takes to run it at all. If your specs are equal to or greater than mine then there has to be something on your system causing these issues. Have you ever performed a clean install ? Or have you always done an upgrade ... Leopoard over Tiger, Snow Leopard over Leopard, and finally Lion over SL. If always an upgrade there may have been something that occurred in the past, something as innocent as installing a free 3rd party app, trying it out and then getting rid of it by just moving the app to trash out of the Applications folder ... that left something behind somewhere else. I'll bet when you finally get around to doing a clean install, that will solve the vast majority of your issues. Also, you mentioned you were having issues with Pages and Automator ... there is a new release of pages designed to run with Lion. Are you using the latest ? The upgrade may greatly solve some of the things that have been bugging you about pages since Tiger. And of course things are NOT going to run the same with Automator ... Lion is a major update and thus some scripting parameters are going to change ... making Automator workflows that worked in SL NOT run in Lion ... same thing happened in the move from Tiger to Leopard. Finally, I, for one, don't cosider what has been going on in this thread as an argument. I've just been trying to give you explanations for why some things may not be working well for you on Lion and maybe even leading you in a direction that may help you improve your experience. And also, just trying to get you to see that this has been going on with EVERY OS out there since they began doing upgrades. It's NOT an Apple issue ... it's an issue with computers ... all computers ... even going back to the days of punch cards. I know cause I was there. Hopefully some of the info that's come out in this thread will help you along the sometimes bumpy upgrade path. And it could be worse ... you could still be forced to use Windows machines like I have to at work ( see my last post LOL )
  11. Sorry, but when I tried to edit my posts lately on the forum using my work Windows 7 machine, the formatting gets all wonky. I guess some of the posting issues MTB has been haveing aren't Lion based but due to this forum software LOL
  12. Dolphbucs

    Ethernet issue

    If the ethernet cable was plugged into the mini during the storm anything could have happened inside the mini. It's also possible that the mini got "hit" if it was simply plugged into the wall outlet. Unfortunately the only way to be safe when thunder and lighning are in the area ( anywhere within 5 miles ) is to unplug the unit from any power or internet connections completely. Trust me, I lived in FL for 20 years and know what lighning and even brownouts can do to electronics. At this point I would take the mini in to an Apple Store for service ( or an Apple Repair center ). Sorry I didn't have a better answer for you.
  13. Dolphbucs

    OS X Lion Gripe

    First the good news ... this does not happen with my system therefore it is not a Lion issue. Did you repair permissions before you preformed the upgrade ? Reason I ask is that this sounds like a permissions issue. I'd try running Repair permisions now. If that doesn't work check the permissions of the folders you are trying to move things into and make sure your current user has read/write privaledges.
  14. Rosetta was what allowed Power PC apps to run on Intel processors .... it had nothing to do with Classic mode ... Classic Mode was what was used to run OS 9 programs under OS X. Apple made the switch over from PowerPC Processors to Intel Processors late 2005/ Early 2006. That means that developers have had 5 1/2 years to "get with the program" and make their Mac apps fully Intel compatible. That means, in my mind, the only people really affected by this are those still running poorly supported software which probably should be replaced anyway. As far as the games you mention, Lion has been in the hands of developers for well over a year now. Should not the responsibility for seeing that an app works with a new OS that the developer has been given the opportunity to work with that long fall mainly on the developer ? Look, with every OS upgrade on every system, there are apps that will not transition well. It happens with Windows, it happens with OS X, it happens with Linux ... heck, it even happens with iOS and Android. It's just the nature of the beast. Now, some are also having issues with Apple components as well ( Safari, Mail, etc. ) but as I pointed out ( and I believe Adam alluded to also ) many ( if not all ) of these issues never seem to crop up on systems that have performed a clean install with a fresh/manual migration. This leads my "logical computer mind" ( LOL ) to the conclusion that these problems are the result of what was on people's systems before the upgrade. How many extensions or 3rd party add-ons did someone have on Safari ... how many plugins were put on Mail and iTunes ... what other software had someone played around with installing that might have added something in the background that still tries to launch even after the upgrade ? Yes these are the same issues people have when they upgrade from one version of Windows to the next, but that's only because NO OS manufacturer can ever cover the bases on EVERYTHING a particular user has done with their system before.
  15. Dolphbucs

    Disappearing Folders?

    I think it would have to be. I've seen a similar thing happen with viewing apps, but a good old reboot always fixes it and it happens VERY rarely.
  16. Sorry, but I really don't think you can lay the Rosetta thing on Apple. The elimination of Rosetta has been WIDELY publicised since at least March 2011. IMO, any reasonable amount of research into Lion that I would expect anyone, especially a long time Mac user, to do before upgrading, ( like checking the specs for compatibility with your hardware ) would show the Rosetta issue. Every OS upgrade "breaks" certain software, that comes with the territory, so why would a person NOT do a little fact finding to see if their most important apps would all run ? In fact I would argue that the elimination of Rosetta would ONLY effect long time Mac Users. Those who have recently switched most likely are running nothing but Universal Apps at the least. If "half your apps" are Power PC versions, you probably shouldn't even be running Snow Leopard as those apps certainly have not been updated in years..
  17. Does anyone else have this funny feeling of Deja Vu back to when Leopard was first released ( Oct of 2007 ) ? All the complaints about stacks. All the complaints about how Apple did away with classic mode. All the complaints about the numerous quirks and glitches until 10.5.2 came out. Plus ca change, plus c'est le meme chose. ( The more things change the more they stay the same. ) And you have to admit that Lion is a MUCH more radical paradigm shift that Leopard was to Tiger. Thats' why, since it had been almost 4 years since that last MAJOR revision to OS X, I decided to perform an absolute clean install when I upgraded. I discarded all the old plugins and Power PC apps I had been using and jumped in with both feet .... and voila .... no issues with the OS. Oh yeah I have a couple of apps that aren't 100% Lion ready, but nothing I can't live with. Convenience unfortunately has its price.
  18. I look at it this way ... for the most part, Software update deals with those things integrated into the system .... things like OS X updates that may have to install items into system folder or even alter actual system files. Updates through the App store are for stand alone apps of the kind like we used to just drag and drop from a DMG ... in other words, mac App store update mostly just overwrites things placed in the Application Folder ... if an update needs to do more it needs to be run through software update. Perhaps a lot of confusion could be avoided by simply renaming Software Update to System Update.
  19. Dolphbucs

    RAM upgrade causing more memory usage

    Yes, I think that is the case.
  20. Dolphbucs

    pages and lion

    Might sound silly but have you tried doing a repair permissions ? This may be one of the few times that actually does something
  21. If you go to Screensavers preferences you can set a hot corner to launchpad.
  22. Dolphbucs

    Migrating without Migration Assistant

    And, I would just like to point out that if you are already running Snow Leopard, if you use the method that John pointed out in another thread, you can burn a DVD Lion Install disc and do the clean install from that ... without having to upgrade over Snow Leopard. That would give you a TRULY clean install.
  23. Dolphbucs

    Login Name Password question with 3 macs

    Good question. The impression I got was that MobileMe will cease in June of 2012 but that if you had a current MobileMe address it will transfer over to iCloud. I can't imagine Apple using special servers that will only work with Lion ... I would think that you would just have to "activate" your ".me" address at some point with iCloud. In that case Apple may think that as long as you have at least one iOS or Lion device, you're good to go. If they limit the ".me" adress to a special server format that requires iOS or Lion, that would mean other mail clients, like thunderbird, would not work either ... I just can't see Apple doing that.
  24. Dolphbucs

    Make audiobook go into books on iTunes

    Moral: Always give John time to think about it ... he'll come up with the answer you need ( if not the answer you want ) if you just give him a little time
  25. Dolphbucs

    Mail in LIon

    I think what you are remembering are Search Tokens http://www.maclife.com/article/howtos/how_use_search_tokens_lion_mail