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  1. The diagonal line means that the podcasts in question are not elligible for iTunes match. This is usually due to low bitrate of some podcasts. You could try to covert the files to AAC and then re-add them to iTunes Match, but that may be more trouble than it's worth.

  2. If one does not want the hassle that may ensue by working a deal for fair use of a neighbor's wi-fi, one could always upgrade their own service and/or stop using the neighbor's. I'm just trying to suggest to rmsmits a way to continue the status quo with less guilt. :rolleyes:

  3. I found out that my neighbor is using Time Warner which I've had before and it is fast, but their customer service is so bad I can honestly say it was one of the (if not THE) worst experiences I've ever had with any company.


    Time Warner doesn't use bandwidth caps presently, so the neighbor should be unaffected by your usage. If the neighbor and you are on good terms, why not try the "Laporte Initiative" ? ( just an idea Leo Laporte has suggested to others in your situation).


    Approach the neighbor and tell them that you have discovered the network is open. Then offer to secure it for them in exchange for being able to access it. Even if they turn you down, you can still do what you've been doing and this way you earn valuable kharma points. Besides, better you bring it to their attention first, and have a chance to benefit from it, before another friend or relative helps them out and locks it down on you.

  4. My solution has been to jump on my neighbors much faster internet connection. Since they obviously are not locking down their network, my question is am I opening up myself from a security standpoint during that time?


    Two issue. In reverse order:


    1) If you can jump onto it, so can anyone else. Even though you can't see the neighbor's devices does not mean somebody else cannot see yours ... thus the suggestions John made.


    2) Are you sure this neighbor is not on some limited bandwidth plan ? If he/she is, your usage may be affecting the bill.

  5. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Did you download any Flash player software or was this just an update of some sort ? The reports say that Fashback.c can only be "gotten" by downloading a bogus Flash Player installer, so unless you actively remember downloading such I think you're OK.


    That's one thing I do not like much about F-Secure. They seem to be very windows centric. They publish things they find which affect the Mac Community but then are always vague on the details. It's almost as though they are just trying to spread FUD ( fear, uncertainty and doubt ) about Macs.


    Just keep your ears and eyes open .... if Flashback.c is really a true threat, Apple or somebody else will come out with either a better article on it OR even make available a detection/removal tool. And BTW, make sure you have unchecked "open safe files after download" option in Safari .... if that is done, you run as a standard user, and you don't file share or bit torrent, your Mac is still pretty darn secure even if Flashback.c disabled your "malware protection".

  6. John, I'm not trying to imply that it is smart for people to rush out and upgrade right away. But I don't understand all the fuss that people are making over the fact that you must have Lion or iOS 5 to use iCloud.


    Current MobileMe users have the option of staying with MobileMe for free until June 2012. By that time Lion will be almost a year old and should be sufficiently vetted for people to "safely" upgrade. In fact, MobileMe seems to have MORE functionality than iCloud if you discount the iTunes Features ... and by then, the hardware NOT able to run Lion will be almost 6 years old. Bringing a system up to spec for Lion at that point will be $30 ( if you don't need a newer machine by then anyway ). So what are current MobileMe users who don't want to run Lion complaining about ?


    And anyone who wasn't using MobileMe, is currently using other solutions anyway.


    In other words, "If you want new features x,y & z, you need to upgrade ... if not, or if you can't, you stay where you are". How is this a new concept in the computer industry ?

  7. Personally, I don't see why so many are up in arms about this. If I have an older Ford, am I somehow being mistreated or cheated by not being able to get Ford sync for my older auto ? Granted it is a little different as MobileMe is being discontinued, but there are plenty of other syncing and e-mail options out there still supported by the older OS's. Over history, products have always added new functionality that requires an upgrade of some sort .... why the surprise and consternation over iCloud requiring some with older equipment and software to upgrade ?


    It's called progress and with progress some are always left behind. It's not always fair, but exactly what in life is ?

  8. Even if you "fix it", eventually you will be working on something in that user acct and something bad will happen. Take JF's advice and create a new user acct ... copy the stuff you can out of the old acct ( NOT the library folder you found or anything in it ) and start over in the new acct.


    Coninuing to use that old user acct now is like driving a car with a leaking brake line you fixed with bubble gum .... it's not a question of IF something will go wrong but WHEN.

  9. Apple just announced that Steve Jobs passed away today from the illnesses he has been fighting for seven years. He inspired us all and, even ore importantly, helped us all to inspire others. What else can be said ?

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  10. Actually, John, The new version of Ouicktime X that comes with Lion DOES let you combine clips. Simply drag the additional clips one by one into the player window in order that you want them played. Quicktime even crops all the clips so that the resulting movie is all the same dimension with no pesky black borders.



  11. Yup. And for the record, I checked and the Drive I have has a USB 2.0 Interface base .... no wonder it worked. Quite honestly though, I always stay away from any interface not directly supported by my machine and/or OS. Like with USB 3.0, it's supposed to be backwards compatible but there's lots of stuff that has to work right for that to be true ( as this situation pointed out ). Better to stick with what you know works until you have to ... and by then it's probably time to get new hardware anyway.

  12. Wow! I guess I must just be one of the lucky ones. It appears I did the same as jkolnick only my drive works fine. I wonder if they had a bad batch of the bases ( Flex drives are called Flex because they have an interchangable base that allows you to quickly and easily adapt your drive to different interfaces ). That brings up another thought ... have you tried disconnecting the drive and removing the base and re-mounting it ? Could it be as simple as the drive just not seating well on the base ?


    Update: It may be a problem with OS X recognizing the USB 3.0 interface ( still an issue with the base if so ). Also, I am running Lion and now that I think of it, I did install the monitoring software to enable the lights on the front of the drive. I also always have my iMac set to NEVER put drives to sleep. All quite a hassle to expect everyone to do, but that info may help you troubleshoot your issue.


    Still another observation: on the thread John cited, the admin suggests one of the posters install the Mac OS version of the Seagate Diagnostics software. This is the monitoring software I mentioned above and the admin states that this disables the built in sleep function of the drive itself ... perhaps that is the issue.


    Later on in the Seagate thread, the admin also mentions issues with the USB 3.0 interface and 64 bit systems. This is NOT surprising as USB 3.0 is NOT Mac compatible. Seagate may not have "wired" the USB 3.0 interface bases properly to provide true backwards compatibility. It also appears that Lion's newly re-coded finder must handle the problem better that Snow Leopard did. In any event, Jerry, if you read through the thread John posted it should get you up and running.

  13. I'm confused. You say you formatted the drive but that now when you click on a folder you get the spinning gear. So that means that after you formatted the drive you were able to copy a folder over to the drive and now cannot access that folder ? Reason I ask is that if you re-formatted the drive properly, there will be NO folders left on the drive afterwards.


    Wait a minute ... are you using the "tools" that come with the HD to re-format the drive ? If so ... DON"T. They may not be fully compatible with your version of OS X. Use Disk Utility instead.

  14. I would just make sure you get in writing that if the computer shop breaks something like that clip, THEY will pay to have your computer repaired. $400 does sound high for RAM from Apple but have you explored what the Apple store would do ? In other words is there an additional charge for them to install that RAM or would they do it all for the $400 ? Let's say an independent computer store wants to charge you $150 to install the RAM. Add that to the cost of the RAM itself and you are at half of that $400. If the independent computer store refuses to fix what they break, what have you really saved ?


    And if I had a computer shop, I can tell you that $150 is the least I would charge to install RAM ... simply because of the possibility of liability is there.

  15. Pertsonally, I never trust ebay for electronics purchases. The few bucks you save are just not worth the additional aggravation if there turns ourt to be something wrong with the unit. Why not go for an Express from the Apple Store ?



  16. Hey, the 2000 yr old man here (still on Leopard with no plans for advancement anytime soon) :)


    Anyway, could one open the iPhoto Library file and have it Show Package Contents to 'see' the individual files?


    Yeah, but this is a know issue. Apparently show package contents shows these mvi files as only a jpg thumbnail and trying to copy one of those files to another location using finder just makes a copy of the thumbnail not the mvi file.