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  1. I've been waiting for this ever since Adam and Victor said it was on the way ( I even think they scooped the TWiT guys on this one ). I just love the new options, especially being able to make the menu bar solid and the Time Machine Menu bar item.

  2. And, I might add, will create the mp4 in great quality if you configure it correctly. IMO, the only real reason to rip it to Video TS is if you want to make a backup DVD ... after all, the versions Handbrake creates will play in iTunes and Frontrow quite well.

  3. I won't be getting one right away, but sometime this summer I probably will. Reason being I've been putting off getting a router for way too long ( I've been just using the airport in my iMac to "broadcast" to my laptop ) and since the Airport extreme by itself is $179.00, $120.00 for a networked 500 GB HD ( even if it would only be used for Time Machine ) sounds like a great deal. That being said, some of the rationale behind the Time Capsule does seem a bit flawed to me. OK, I understand the convenience of having one HD for backup of your entire home network, but Jobs made a point at the keynote that this was abetter solution for a laptop than carrying around a portable external HD. That's the part I don't get. I mean if you use the Time Capsule for the backup of your laptop, how is having to be within range of your Time Capsule more convenient than being able to access your backups on the road?

  4. Hello everyone. I just got my tax refund yesterday and decided to treat myself to a couple of new toys.


    First of all, since my original keyboard for my iMac Core Duo 20" was starting to get quite "ratty" ( gunk under the keys etc. ) I decided to get myself one of the new Apple Keyboards. I really wanted to get an exact replacement for the original keyboard as I really liked it, but since they are no longer made I figured I would just give the new one a chance ... and I am very glad I did. I really like the "key action" on the new design. It's very springy and it just feels right to a "hunt and pecker" like myself. I also find, for whatever reason, that I can actually type quicke and with less typos than on the old design. Plus, for an "old timer" programmer like me ( started out learning Fortran and Cobol on a Burroughs 6800 Mainframe in the early 80's ) there is a slightly nostalgic feel to it. It kind of reminds me of the keyboard that came on the original TRS-80 Color Computer ( one of the original color home computers that you hooked up to your TV as a display ... it had a whopping 4k of RAM and you had to write your own software and run it of a cassette player )


    The Second thing I got was a wireless mouse. I have tried the wired Mighty Mouse and didn't like the way the right-click function worked. I had been using an old Logitech MX300 wired optical mouse but I really had reached the point that I wanted to get rid of the wires. Well, I went over to Best Buy ( also where I bought the Apple Keyboard BTW ) and found, get this, a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000. I was skeptical, but the price ( $ 26 US ) was just too good to not at least give it a try. I must say I'm impressed. The scroll wheel is nice and smooth rolling without feeling too loose. It has horizontal scrolling as well as vertical and it has two left side buttons that are programmable. I was pleasantly surprised that the MS Intellipoint software ( version 6.2.2 ) works flawlessly with Leopard. The mouse is very responsive and it claims to have about 6 mos battery life off of two AA batteries ( we'll see about that ). The only drawback I can possibly see is that the mouse is very ergonomically shaped but for a right handed user ... don't know if they make a left hand model but I'm right handed anyway.



    Hope this. my first real post here, proves helpful to some of you.


    LOL ... I just noticed that here I am saying how the new keyboard helps cut down on my typos, but in the thread title I typed "two" twice .... Oooops!