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  1. What John said. As long as your MobileMe acct is set up properly in system preferences you're good to go.


    But, like Apple Geek pointed out, Keychains will cease to be synced when MobileMe ceases in June of 2012. At that time you might want to consider something like 1 password. OR you could develop a password scheme for yourself that enables you to easily remember all your passwords.


    What I mean is this. Come up with a series of 4 or 5 passwords. Make them all complex ( upper and lower case letters numbers and symbols ) and make sure they are all unrelated ( if you use a former pet's name in one password, don't use another pet's name in another password, etc ) but compose them so that YOU can memorize all of them easily. The idea is to NOT show a patern among these passwords. Then, simply devise a rotation for these passwords amongst the various programs and sites you use. Every six months, rotate the passwords so that sites get their passwords changed frequently. Actually, using a system like this protects you more that having the same passwords at the same site for years ... even if you have a different password for every site.

  2. Husker, over at the TWiT forums, I've seen a couple of people report performance issues trying to get Lion running on older MBA's with only 2 GB RAM. What I'm getting at is trying out Lion on a MBA with 2 GB RAM and booting from an external may not give you a reasonable Lion experience. It will work, but it may be "painful" LOL.

  3. Hate to say it, but that MacBook Air is probably on the lower end of machines that will run Lion ... the biggest shortcoming being that it only has 2 GB RAM ( the bare minimum Lion needs ). I'll bet you often have iTunes and Safari runing with multiple other apps also. Try running those apps by themselves ( nothing else running ) and see if they crash any less.


    BTW, this should be moved to a Lion thread

  4. I upgraded day one. I thought Mission Control and Launchpad would be a farce ... mainly because Apple was stressing the multi touch functionality .... but now that I get to use it I actually prefer it to the old Spaces/Expose hybrid. Apple did a really nice job of building intuitive Mouse functionality into it as well.


    The one thing I miss most though are the arrows at the top and bottom of the scroll bar ... but I'll get used to it.

  5. What in the hardware makes that model mac Pro incompatible with Lion ?


    Update: Found it ... the Airport cards in that version MacPro are NOT compatible with Airdrop. I was also surprised to find that my late 2007 MBP is also NOT compatible ... bummer.


    Or even my late 2008 iMac. LOL well at least if you're not compatible with a feature you should be all the way.

  6. It definitely boots from a USB thumb drive - that's how I upgraded one of my macs (shortly before going back to 10.6.8 due to the same bugs being in 10.7 that have been there since the first developer release - oh well, I guess IT professionals who sell apple products aren't high on apple's list of people they care about).


    Yeah, I should have posted back here sooner. It turns out the DVD I burned worked fine ... it just takes about 15 mins to to boot from it.

  7. Just keep in mind that the new Minis have NO optical drive built in. BTW, when I installed Lion I found out that if you partition your HD before Lion install, you will not be able to have the Recovery HD option of Lion. So, to do what I suggetsed above, one would have to upgrade to Lion BEFORE adding the SL partion to get full Lion functionality.

  8. Don't buy anything. I can't see why an OS upgrade would keep certain cables from being "seen". First, check to make sure that you have run software update. iTunes 10.4 was released right after Lion an I'm thinking that maybe the trouble is that iTunes is just not seeing the shuffle ... if I'm right, this would be happening no matter what cable you had. If you already have iTunes 10.4, it could be a glitch with the NEW iTunes.


    If you go into Disk Utility, does anything show up there when you connect the shuffle ? If so, then most likely the trouble IS iTunes.



  9. it's not a prediction. I've, umm, tested it. the zact path for the DMG is Installer.app/Contents/SharedSupport


    Just confirmed this. You can, indeed, save that DMG to another drive. You can also burn it to a DVD. It will NOT, however, run as a bootable disc like the Snow Leopard install ( at least in the retail version ). Far as I can tell, if you want to do a "clean" install, you need to use the SL disc or the system disc that came with your Mac to reformat the HD, then re-install SL. Next update SL to 10.6.8, and then use the DMG to upgrade to Lion. That's about as "clean" as you can get this time around ( without buying a new computer ) but like John has said it really is NOT necessary. If it weren't for the fact that I had re-partitioned my HD after setting up Bootcamp, I would have no need to perform the "clean install". For some reason, Lion cannot set up the Recovery HD if you have a non-standard partiton scheme. It will install Lion fine, but you will be missing some features like disk encryption, recovery from Time Machine, and being able to re-install from the HD.


    Probably just as well in my case .... lots of leftover junk on my system I really did not need.


    UPDATE: According to what I am reading, the burned install disc WILL boot, it just seems to take forever. I'll have to try that at home.

  10. Dual booting is all well and good but if you follow the route suggested you need to be aware that for each machine you'll not only need a second Snow Leopard licence but also a second Leopard one as the Snow Leopard licence demands such.


    A very good point Harry ... you made me check my Leopard and SL copies to make sure I was covered by those rules. I've set up a second SL boot partition just in case I find that one or two of my favorite apps are not 100% Lion ready. Luckily for me I purchased Family Packs for each of those upgrades and had two "spare" licenses left for each.


    The agreement also states that you can only install (1) copy on up to 5 Apple labeled computers for the family pack, but I checked with the Apple Store and Apple seems to consider each HD or partition thereof a separate Computer as long as they are individually named. And this still is only considered proper use for private individuals ... they made it perfectly clear that Family Packs are NOT for use with enterprise or business.

  11. There is one option ( if you want to go thru the hassle ) and that is to set up a dual-boot system. This would involve using Disc Utility to use free space on your internal HD to create a new partition and then performing a clean install of SL on that new partition where you would then install Quicken and Office. You would then just install Lion over your existing system and migrate any Quicken or Office files to the new SL drive.You would just need to hold down the option key while rebooting and select the new SL drive. I don't know for sure, but I think you could also do the same thing with Virtual Box ( create an SL virtual machine ) that way you run these apps side by side with Lion.

  12. John, I know that SL was touted as having the best "in place" upgrade yet and Lion's is supposed to be even better. From what you've seen, would I see any significant performance improvement if I were to "clean install" from the DMG ( I did an in place upgrade on my iMac and so I really haven't done a clean install on that computer since SL release ). Sorry if you answered this in one of the other threads, just too lazy/busy to check right now.

  13. My parents are even begging to update since they never upgraded to Snow Leopard and they are still on Lion. I'm just not looking forward to the 4 GB download on their slow internet.


    I take it you mean they are still on Leopard ... but how do they plan on upgrading when they require Snow Leopard to use the Mac App Store ?


    Myself, I will most likely buy the upgrade right away, but if it works like John predicted ( you get a pkg to click to install ) will wait just a bit to put it on my main machine.

  14. Sorry about the double post but I just caught this extra thing and didn't want to do an edit on the last post


    the best way to disable the camera is to delete the USB driver for it.


    So, I buy a piece of software, and then, to remove a functionality of the product I don't like, I disable the camera for everything ?????


    Seems easier/better just to avoid the software.

  15. I'm pretty sure that they've had meeting after meeting about privacy. and if you read the website it's pretty assuring that nothing weird is going on. you have to tell it to turn on. be sure to read the TOS that describes what happens when this is activated.


    John, with all due respect, unless you happen to know one or some of the authors of MacKeeper personally and can vouch for them ( which would do much to aleviate my fears about the product ) I have to say you appear to be overly trusting in this case. I would maintain that if you examine bad or even malicious software out there, you will find that the vast majority have websites that assure you it is safe and secure and will not harm your system in any way. In marketing they're called selling points and EVERY product makes those claims .. or it wouldn't sell. Just because a company puts something in its T.O.S. doesn't mean they are legit. Sorry, but without personal knowledge from someone I trust ( like you John ) there are just too many red flags on this product for my tastes. In addition to the fact they are selling their product through pop-ups on sites like Pirate Bay, if you go to the Zeobit website you will see that they claim to be " an American company with Headquarters in Silicon Valley, regional office in Ukraine and a number of local partners around the world ". Yet on their About Us page, all the listed employees have Ukrainian names. Sounds to me more like a Ukranian Company with a regional office in Silicon Valey ( which, by the way, is just an office in in a place called the "PlugandPlayTechCenter" ). I guess you could argue that anyone really bad would, to quote JRR Tolkien " Look fairer and feel fouler " but there's just enough questions left in my mind about them to not feel safe installing their software on my system ESPECIALLY if it uses something like launchd to allow it to run on any acct on the system. Yes, I understand that to do what they claim it would have to operate like that, but that does not make it seem any better to me. As Lt Parrot would say "That's as maybe, it's still a frog "


    At the very least, if they are legit, they need better leadership to guide them to present themselves in a better light.


    The other thing to remember is that it is unpossible to turn the LED off. if the camera is powered on then that LED is powered on. there is no code or API or other seckret to controlling it. even the camera takes a moment to adjust because it's a cheap CCD. meaning the LED would blink if you just did one frame because of the adjust delay.


    Like I brought up before, how many people do you think actually ever notice that light ? I think I'm pretty observant and even I , as I said earlier, have caught myself leaving something like photobooth running and haven't noticed the light for days ... yes even in the dark ... when you have lots of electronics around, you tend to ignore all those little lights in the dark. And besides, saying that they can't turn the light off does not prove that they wouldn't have if they could. In short, the fact that the light would be on anytime the camera is in use doesn't make me feel any better about the possibility of some outside source using the camera.


    I appreciate what you are trying to point out John ... that perhaps I am being just a bit too paranoid on this, but maybe a computer security mindset does need a touch of paranoia to work. I wonder how many less people would have been caught by the MacDefender trojan if they had been just a tad more paranoid. I know I didn't fall for it, even after encountering it about ten times in the wild. In fact, I was one of, if not the first, on the Apple Community forums to identify the main vulnerability everyone had to it ... NOT turning off the "open safe files after download" option in Safari. One of the first things I ever noticed in Safari when I first switched to a Mac was that option being checked "on" by default. Perhaps the little bit of paranoia that caused me to uncheck that option then, and on every Mac I have set up since, served me well.

  16. Is iCloud supposed to pull content from the Galleries ? If so, I missed that functionality and will have to get to work. The way I understood it, the new photostream will be storage for those photos taken with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch camera. The Apple site mentions nothing that I can find about uploading other photos to it or merging with the Gallery. In fact, Apple has published a support article intructing users on how to save stuff from your gallery to a Mac or PC ) http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4702

  17. So, Graham, does that mean that such software could access the built in iSight cam remotely from the login screen ? Wouldn't the machine need to be connected to the internet to acheive this ? Can software runing at root at the login screen access the internet ? Or do you simply mean that the software can be installed as a "service" and be laying in wait so that once any user acct is launched ( even a new one ) said software will be good to go ( without actively enabling it to "launch at startup ) ?<BR><BR>That would make it even somewhat more "creepy" to me. Seems to me the only way to prevent the software from accessing your cam would be to uninstall it ... unless there would be some "user based preference pane" which allows one to turn off camera access for any individual acct. Even so, you are still trusting that the software author is honoring that preference.<BR><BR>One thing I noticed about MacKeeper today though .... there are reports of the software being advertised via pop-ups on the Pirate Bay site. I visited the site, left the page open for about 1/2 hr and sure enough ... Not a total condemnation of the product but you would think they would be able to sell it through more mainstream venues than popups on Pirate Bay.

  18. > Giving someone else access to my cam still creeps me out.

    so don't run "find my stolen stuff" software.


    I don't. Just posting this to warn others of posible risks. The OP did ask what we'd heard.

  19. If there is no Lion installation disk, that should also mean you cannot pop in the disk when booted with Windows to install the Bootcamp drivers. So I guess they go back to letting the user burn a CD before installing Windows.


    Any Machine made prior to the release of Lion that can install Lion has to have Snow Leopard installed ( in order to use Mac App Store ). The Snow Leopard disc OR the system Discs that came with the machine ( if your Mac is new enough to have come pre-installed with Snow Leopard ) should have all the drivers you need to at least get started. And I assume that new Macs from this point forward will still come with some kind of install/recovery media in case of hard drive failure. Unless Apple decides that from this point forward ALL HD replacements and upgrades must be done through Apple ... and then we are talking a whole different set of issues.

  20. But there have been MANY times I have left my iSight on for days and not noticed the LED. Giving someone else access to my cam still creeps me out. As a matter of fact, wasn't there a recent news story where some school gave out laptops and got in trouble because they were monitoring kids at home through the built in webcams ? I don't know if they were Macs but don't most laptop cams have an LED indicator ? I just don't think many would notice "the little green light".

  21. Over on the Apple support forums I discussed MacKeeper with someone and they said that one of the "cool" anti-theft features was that if the laptop is stolen, you call MacKeeper and they activate the camera remotely to take pictures of the thief. Let's examine that.


    Let's say the the thief steals your laptop. Now, if your laptop is secured properly, you no doubt have all your user accts password protected. It would seem to me that this software needs to be running in the background of a user acct to use this functionality. Far as I know, there is no Mac software out there outside the OS that will auto launch on ANY user acct ... even a new one. So, if the thief wipes the HD and re-installs, MacKeeper is defeated. If the thief is able to somehow create a new user acct on the system MacKeeper won't launch. So in ths scenario MacKeeper's video anti-theft is useless.


    But here's the scary part. Let's say that you have MacKeeper installed and you don't have your user acct password protected. Great, thief opens laptop, logs in and MacKeeper starts the video rolling ( or taking pictures, whatever ). But like I said before, this functionality, by it's nature, requires MacKeeper to be always running in the background. So, it launches whenever you log in. OK so you are telling me you have a program installed on your laptop that can access your laptop camera at any time you are logged in. How do you know the owners of MacKeeper ONLY access that camera when you call the phone # ? Ever leave your laptop running in your bedroom ? Creepy Huh?


    Basically, you couldn't pay me to use that software.

  22. ... the "instapaper" guy will do okay for the next 18 months. although I have to tell you, I don't get that product. and even when it's biggest fans try to "show me the way" I can only shrug and say, whatever dude.


    LOL I've always felt the same way John. "Let's make a quick and easy way to go back to pages you don't have time to read" .... ummmm, isn't that what bookmarks are for ? One of the first things I taught myself when I first got on the internet was to create a bookmark folder called "saved" or "check back here". If I'm reading an internet article that I want to refer back to later, I simply create a bookmark and store it in those folders. If I want to save the information permanently, I use software that will copy the website to my hard drive. I think that covers everything Instapaper does.


    But let's face it .... there's a ton of software out there that simply repackages what the OS does ( on ANY platform ). Just look at how many screeen snapshot apps there are. Frankly I've never seen the point ... but heck, I've never seen the point of Quicksilver or Alfred ... to me Spotlight works just fine ( if you take the time to learn to use it ).