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  1. it's easy to make a DVD version of the Lion installer. after downloading your new kitty from the App store open the .pkg file, copy the .DMG file contained inside to a new location, the use Disk Utility to burn the DMG to a DVD. you could also put the image onto a small hard drive or thumb drive.


    Great info John and thanks for the tip. Would that .pkg file be in the HD/Library/Receipts folder like what happens during a software update or would it be someplace else since it is coming from the Mac App Store ?

  2. This is the way I understood it. First, all of your purchased media from iTunes Store will have a "copy" in the Cloud. This will probably not be an actual "copy" just some sort of index file that gives your account access to that particular media. Second, using iTune Match, Apple will place in your "cloud folder" "copies" of any other media they can determine you own in your iTunes library. It remains to be seen how Apple will be able to determine if or how you have legal "ownership" of that media. For example, what if there are mp3's in your iTunes library that you got from limewire, usenet or other unofficial sources. Will Apple reject those files ? Or is it part of the deal with the record labels that they will accept $25/yr as payment for the use of those songs ? We just don't know yet. Lastly, any media that is NOT carried at the iTunes stores you will be able to upload to the cloud. This last group of files will indeed be copies of your files stored in some physical location that you, and you alone, will be able to access ( for example, home movies that you have taken and edited for viewing on your devices through iTunes. ). iCloud will really not be "syncing" with your physical iTunes library. Apple probably hopes that after the initial sync, you will just buy all of your new content from the iTunes Store, but there will undoubtedly be some way for you to add new material to your cloud selection as you aquire it, otherwise you would not be able to add new home movies, etc. I would think that you would indeed still have to have a physical copy of all non-iTunes store purchased media. I can't believe the record labels and Movie studios would be that trusting or generous to let it be otherwise. I would imagine iCloud will periodically check to see if that media is still there.

  3. i wonder what new macs will ship with now.


    I would imagine that new Macs would ship with install discs specific to the model you are buying ... like they always have or maybe even on a thumb drive. So, you'll get an install media for, let's say, a 27" iMac with Lion and all the bundled software ( iLife, iCloud, etc. ). As far as "clean installing", I would assume that you could just perform a clean install from your Snow Leopard disc ( anyone who upgrades MUST have Snow Leopard more on that in a sec ) and then perform the upgrade before installing anything else. Personally though, I'm not all that concerned about NOT doing a clean install to Lion. I'll admit I was quite nervous when Apple suggested that everyone do an "in place" upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard, but I tried it and now that I think about it I haven't done a clean install since. No issues with my system at all ( except a faulty airport card that I have to remember to get fixed before my Apple care runs out ). In fact, with any luck, the Apple store will wipe my HD and install a fresh copy of Lion when they do that repair this summer.


    Getting back to the "Must have Snow Leopard" thing ... since you "must" have the Mac App Store to get Lion, you therefore also "must" have Snow Leopard installed. This leaves anyone out there with an intel Mac still running 10.5 out in the cold. I therefore suspect that we will see a boxed set offering iLife, iWork and Lion for $149 similar to what Apple offered last time around.


    I can, however, see John's point about enterprise situations though. Come to think about it, and doing some quick math here, it will take a 5 megabit download connection almost 2 hrs to aquire that file .... and many don't even have that kind of speed yet. Not to mention the drain that's going to take on Apple's Mac App Store servers the first couple of days.


    I have to say that I am quite pleased with myself on one point .... I am one of the few who timed their MobileMe membership "perfectly". Mine was set to expire June 24th, 2011, so I ended up paying exactly for the time I used and get 1 yr "bonus". One thing that I did notice missing with iCloud, though was support for hosting iWeb sites. Surely it would not cost Apple more than a few dollars a month to continue that service for the few that still use it. Granted you can still compose a site with iWeb and have it hosted elsewhere but I fear iWeb's days are numbered.


    And now, the Elephant in the room .... I fear that, from the looks of things, and unless he's undergoing some major and very secretive "miracle treatment", we may well have just witnessed the last keynote from Mr Jobs. He did NOT look well at all. Very skinny and it seemed to me that his walking was very labored moving to and from the stage. His voice sounded very raspy and weak at first. He did seem to perk right up during the iCloud presentation and I detected a bit of the "old Steve" when he made the "why trust the people that brought you MobileMe" line, but I think this is more serious that any of us want to think about. If so, how fitting that the iCloud presentation would be his last. Being that when he first came back to Apple he talked about the PC being the "hub" of your digital life, being the one to announce the coming of "the new hub" just seems like a fitting closure.

  4. What exactly do you need to check this info for ?


    If it is for business or personal transactions, you would probably need to check with the bank you do business with and their rates usually vary by the day, but I don't think any app would be connected to the figures your bank would give. It's my experience that these rates can vary widely from source to source ( especially if you are trying to exchange currency ) so you would need to be getting figures/rates from the place you would be dealing with.


    If you just need a general sense of it, you probably would be better off just checking the internet once a day from your home computer or even the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and then just recording the figures in the notes app to refer to the rest of the day. This way, as long as you are getting the info from a trusted web source, you know the info is acurate and somewhat up to date rather than trusting that a third party app is giving you the correct figures.

  5. It's a fair argument but look at the UK where they really make less. Lets pick a Tier 1 app:


    $0.99 in US, £0.59 in UK



    UK has 20% sales tax so that is taken off the top first, leaving $0.472. Apple takes 30% of this to £0.1416 for apple. At current exchange rate (0.616) this is 23 cents. Apple gets 30 cents from selling the same app in the US.


    Ah, but the UK may not ( actually, definitelt DOES not ) have the same tariffs and taxes imposed on US companies making sales within their borders as does AUS.


    Again, you are making the assumption that the ONLY taxes, tariffs, whatever in Australia are those listed by the OP. Let's say, for example, that AUS imposes a 7% tarriff on Apple for selling items online in their country. Now you have explained 17% of the 25% difference ( including the GST ). Now, let's add the 6% that banks charge any commercial entity for foreign currency conversion. Now we are up to 23% of the 25%. I don't know the exact figures, but I would venture a guess that if you knew ALL the tariffs and taxes involved it would all make sense. And as to why Apple is wiling to seemingly make less on an app sold in the UK, could it be that Apple gets breaks for having certain operations located inside the UK and is simply passing that savings on to the consumer ?


    Let's look at it another way. If a consumer in AUS were able to pay in US funds for a $0.99 app, it would cost him/her effectively $1.00 ( 6% bank chrges for conversion less 5% additional value leaves 1% more on the purchase price) now add the 10% GST. You are already up to $1.10 for that $0.99 app and we haven't even begun to talk tariffs and other taxes.


    The point I'm trying to make is that we do not know ALL the details of the pricing ... and to blanketly state that the pricing is unfair or unjust without those details is just silly.


    And I'm still waiting for the answer to my question: why is it "fair" that anyone from outside AUS pays the 10% GST for anything purchased from within that country ? Is that a rip off ? Certainly people from outside AUS get no benefit from that GST tax. Why is the AUS gov't being "unfair" to foreigners ?


    Bottom line is that whenever you purchase items manufactured or developed from outside your home country you are going to pay extra ... if you don't like it, only buy Homespun ( Ghandi reference there ) or move to a country that has the economic environment to provide you with the homemade products you desire. And face it, aren't there enough ADVANTAGES to living down under to outweigh the additional costs on "imported" products ?

  6. I think I can use my fiancee's external TM drive. Copy everything over and get it working on the 'old' user account as an external library, move it over and have it as an external on the 'new' account and see if that fixes the problem.


    You don't have to. Like I tried to explain in my last post, moving the iTunes library to the /users/shared folder will do the exact same thing as copying it to an external drive ... it is placing the library outside of the user acct. If the iTunes library was always outside of the damaged user acct then the issue is with the iTunes Library itself. In that case simply create a new user acct, select "keep my files organized " and " copy files to ... " options within iTunes for the new user and import groups of media from the old location. Every time you import the media to the new iTunes folder within the new user acct, delete that media from the old location and empty the trash ( after verifying that the media is safely in the new location of course ). This will create a "fresh" iTunes library in the new user acct. If problems still persist, THEN you would need the external drive to store the new, fresh, library while you perform a re-install of OS X.

  7. Where is this iTunes Library ? If in the damaged user acct, just simply move the entire iTunes folder to the shared folder in users. Then, using one of the working user accts, open iTunes while holding down the option key. This will let you select a different iTunes library and select the library in the shared acct. Now open up one of the iLife apps in that user acct and see if media Browser works. If it does, then you can just leave the iTunes Folder in Shared ( this will give you the advantage of being able to access that library from any user acct BTW ). If the Media Browser doesn't work, then the problem may have been within the iTunes library files and you will have to do what you thought and re-import ( re-build ) another iTunes library in the new user acct.



  8. Just so you know, any changes made in HD/lib/app supp/iLifeMediaBrowser, would affect ALL users. Have you considered just creating a new user acct and migrating things over to it from the damaged one ? Seems to me like something is corrupted in that user acct and if there's one thing wrong, there may be others. I'll bet migrating to a new user acct will take less time and effort than you think ... maybe even less than trying to figure out how to repair the other acct.

  9. I don't know how much storage you need but have you thought about getting a Time Capsule ? You don't have to use the HD for Time Machine ... it works great as a network drive. The device has a USB port for your printer and it acts as your router. Best of all it will practically set itself up for you. You can currently get a refurbished 1 TB TC for $219 or a 2 TB for $299. If you already have an Airport Extreme Base Station, it has the same connections available ( just doesn't have an internal HD so you would have to somehow get the printer and HD to connect to the one USB port ( HUB or A/B switch should work fine ) ). Should also have the same ease of setup using Airport Utility.

  10. Lots of poeople on the Apple Support Communities seem to have gotten bit with this scam. Apparently, a pop-up occurs when browsing for images that says your system is infected and "download this software now". Problem is that clicking on the close button initiates the download. I'll bet that almost, if not, all the people who got bit by this had Safari set to "automatically open safe files after download" and were also running as Admin. I encountered this Sat morning but my settings did not allow the file to install without a prompt to enter my admin password. Fortunately, this app seems to only install into the current user acct and does nothing more than try to scam you into paying them and use up system resources as it runs in the background.


    This is why, IMHO, it is so important to always run as a standard user .... nothing can install without your Admin Username and password in such a case. In any event, I think it's safe to say that Security through Obscurity, just met its end.

  11. I'm one of the lucky few who seems to have timed this thing out just about right. My acct is up for renewal June 21. I believe we will know the fate of MM by WWDC, and that will give me ample time to re-up ( if I want to ) if Apple does not go the free route. I really don't think anyone has much to worry about though, if Apple makes it free, surely they will find some way to reimburse those who have 6 mos or more left on their subscription.

  12. Proof, perhaps, that Apple can get design wrong.


    I wouldn't say it's so much the fact of getting design wrong ... Apple just hasn't gotten around to updating Activity Monitor to display multiple cores separately. The fact that third party programs such as iStat Pro displays a separate figure for each core shows that the system is sound and reporting the correct information. In fact, one could argue that the fact that Activity Monitor shows 2 cores ( one operating at 75% and the other at 85% ) as a single column displaying 160 %, is good design. At least it alerts you to the fact that there is something different than just a single processor running. When the current version of Activity Monitor was introduced, there were no ( or at least very few ) multiple core processors out there. Would it have been better design for the display to just stay maxed out at 100 % on multiple core systems ? I'll bet that Lion's version of Act Mon will "correct" this and show a separate display for each core ... and that will satisfy everyone until the next unforeseen processor design shift.


    And BTW, since when do computer science terms EVER make logic or semantic sense anyway ( bit, byte, nibble )

  13. If by "connecting it to another laptop" means you are using target disk mode to navigate the problem laptop's HD, then I think you are on the right track, but it could still be a software issue. If it is navigating the HD independent of running OS X then the HD seems to be working fine, but you are then bypassing the system files ... it may still not be hardware.


    IMO what you need to do is perform a second "Clean Install" but this time follow the instructions below. Forgive me if you already did this but the only way to make sure you haven't been missing a step is for me to write it all down for you to check:


    1) Insert and boot from an OS X install disk.


    2) Running from the install disk ... BEFORE you click Install OS X, go to the menu bar and load Disk Utility


    3) Find your internal HD and erase it and format it


    4) Run Verify and Fix HD ( just to make sure there are no bad sectors left seen as usable )


    5) Reboot computer again using the OS X as the install disk


    6) Install OS X


    7) Run ALL updates through Software Update


    8) Now, this is the crucial step because this is where the process will probably vary from what you have done in the past. Do NOT try and migrate things over using migrate assistant. We need to see if there is indeed a hardware issue and the only way to do this is by running/using a pristine OS X install for a day or two. I know it's a pain but troubleshooting properly usually takes time. I am thinking that Migration Assistant is your problem. It is seeing something it does not like on the clone drive and that is mucking up the process. But we need to run the computer awhile to test this. Surf using Safari. Play some chess. Open iTunes and play some radio stations ... but do NOT import anything into the computer yet ... don't even download anything and don't even try to copy over software manually form any external source. You want to be putting the computer through a workout but you want to do so in its original state. ( I know it's not technically "original" because you have installed updates, but if there is an issue in the update process, that would show a problem with the install or hardware. If you do encounter a problem running the upodates repeat the above steps, this time skipping the update process, but all things being equal, we want the updates installed before testing begins )


    9) If you encounter problems during this test period, it is a good bet that the hardware was the issue. Good news is that if this happens, you now have a laptop in the perfect condition to be repaired. Better news is that there was nothing wrong with your data. Take it to the Apple Store.


    10) If you encountered no issues during the test period. Start installing apps one at a time from the clone disc. Do NOT use Migration assistant. Leave apps with data you will need for later ( Mail, etc ). If you encounter any troubles with these apps, then you had bad copies of the apps ... discard them and download fresh copies.


    11) Now, if things are still running OK, it is time to try and bring over things like your Mail and iTunes Library. Wherever possible, rebuild new libraries from data. Do NOT use migraton assistant. Check for correct operation after each data transfer. If at some point you encounter problems with a specific app ( like Mail ) then that means that somehow your data for that app became corrupted along the way on your previous install and you will need to start over ( sorry but that was at least one source of the problem ).


    Closing points: You've mentioned previously in this thread that you were trying to use the Time Machine backup to migrate your data over. Remember what we discussed in other threads; Time Machine should only be used as a convenience backup ... don't trust it for major things like migrating data. Also, keep in mind as you go through this process that any or several of your data sources ( saved mail, iTunes Library ) could have somehow become corrupted sometime in the past in a previous install of OS X. I suspect that you are the type of person who usually prefers the "update install method" when upgrading from one version of OS X to another and even if you thought you were performing a "clean" install, if you did not follow my above procedure you may not actually have gotten a fully clean and fresh system. Any of your previous upgrades could have individually or cumulatively caused your problems if it turns out that it was not a hardware issue.

  14. Why when is the prices roughly 25% higher in Australia than USA. No freight, just data transfer. The Australian dollar is worth more than USA (US$1.00= Aust$1.05). Our government tax here is 10% (GST), so WHY?????? Being ripped off!!!!! Don't start me on music, just don't buy from Apple, find lot cheaper options else where.


    True GST is "only" 10 % ( BTW why is it that if I want to buy something from Oz as a US citizen I have to pay that ? ) but what about tariffs or other gov't charges that need to be added. I'm sure that any business that sells items in Australia that does not posess a physical location within the country is charged back all sorts of fees. I'll bet if you do the research you will find that any product you purchase over there that does not have as high a difference in price over those sold over here either 1 ) takes a hit on the profit they make elsewhere or 2 ) avoids additional charges by doing something that makes them exempt from such charges ( like maybe having a plant there, etc. )


    If you are talking about the cost of 3rd party apps in the app store, Huskr is quite correct ( Apple just takes a % off the top, it does NOT set the prices for the apps ), but for any Apple products, any charges in excess are most probably the result of government dictates. Would you expect Apple to make LESS of a profit on sales in Oz ?

  15. Sorry, but far as I know, it's a pretty closed system. It can stream content from iTunes and you can access Youtube, Netflix and some other internet services, but it's pretty much just an iPod for your TV. I suppose you may find a way online to hack it, but I really think that for the needs you describe there is a better solution.

  16. I've seen crashplan and was thinking of trying it. I currently just perform manual backups to HD's once a week and use Time Machine only for a "convenience backup" ( If I accidently delete a file or whatever I check TM first but do NOT rely on it for true file backup ). If Crashplan works well for you Graham, that's good enough for me. Thanks for the min-endorsement.

  17. And BTW, nothing to do with this specific crash but I noticed you mentioned that you have 10 GB free space on your HD. OS X likes a lot of free space to use as necessary .... the general rule of thumb is to keep at least 10% of your HD free at all times. So, If your HD is bigger than 100 GB it would probably be a good idea to either make some space or upgrade the HD to a larger one. Like I said, probably has nothing at all to do with this situation, but it could save you mucho headaches in the future.



  18. Interesting you mention 3 Olympics. I've done 7. Atlanta, Sydney, Salt Lake, Athens, Torino, Beijing and Vancouver. I work for the host doing the technical side for commentary audio. What venues were you at? We may have seen each other? Will you be in London? Back to Mac stuff, I have used an Apple laptop at all those Games, got made fun of for it too but I stayed with it and now there are a lot more Macs out there at these international events.


    I worked for Kodak ( as a contractor ) providing computer support and photographic services to the acredited photographers. In that capacity they ( we ) were located in a specific area in the MPC building ( Main Press Center ) at each event. In Athens, we were located in the basement of the MPC ( right next to the main press conference room ). In Torino, just inside one of the main entrances ( not the one by the bank but the one at the other end by the McDonalds and DHL's booth ) and in Beijing we were one level down from the main entrance to the MPC ( where the gift shop was ). Kodak also handled much of the processing of the acreditation badges at each of those games.


    Athens was my first, and in summer 2004 only about 1/4 of the photogs were shooting digital. In fact, to show you how far we've come, there was a very well known photographer there ( George something ) who had a prototype Hasselblad camera that could shoot a 22 megapixel image ( OOOOOOO!! ) I was the "rookie" on the crew that year and we only had 4 or 5 Quicksilver Power Mac G4's. The vast majority of the photogs didn't even have laptops then. They simply shot film which Kodak developed for them and then scanned and stored on their servers. The photogs could then use the PC workstations ( or one of those Macs ) to FTP the photos directly to their home office.


    In Torino and Beijing, Apple "piggy-backed" with Kodak in the Photography centers and I was able to work alongside some of Apple's elite at those two games. Torino was just after the release of Aperture and so they wanted to be able to demo it to the pro photogs. So they sent about 10 G5 quad processor Mac Pros ( screaming machines for Feb 2006 ) along with cinema displays. It was fun having PC using photogs come up to us and say "How do I get to look at my photos on those monitors? " and hearing the Apple reps say " use a Mac ". In fact, it was at those very games that I finally became converted to the Mac side ( bought my first iMac with the money I earned there ). I even learned pre-maturely of the impending release of Bootcamp at those games ... somebody slipped and told me that at Beijing we wouldn't need PC's because if Apple came back the photogs would be able to run Windows on the Macs. Man, was the guy who told me that ever paranoid the rest of the games LOL. By then only about 1/4 of the photogs were still shooting film ( quite a bit of change for only an 18 mo turn around )


    By Beijing, virtually ALL of the photogs shot digital. Apple showed up again, this time bringing along a "celebrity" ... pro photog and Aperture Guru Derek Story. Funny thing is, I was there for the better part of 4 weeks ( there was setup and prep involved before the games and teardown after ) and I had no clue who Derek was until 2 days before he left ... I talked to him only once or twice and then only to get him to come assisit a photog that needed Aperture help ... I just knew him as "Derek" and I knew he was an authority on Aperture. The really funny thing is that at the time I was modding Leo Laporte's Stickam Chat and as such had a bit of a back and forth going with him. I even sent Leo a package of Beijing stuff which he opened on air. I knew Leo was planning a trip to China the next summer. It wasn't until later I found out that Leo was going there with, among others, Derek Story ( found this out when Leo mentioned on air that Derek would be along and it was great because Derek had been there last year for the Olympics ... when I heard this I posted in chat to Leo "Yeah, I know he was there working with me ). LOL


    They were great times, however, Kodak ceased being a worldwide sponsor after the Beijing Games and so I wasn't at Vancouver and won't be at London. The host OC's are providing services for the photogs now ... happen to know how that worked in Van ? It's a really weird feeling to watch the games at home having had such and "inside baseball" view of the event. Gotta say though if I had to pick 3 games. the ones I went to were the best I could have chosen. I know you know this but for everyone else, especially with Beijing, what you guys saw at home on TV really did NOT do anything justice. Did you get to Tom's Roadhouse ( I think that was the name )? It was a tex-mex place over around the corner from the US Embassy in a small strip mall type place. And of course you MUST have stopped into the Apple Store. Torino had La Mole ( a huge tower-like domed structure which has been converted into a Motion Picture Museum with a glass elevator in the middle ) and their Museum of Egyptology ( one of the world's largest Egyptian Artifact Museums outside of Egypt ). And of course Athens was Athens .... not quite ready for the games but spectacular ruins ( Ackropolis, etc. ) as well as the classic 1896 Olympic Stadium ( I got to attend the marathon finish there ).


    When you say you worked for the host do you mean ATHOC, TUROC and BOCOG ? Did you volunteer or did they contract you ? We at Kodak were always trying to make a deal with one of the volunteers to get one of their shirts ( they always looked so cool ) but as the Paralympics were always right after the main games, and many of the volunteers working the MPC were also working them, it was a very hard sell. Best we could ever do was massive pin swaps.

  19. Can't think of anything much other than what AppleGeek already covered, Husker. You could do a little "playing around" with a dummy user acct to see just what trashing the plist file affects. Just set up a new acct and then set up a new Gmail acct. Play around with those and maybe you'll find that the plist solution isn't as drastic as you think ( I've never tried it myself so don't know ).


    On a personal note, things are going great. After about 18 mos of unemployment I got myself a sweet gig last Nov working Emergency Dispatch and Security monitoring for the local Water Authority. Had to work lots of crazy hrs and rotating shifts while in training ( that's why I wasn't around much ), but now it's settled in to 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM MON - Fri ( might sound harsh but I LOVE those hours ). Plus, I work in front of several computers ( none Macs I'm afraid ) so during "down time" ( it's like being a fireman ... either it's really crazy or there is absolutely NOTHING going on ) I'm able to check forums, etc. So, from here on in I should be back to my regular frequency of participation.

  20. It's probably something that got mucked up when you used migration assistant. Here's what I would try. First, move your iTunes media folder for that acct to a different location. Then trash the entire iTunes folder in your user acct. Next, open iTunes .. it will create a brand new library file. Now, make sure to set iTunes to copy imported media to your iTunes folder. Now simply import all your media through iTunes. When this is done, and you have confirmed that all your media is valid, you can delete the iTunes media folder you moved to a different location earlier.


    This process will give you a brand new, clean iTunes library and should get that Media to show in the Media Browsers.