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  1. Laptops are a dieing breed. They are inherently flawed.


    On that point I agree. The basic concept of a Hard Drive based computer that, by its very design nature is moved around and shaken is, in the words of Mr Spock, "Not Logical". That being said, I have to agree with John that the vast majority of your issues are software based. Have you ever tried re-installing OS X ? You could very well have some corrupted system files somewhere that are causing at least a few of these issues.


    All I know is that for every one person that has issues with their software, there are dozens that do not. I worked three of the last four Olympic Games ( Beijing, Torino and Athens ) dealing with Pro Photographers assisting them with their computer issues and even with that generally non tech-savy group my theory holds true. For the most part, OS X and its related software does simply just work, but there are always those that, for whatever reason, have their issues with it. I have a 17" MacBook Pro from 2007 and it has always run flawlessly ( yes even iTunes ). Of course, I have always been careful to re-install OS X periodically ( about once every 6 months ) and I am VERY picky about what software I install.


    As harsh as this may sound, and I really don't mean to offend, but often a person's issues with software are simply the result of them doing something "wrong" ... by that I mean somehow using the software in a way that the author never anticipated and thus "mucking it up". We used to refer to this as "pilot error" back in the day ( late 70's early 80's ). I'd bet at least one or two of your issues fall into this category ( heck it's happened to me more than I'd like to admit ). Eventually, every time I think some software is a piece of crap, I find out that I missed a setting or was doing something "backwards". Unfortunately, it's just the type of thing that can't be helped without sitting there with you. I know this doesn't help much ... just a shame that what seems intuitive to the software author is not always that way to the user ... it's just amazing to me that for the majority they hit it pretty close ( even if you or I don't fall into that majority all of the time ).


    PS - one thought I just had that may be adding to your problems ... how much free space do you keep on your internal HD and how much RAM do you have ? Often lockups and video playback issues are the result of low RAM ( or even some bad RAM ) or lack of free space on the HD ( Macs like at least 10 - 20 % of the HD to be empty ... I can't tell you how much better my iMac runs since I moved my 176 GB iTunes library to an external drive and now have all that free space ).

  2. Yup, you're good to go. Once you download an app to your iTunes library, it will sync to ANY and device that uses that iTunes library ( providing that device is compatible with that app of course ). In other words, when you own an app you are allowed to have it installed on all the devices you own, not just one.

  3. you could always use the screen saver with that album pre selected. set the screen saving to kick in after 1 minute of idle.


    That's what I would do. Seems to me easier than trying to create a DVD of the slideshow ( unless of course you planned on giving copies to the guests ). I would try to see if any of my friends/family had a Mac laptop that I could borrow and hook that up to an HDTV. If not you could haul the Powermac and its monitor to the service. Either way, the big advantage to doing this is that if there are any last minute additions to the photos, you can have the new ones added to the show in seconds.

  4. Yes, but using the apps means you have to install those apps on the various machines you use. That's why I prefer to use the Google reader straight from its web ( Google ) interface. This way no matter what computer I happen to be near, I can sign on to the guest acct, open the any browser and check my RSS feeds. Work, friends, on the road, all I need is to remember my Google ID and password .... heck, if the computer I access happens to have Chrome browser installed, it even gets me the same browser config and extensions I use at home.

  5. I do not believe that the high speed parallel printer ports are outdated.


    Sorry to respond to a year old thread, but for the record, whether anyone personally considers Parallel Port technology outdated or not, Apple has not included Parallel ports on any harddware since the first iMac. As such, at least Apple considers PP's to be legacy technology and thus that would explain why they discontinued support in Snow Leopard .... and that was my point.

  6. iDefrag was one of the first things I tried.


    I suspected that. Had you done the other things first, I think you would have noticed great improvement. My gut tells me that iDefrag has indeed done something to slow down your operation. If I am correct, the only way to get back to "normal" is a fresh install ( wipe hard drive etc ). But wait and exhaust everything else before you go that route. There could be something we've overlooked. ( and I think you are still looking at Activity Monitor anyway ). One thing that pops into mind is ... have you installed any extra fonts ? If so, removing unused fonts will often speed up the system.


    Update: I just noticed that I do NOT have either the securityd or fseventsd running on my machine. Do you have an anti-virus or anti-malware program running? If so, I'll bet THAT is the culprit. Those prgrams are well known resource hogs ... plus, you are running a Mac ... you do NOT need to be running ANY security software in the background anyway ( even if the Security Software Companies tell you otherwise ). That is still a Windows only probelm ( for now at least ).

  7. Just to point this out, but sometimes defragging a Mac's main ( system ) HD can actually create problems. I, myself, use iDefrag for external drives that have lots of video and photo data, but I have always been very hesitant to use it on my main HD. I have heard ( maybe from Adam, but at least from Steve ( MacAttack ) and I think Victor ( Typical mac User )) that defragging the system HD on a Mac can actually cause a problem by moving crucial system files to a different HD location ( different from a folder location ) and thus making the system ahve to "look" for the files.


    At what point of the process did you defrag the HD ? Could it be that some of the other methods actaly worked to restore speed to the system and the defrag then slowed it down again ?

  8. The fact that it happens only in one browser and not another should tell you something. Probably a bug with Firefox and/or the way Firefox is trying to load that site. I wouldn't worry about it.


    You might want to try COMPLETELY uninstalling Firefox ( using something like Trash It or App Delete ) and then re-installing.

  9. Since you have two accts ( an advantage few of us have ) I would try dropping one and see if you miss it at all. As you said, with all the free Google services out there, less and less is Mobile Me needed ... at least until Apple decides to not allow the use of Gmail services on the iPhone. About the last thing I find of use with Mobile Me is the syncing feature which makes settings global accross all your Macs ... but even that is beginning to be minimized by things like the Google Chrome browser syncing feature. You may find there are things that Mobile Me still does you can't find elsewhere, or you may determine that it serves no purpose anymore.

  10. You misunderstood me a little. I don't use Sharing. I just place the entire iTunes folder in the "Shared" user acct ( /users/shared ). I then simply hold down the option key the first time I launch to aim each user to the same iTunes library. I was just saying that I often get the same message if I have two users active and another acct has itunes open while I try to open it in a second acct. I don't think that would be a solution for you however. It sounds to me as though you have a corrupted iTunes library file. I think you may have to rebuild a new library. To do this, merely create a new iunes library ( again by holding down option when you launch iTunes ) in a new "iTunes" folder within your home music folder. This does nothing to your Media. Then, drag your iTunes Media folder into the new "iTunes" folder and point the new iTunes library to the new Media location. Go to File>Add to Library and then select the new media folder location. That will rebuild your library. You might have to replace some album art, but everything else should be fine.

  11. Do you REALLY want to keep score? Look I know I'm just as guilty, posting back after the Sept 1st event but today, when I came back to this thread it hit me that using this forum to show how great ones' prognostication skills are, or trying to point out the errors in other's predictions, is probably NOT what Adam had in mind when he set up these forums. I believe he started this as a community where we could help each other with questions on Apple related issues, and discuss current Apple related events. It's one thing to start a thread to discuss and debate what may or may not be coming down the road, but to digress down the road of trying to prove predictions right or wrong I don't think is in the spirit of what this community is all about.


    As such, I apologize for re-starting my involvement in this thread on Sept 1st and will not comment in this thread again. But keep in mind this is not a concession to the predictions, merely me putting my money where my mouth is when I say I feel this is not the proper place for such things.

  12. Jobs could have also just been taking about the handling of HDR on the iPad. Note that Apple also ELIMINATED camera functionality from the Nano at the same time they put cameras on the iPod Touch. This re-inforces my belief that Apple does not like redundancy in their product line ( hardware wise ) ... they want you to buy BOTH an iPod touch or iPhone AND an iPad. I still think the only shot is through third party manufacturers. We'll see soon enough.

  13. Settings seem to be correct ... Allow people to follow and Require permission. I was able to add you guys ( sent a request to you Huskr ) ... I noticed that it says "upon approval your picture will ... " I used a picture of Underdog ... maybe they had to approve it first, but if I search for Bruce Hyde it shows up.

  14. I could be wrong, but I always thought that when you have your mail acct set to IMAP all of your mail is still stored on the mail server ( I think that's the whole purpose of IMAP ). I think whoever is hosting your e-mail may have two servers set up ... one for the web-mail hosting and another for the IMAP. It may be that they, the provider, only store your mail for a limited time on the IMAP server. But in case I'm wrong, here's how I have my Mobile Me IMAP acct set using Mail.


    1)General Settings: Nothing here that should affect your issue


    2)Account Settings: Mailbox behaviours: Store draft messages, store sent messages, Junk and Trash all set to keep on server and deletion of sent and junk to never

    Advanced: Keep copies set to all messages and their attachments, Use IDLE command checked.


    With these settings, all of my mail since 2006 is kept on Apple's servers AND on my iMac as backup.

  15. Well, Steve Jobs just announced iOS 4.2 for the iPad will be out in November. No camera upgrade at all for the iPad and the new iPod touch is to have built in dual cameras. No mention of any swiveling camera. I guess it's up to third parties to produce one by November or the prediction is proven false.