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    Leopard Server worth the upgrade?

    I purchased Leopard server last week. Loaded it up on my retired Dual PPC 2.5GHz. Looks like I made a mistake already and choose the Advanced setup. After some reading on the web and watching a short video at Lynda.com, I will be re-doing the box and choosing a Standard install. Hope to work on it this weekend. Will keep posting updates here. Ho...
  2. hogihung

    Leopard Server worth the upgrade?

    Was my question that bad that I had to reply myself? Going to try to hit Apple store today and just take the plunge. If there is any interest I can post about the experience. J...
  3. Good day, Yesterday I received my new 2.8GHZ 8 Core MacPro. I am looking to use my old Dual 2.5GHz PPC tower as a server. I'm currently using a Mac Mini with external firewire drive, running OS X 10.5 Leopard (not server) as my File, Fax, and Media server. The mini is also a PPC Mac and has been fine for just File serving and Faxing. Not so great for Media in regards to taking a real long time converting video files. So I'm looking to make my old desktop work horse my server. Just trying to see if it worth buying and installing Leopard Server. I'm hoping for better control over File services and take advantage of some of the other services that Leopard Server would (could) provide. Just to lay out my home setup that I'm looking to improve: I use a MacBook Pro when I'm not at home, or when I do some browsing/work from the sofa or bed. I also have an iMac that the kids and wife use. In my home office I have the Dual 2.5GHz PPC for my video/grfx work and the Mac Mini as a server. The Mini also has an eyeTV that I connect to my DirecTV receiver so I can watch TV off it or record shows. In the Living Room I have an AppleTV 2.x. The new 8Core will be my Video/Grfx box and I will either put the Mini in my living room (get BT keyboard/mouse) or put in my truck. The old tower will be new File/Fax/Media server. Stick with normal OS X 10.5 or upgrade to server for better file/user management and some cool extras? I'm leaning toward getting Server, but just wanted to see what other MacCasters thought. J.
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    I agree, 2 weeks was way too long. Luckily they were able to restore all my sites up to a day before the crash. I need to add backing up my sites to my backup scheme. It's a little bit harder as I can't just SuperDuper it. Thanks to those who offered some suggestions. I have a few more weeks till my current plan expires. I'd really like to know who hosts this site, or other popular sites like TWIT, Mac Break, etc. Ho...
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    Thanks for the input so far. I'm still looking. They say they will be able to restore all my sites by this Thursday. That is almost two weeks down - luckily the sites aren't as important as this one. Ho...
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    Hello Adam, and fellow MacCasters, Adam I believe a year or so ago you had an issue with your web hosting company. I also think you changed providers and I would like to know who you went with. I've been with my provider for over 3 years and am coming up on my renewal. Last weekend they had some hardware failures with a database (mySQL) server and now all of my sites are down - all 8 of them! I had 2 sites that were more in use than the others, with one of them being new. Of course I didn't get a chance to do my backup. But that is besides the point. For them to have an outage that has taken out all of my sites is unacceptable. So I have little faith that they will restore my data and I will not be renewing, unless they do recover my sites. Does anyone here have some good suggestions for reliable, well managed and maintained web hosting? I need a web based control panel and the ability to control multiple sites - 8 currently with two new ones in the works. Thanks, Ho....