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  1. Macsmile4

    iMac G5 and Leopard?

    Hi All, I am trying to update my dad's iMac G5 2.1GHz, with 512MB RAM, DVD Drive, iSight version. I am trying to install Leopard onto it, but when I get to the installer it says: Mac OS X Leopard cannot be installed on this computer. What do I do??? Thanks guys
  2. Macsmile4

    Uh oh, Dead 10.4???

    Ok, So today i figured it was time for an update to my iBook running 10.4.11. No problem i thought, a regular update procedure, download, install restart. That was not the case. I downloaded and installed fine. But I did download a Security Update, which i am not sure was a good idea, but it could have been another update... The programs i installed are: iTunes 7.7, Safari 3.1.2 and a security update, i think the latest one to Tiger. SO I installed, and went to restart. But Safari froze up (old version mind you) and the restart failed. This may be where the problem started. SO I just restarted again, this time it worked. But when the computer started up, i got to the Start Up screen, the Apple Logo with spinning gear, and then it just sat there. The hard drive was doing something, but it just stayed there, and eventually the hard drive quietened, and the Mac just kept on going, but it never made it to the Login window. Any ideas whats wrong?? I am starting up from my 10.2 CD now, and that took 25 mins alone to boot up from. Hope you can help, Thanks P.S: Sorry for the long post!!!
  3. Macsmile4

    iBook AV

    Ok All, I have an iBook Clamshell Indigo, and want to plug it into the TV for photos and the like. But, I can;t find the official cable anywhere. I have a Nikon TV Out Cable, with a yellow end. Will this work? Thanks Everyone
  4. Macsmile4

    Photo Booth Effects

    Hi All, I have, for some strange reson, been playing with Photo Booth lately, and I am getting tired of the default effects. DOes anyone know where tomget some effects for Photo Booth 1.2, running on 10.4.9. If anyone knows any good ones, then please post a link to them. Thanks
  5. Macsmile4

    Show off your Desktop

    My latest desktop:
  6. Macsmile4

    Help with iMovie 2.1.2

    Yes that was what I thought was the problem, it's just that 2.1.2 went lightning fast, but they are diferent versions. Anyway thanks everyone for your help!
  7. Macsmile4

    Help with iMovie 2.1.2

    Ok, I downloaded iMovie 3.0.3 and it works. But now the clips take about 15 minutes to render. Does anyone know why tis is happening? Thanks
  8. Macsmile4

    Help with iMovie 2.1.2

    Hi All, I am using my iMac, which runs Jaguar, and am trying to get iMovie to work. It is version 2.1.2, and is pretty old. However, my question is: How do I add photos to the project? I have tried going to Import FIle, but the pictures are un-importable. Does anyone know how to get these to import? Thanks
  9. Macsmile4

    USB Internet Connection?

    Ok here are my router details. Before I start it does say Mac compatible on the box. Make: Netgear Model: DG632 ADSL Modem Router Single Ethernet Port Single USB Port Are there anyother details that I should post up here, like firmware version? Thanks
  10. Macsmile4

    USB Internet Connection?

    Sorry, I should have been more descriptive of what I wanted t do. I wanted to set up a connection from my router through USB to my iBook. My router has a USB Port on it. Can anyone help?
  11. Hi All, I have an iBook Clamshell. I would like to get an internet connection through the USB port on the computer. Is it possible. My Dad was doing this when he moved, because he didn't have WiFi, but I can't find any way in OS X to set one up. Does anyone know if this is possible, and if it is then how can I set up a USB Connection? Thanks
  12. Macsmile4

    iTunes Locked Library File

    Thanks ganbustein, That solved the problem. Thanks also for the links. A restart fixed the problem and also sped my machine up abit, it had beenin sleep for about a week, on and off.
  13. Hi All, I logged out of OS X today, and when I logged back in and launched iTunes it gave me an error message saying that the library file was locked, or I didn't have permission to access it. I should have permission since I was on an admin account. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Macsmile4

    Online Storage

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I will take a look at them later, I only have a little while to post. I was originally looking at .Mac, but realized that it was a rip-off, it costs £120 a year for the family pack, which is only 5 people, and only 20GB of storage. No way. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  15. Macsmile4

    Online Storage

    Hi All, I need a way to share pictures and video between my family, which is split between the UK and Australia. I have heard a few people say that having an online storage accout that every family member can access is a good idea. Do any of you guys know about any good storage services? Thanks