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    New Laptops (MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air)

    I checked out the new Macbooks this weekend, and I was really disappointed that that screen on the MacBook is NOT the same screen that's (for instance) on the Air, or indeed a smaller version of the screen on the Pro. It's got a shallower viewing angle. It's just like the old Macbooks. sigh. The screen on the Air really does it for me - it's beautiful. On the plus side - the build quality is bomb-proof. A huge improvement over the crack-prone, creaking cases of the old Macbooks. Having used a Macbook for 2 years I've come to the conclusion that the Air is all I need from a laptop. It's my secondary machine, so power and ports are not an issue. I just want something that's really portable. I hardly ever use the USB ports on my Macbook, never use the Firewire, and very rarely use the disk drive. So, yeah, I'm one of the rare cases where an Air is an ideal machine. There are some stonking bargains on the Apple Refurb store at the moment, if you're happy not to have the latest and greatest. So I bought a refurb Air at a massive > 45% discount
  2. Gee4orce

    Phishing protection

    This is a followup to the Phishing story. There is a very simple way you can protect yourself from phishing attacks: alter your dns to use OpenDNS. Go to www.opendns.org and follow the very simple and clear instructions. You can do this for each individual computer you use, and you can also set your router to use the openDNS service, which will then propogate the information to all computers on your network. Simply put, when you request a web site address, your computer consults your Domain Name Service to convert the domain name (eg. www.maccast.com) into an ip address (eg. 123.456.789.012) which it then connects to do download the webpage. The DNS service is something that's normally provided by your ISP. What OpenDNS does is they actively filter out and block any websites that are actually phishing sites. It can be very hard to tell the difference between Urls such as: www.genuinewebsite.com and www.genuiinewebsite.com (the second one could be a phishing site), and I've even seen urls like: www.genuinewebsite.com:x@hackersite.com (that uses the genuine url as a username to a nefarious website - you have to be pretty technical to spot that one !). With OpenDNS, even the hardest to spot phishing site will be filtered out. You can also set up a free account and configure content filtering, to block adult or objectional websites, if you so choose.
  3. Gee4orce

    Trouble Downloading on itunes

    I have same problem with the current show, and the one previous - I'm just totally unable to download them in iTunes. I've tried removing and re-adding the feed, both the enhanced and regular versions, but that doesn't cure it. iTunes just sits there with zero KB downloaded...