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  1. I have an old airport express that is dropping constantly while streaming music or just big drops in speed. I ran a speed test and the ISP clocks in at a pretty good clip. I live in a dense network and there are 12 other wifi networks within range. The RSSI values fluctuate between -50 to -80 the transmit rate stays a constant 54. I don't really know much about RSSI and am seeking some help as to improve performance. I am on channel 1. Is all the "noise" in the neighborhood causing the problem and is there anyway to resolve it. Doesn't seem like it is the router. Perhaps this question has already been addressed in the forum or on a previous episode of the maccast. If so maybe someone could steer me to that? Thanks very much for your help. Michael
  2. Michael Dower

    exchange gmail groups

    I called apple regarding managing my gmail contacts and they suggested I try the exchange server. I tried it and "my contacts" are there but no groups. Is it possible to use groups with an exchange server. I have looked around and have not seen if it is possible. Apple also told me to wait for the icloud and it will all be there. Any help would be appreciated. Best, Michael
  3. Michael Dower

    dead emac

    At my school the emac they do the newsletter with crashed. It has no internal CD ROM drive. Not sure how they loaded panther perhaps it came pre-installed. I tried hooking up a usb drive and trying to boot from a system disk but it will not read it when I hold the "C" down. I just get the blank gray screen, no harddrive activity just the fan is running it sounds like. Any ideas how to re-install panther short of installing a new internal cd rom drive? I really just want to try and retrieve the data from the hard drive. The error before it crashed was a fatal exception error. Sure does not sound good. Would a firewire drive be more likely to boot? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Michael