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  1. Johanna

    Safari gets "whipped" when quit

    Oh, I should have mentioned that private browsing is off
  2. Everytime I quit safari on my mac completely it gets "whipped" next time i launch it. All bookmarks are back as when you first install it, there's no log or anything. Does anyone know what to do?
  3. Hi, might be a silly question, but haven't been able to find an easy way to delete a Reminders list from my iPod.
  4. Hi, does anyone of you know where I could buy a sticker that would cover my trackpad button? (sister spilled nail polish on it, so rather cover it up so it dosen't happen again) Thank you!
  5. Not what I meant, I have looked at that page. My activity isn't gone, the entire box that has my recent activity is gone. I can't "unhide" it, as it isn't there any longer. (And I have tried to like a page to get it up again) Thanks anyway.
  6. Hi, I accidentally deleted the box with recent activities on my facebook timeline, how do I get it back? Tried to find answers online, but they all seemed to be from before this recent timeline change. Thanks!
  7. Johanna

    Deleted reply icon in Mail app - SOLVED

    Ah, yes. Thanks
  8. I accidently deleted some icons off my mail app. I managed to restore the ones in my mian window, but not when I open a message. How do I get them back?
  9. Johanna

    Blogging platform

    Hi, do any of you have a recomandation for a good bloggin platform? I'm going away to study in endland and would like to keep my family in the loop. I'd like it to be - Free - Very easy to use - Have a nice interface and be easy to customize. No comic sans for me please! - Have a setting where you can make it private for those that don't have a password
  10. Johanna

    Removing nail polish from mac

    Haha, thanks. I'll try getting it off and if it dosen't work I'll just replace it.
  11. Hi, my little sister got to borrow my mac and she spilled nail polish on it. I tried using nail polish remover and a damp cloth but it didn't work. Any suggestions?
  12. Johanna

    Clearing up space

    No! Wow, I heard about that a while ago but forgot to do it! Thank you so much. Anything else I should do?
  13. Johanna

    Clearing up space

    I don't have lion, I have snow leopard. But do you have any general tips for snow leopard to clear up space?
  14. Johanna

    Clearing up space

    Sorry what? I didn't understand
  15. Johanna

    Clearing up space

    Hi, i got a tips to do this http://www.techbeast.net/2011/07/24/osx-lion-clear-your-caches/ But couldn't find the "go menu" in m finder. It might be a different name for it in norwegian, or is it a lion only thing? Would appreciate help.