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  1. Major Minor

    Xbox 360 connected to mac

    Well i finally got the IP and DNS address to work, but something called the MTU? Maximum Transmission Unit failed during the internet test on the xbox. I think it might have to do with my ethernet cable not being fast enough or something. Microsoft says that the mtu has to be between 1364 and 1500. But im not sure what this is or how to change it.
  2. Major Minor

    Xbox 360 connected to mac

    alright thanks i'll give that a shot. Just wondering though, has anyone here ever actually done this before, because i've heard of it but never seen it. Just wanted to know. thanks
  3. Major Minor

    Xbox 360 connected to mac

    ok, thats what i thought, i have tried this before and the xbox says that it is connected to my computer, but always has problems finding the IP address. I'm not sure if i can manually put my IP address in my xbox or not. thanks chris
  4. hello, I recently bought an xbox 360 and wanted to connect it to the internet, but my modem and airport is upstairs, so i cannot connect my xbox through ethernet cables. I know they make wireless adapters for the xbox but was just wondering if there was anyway to connect my xbox to the internet using my imac which uses the wireless internet so i didn't have to pay an extra $100. If anyone knew a solution please post back, it's greatly appreciated. chris
  5. Major Minor

    Archiving and Unarching in leopard

  6. Major Minor

    Archiving and Unarching in leopard

    yeah, my external hard drive did not have enough space, so i copied the zip files to my imac which has plenty of space, but the same error occurred. I found a smaller zip file (635 mb) but same problem. I did notice however that this problem was isolated to only my zipped video files. It's strange because i could unzip my archived documents, photos, and music perfectly and they are all 4 gbs +. It's just when i try to unzip any of my video files i run into trouble.
  7. i am having a technical problem with mac osx leopard. A couple months ago I installed leopard on my imac and i was pulling my large dv video files off on to an external hard drive. My video files were too large, so i noticed that leopard had a "compress" option under the right click menu. i decided to use it and it worked fairly well, it archived my files in a .zip extension. Even still most of my archives were 14 Gbs or more. Recently i needed to use some of the video files embedded in the archive, so i double clicked the archived file and it started unzipping as it should. About half way through an error popped up saying, quote - Unable to unarchive "Home Movies.zip" into "Movies Folder". (Error 1- Operation not permitted.) I tried this again with my other archives and most of them showed the same error. Also, i tried using stuffit expander and it gave me another error reading-"The structure of the archive is damaged (Error #17540). I thought this might be one file but it read the same on all of them. I have looked around but haven't been able to find any information about this. I was wondering if someone knew a solution. thanks, chris