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  1. Under Podcast in iTunes 9.0.3 of my iMac I can see multiple line of podcast titles that are identical. I have in iTunes a folder that is named Podcasts files that are after september -09 and in a folder called Podcaster files that are before that date. Now I tried to amalgamate them into the same subfolder of Podcast to see what happened. But still the entries/items in the Podcast list of iTunes are separate. Do any one know why this might have happened, and second how to remedy this? iTunes seems to me to be a "hidden dragon" that handles thing the way it wants, not the way I want. I.e it is a more PC-like that other applications. Do you follow me and my concern/issue? Best, myor
  2. Hi, thanks for your quick and valuable answers. I will continue with the AE-idea. The Airfoil product also seems to be very intelligent. Also thanks for the tips re radio stations. Best myor
  3. Hi, I am not so technical so I will use common words to describe my needs: I want to be able to send wirelessly: 1) from iTunes of my Mac to my HiFi-gear 2) radioprograms from internet to my HiFi-gear How make this happen? What available solutions are there? Is Airport Express a possible solution, linked to the HiFi-amplifier? How change source (iTunes/internetradio)? Those are questions popping up re this solution; given that AE is a solution. There might be others?! Thanks, myor