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  1. rdoger6424

    Terminal Game

    It was a repost of my topic There's a doctor program in there somewhere, but I need to find it. this topic gives light to a quote said about emacs
  2. rdoger6424


    a week ago, I decided to set my own website on my computer, complete with a wiki, and a forum. I was trying to set up the wiki using the mediawiki software, and when trying to install mySQL, I somehow messed up the installation (probably installing the ppc 64-bit version on my g4 mac mini). I gave up. This friday I found an app on the apple downloads website called MAMP. It does what I would normally struggle through, and I put everything up, no problems.
  3. rdoger6424

    Wierd problem with sound in Quicktime, other apps

    It resolved itself. I don't know how, but it dod
  4. I have a very strange problem- probably software, may be hardware. I have a Jabra headset that I use with my 1.42 GHz G4 MacMini. The headset gets the audio, rather than the speakers, for quicktime and railroad tycoon 3. I originally changed it in Audacity, and it's been acting up ever since. what do I do?
  5. rdoger6424

    osx, dock stuck

    This has happened to me also (1.42 GHz g4 MacMini, 512 MB RAM). try going into sleep mode, or logging off.
  6. rdoger6424

    Forums under attack

    GODZILLA!! Sorry, but I just had to do that.
  7. rdoger6424

    WHat email client do you use?

    Here's 2: http://mail.google.com/mail/a-827a209c8e-6...0392-7fad2a5ac4 http://mail.google.com/mail/a-827a209c8e-e...2b63-90c93adc7c
  8. rdoger6424

    Firefox has RSS

    it's also in the address bar. look on the right hand side.
  9. rdoger6424

    Terminal Easter egg!

    This was in December '05's edition of Macworld in England: From the Terminal, type: emacs -batch -l dunnet, then press return. It's a text game like zork, by without the grues.
  10. rdoger6424

    Expose Trick

    It's so much more entertaining when you act as if everything was in slomo. Ssssssssssssllllllllllllooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww
  11. rdoger6424

    gMail Accounts

    email me at rdoger6424 ↠gmáïl döt cøm with invites as the subject.