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    It's really about the noise, but I doubt it will lower the power consumption. DiscRotate won't alter your drives firmware, it just sends the drive a command to reduce the speed. But of course, if you're not having noise-issues then you shouldn't install it. I also had several reports that it will not work with some drives, that's why I included the DiscRotateTester. It's hard to track down, as Apple only calls them SuperDrives, while in reality they are quite different and not the same manufacture. For me, it's quite annoying watching a movie on my MBP without reducing the drive speed.
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    I don't know if this is the right spot to promote own software-projects, but let's just say I'm awaiting your reviews on this DiscRotate is a daemon that will control the speed of your optical drives and was just released in version 0.3. It is OpenSource so I stand on good moral grounds to pull this shameless plug Anyways, I mainly wrote this software for myself and use it daily. I got impressive resonance so far, almost 3000 d/l and it will be released on MACup (german magazin). Maybe, DiscRotate is usefull for you, too: http://discrotate.sourceforge.net/