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    pages and lion

    When I open a new document via the blank template in lion if I begin typing I soon get a warning that I cannot write (don,t have permissions) to the folder in which untitled is stored and it asks if I want to make a duplicate. It does this even if I have administrative permissions. I can't find out which folder it is talking about. This only happens on my iMac not on my other macbook computer. If I save the document and name it and a location everything is ok and the versions etc work fine. Also can't find the folder that has the pages Templates but can see the MY templates folder and an empty folder called Templates. Have reinstalled pages but have the same issue. Any thoughts?
  2. with windows live sync running on macbook pro (snow leopard) the computer will not sleep from "energy saver" settings. Others have reported this on other forums. The program, otherwise, is a good one. Anyone know a fix for this sleep problem? Any thoughts?
  3. curt

    hardware or software?

    Follow-up: I finally did an archive and install. It worked and the computer now sleeps as it should. After getting all the system security upgrades etc it still worked. But when I put the Logitech mouse and its usb plug back in it when back to the original no sleep problem. Taking the usb plug back out did not reverse the problem -- only a restart without the usb plug in would work. I have given up on this portable mouse despite all its other features being good. Thanks for all the help.
  4. curt

    hardware or software?

    Thanks again -- These were excellent suggestions and I had high hopes but it didn't change anything. It really has me stumped in that the sleep light comes on dimly the second the screen blanks but it clearly is not sleeping as if something is running to prevent sleep. But it sleeps fine with the menu command or the closing of the lid. I've tried setting up a test account and still have the same issue and it persists with no connection to the internet and all sharing turned off. Starting to think maybe it is a hardware issue Any other suggestions welcome of course
  5. curt

    hardware or software?

    Thanks for suggestions -- how do I find /var/vm/sleepimage?
  6. curt

    hardware or software?

    I am not sure if this is a hardware or software problem - my macbook pro (first gen intel) won't sleep. It goes to sleep if I close the lid or use the menu command but not if I just leave it open and wait for the time on energy saver. If I do not the screen will go blank at the time selected and the sleep light comes on but dimly and does not fluctuate in brightness. Moreover the battery drains and when i touch the keyboard in "awakes" instantly not like it does from the real sleep when it takes a bit of time to come back up. I've tried resetting the power management but to no avail. Can anyone help - even would help to narrow it down to software vs hardware. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am unable to configure "Back to my Mac." I am using Bellsouth DSL which requires a Westin 6100 modem. My dsl goes to the modem then to Airport Extreme which I have to set in bridge mode. "Back to my Mac" alertss me that I need NAT or PPnP on my router. I don't know how to configure the Westin modem to either set it up for PPnP or better yet turn it into bridge mode and use the NAT feature on my Airport Extreme. Anyone have any experience with this modem and getting "Back to my Mac" working? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the link. The modem looks newer than mine and has USB. I have a pretty old modem and the warnings in this link scare me a bit. Maybe the best is to leave well enough alone and stay away from changing to a bridge. Maybe my best bet might be to go to cable since I am limited by speed on Bellsouth --- DSL speed was said to be constant but mine varies all over the place - bur maybe its not the modems fault.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I guess this is acceptable as is -- but have problems with the modem and speed changes. I am on DSL via Bellsouth and can only get the service that promises up to 1.5 megs. At most, I get 1.1 megs down and .250 up. But it varies quite a bit and can drop down to as low as 250 kb down. When it does this if I turn the modem off and back on the speed will come back up. I even have a timer set up to turn it off an back on every 24 hours. Thought maybe this was in someway related to being a router rather than a bridge. Probably not. Have had Bellsouth check my line many times with no resolution of the problem. Have a macbook pro, imac, and apple tv on the network. My Westell modem is about 5 years old.
  10. I still am not clear on how to use my airport extreme with this modem. I have to set it (the airport extreme) to bridge mode since the Westell seems to be acting as a router. How can I change the modem so that I can use the airport extreme as the only router? What is the latest upgrade for this modem? Would I be better off getting some other modem to work with Bellsouth DSl?