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    Quirky iPhone (HELP!)

    no bluetooth is off. There is nothing plugged into the phone what so ever. The funny thing is that when i pulled my phone from the dock that was plugged into the wall using the ac adapter that morning that i left the hotel the message came up immediately from me pulling it out of the dock. At the time, I thought nothing of it. However, obviously the problem still persisted. and in fact, for about a week after this incident the phone would maybe make it through about half the day in stand by before it died. Also the phone seemed to always feel hot. So i thought it was a battery issue until i updated the firmware from the od ziphone software i still had and the phone started having a normal battery life but yet the message still persists. but i am convinced that it has nothing to do with the battery, as are the apple floor personnel. I guess i am just going to have to bite the bullet and and make an appointment to drive the two hours to the closest apple store. However, it will still be at least a week maybe two until i can do that. It is my thesis semester of architectural school and i just cant devote that kind of time until school is over for the summer. So keep replying if you have any thoughts. Thanks for your reply Huskermn, and thanks to all for reading.
  2. murphcw

    Quirky iPhone (HELP!)

    Ok... I am slightly new to the apple/mac club. I have only owned my MBP for about a year and a half, but in that time span i have turned into a HUGE fanboy of apple and macs alike. Naturally i have an iPhone. It is the first gen. 8GB model. All is well with the world until about a month ago. I returned from Mexico City ( one week study abroad program) and still everything is fine with the iphone. Upon arriving back in the states I had to be in a wedding that is about 2 hours from where i live. I rented a hotel and and stayed there for about 2 days. On the morning that I wake up to go back home i get this notification that states, "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone .... blah ,blah,blah" (look at the pics). Now the only thing I have ever plugged into this device is the 13 pin connector and the dock, that's it. Welllll.. that's not really true -- hehe i actually tried the car adaptor that i use to plug my ipod into, where-in-fact i received this exact same message, BUT that was close to dec. of 2007 so call me crazy but I don't think that applies. However, back to the topic, I have continued to receive this message when ever the phone sees fit to mess with me. There is almost always nothing even plugged in when it shows this message. and it shows this message about every 5 mins. no matter what I am doing. The problem is, aside from being annoying to have to tell this thing no every time, is that it messes with the audio and at times the speaker will just completely not work after it airs this message. And with the recent 2.0 software this really sucks. I have tried everything I know to fix this is problem. I have reset, restarted, and restored with and without backup at least 6 or 7 times to absolutely no avail. I even used ziphone to reset my firmware and then restore from itunes. YES... i jailbroke my phone for a month after no SDK in February, don't hold that against me I couldn't wait any longer for 3rd party apps until i felt bad about jailbreaking and then removed it. I thank you for your time in reading this including all the side stories and tangents and i only ask for one thing. If you have had this happen to you or know maybe one other way to fix it i would really appreciate a reply. I have been to the apple store not knowing that you had to make an APPOINTMENT to get service to the iphone and they seem to think that (without having a technician to look at it) it might be some debri inside the phone. So, I hope you all can bring good news and tell me I won't have to get a new iphone because I def. do not want the 3G, I cannot afford the new plans. Thanks Again for your time. Later. P.S. I think I need help on uploading pics into posts I don't think this flickr photo is going to work. If it does great, but otherwise I only want to show a screenshot of my iphone screen with this message on it. Hehe Yep i need help in posting this screen shot otherwise I hope you all know the disclaimer that I speak of. IMG_0001.PNG IMG_0002.PNG