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    connect to www.me.com from iphone?

    Is there a way to access your me.com account from safari on my iphone? I keep getting a redirect to the "do it from your iphone" info page. I do sync with mobile me etc but I was on the road and wanted to change a calendar preference in my me.com account. Most frustrating.
  2. BobJ210

    PSP Video Manager for Mac

    I am looking for something that will help me manage (move/copy) video files to / from my PSP that will run on the Mac. I already have all of the conversion software - visualhub! that I need. Looking for a solution that will take care of the renaming, making the thm files etc.
  3. BobJ210

    iTunes error 9844 with new ipod nano

    Started with a new iTunes load... Reloaded the iPod. No change. Still the same error message. Sometimes get a -4 error as well.
  4. Just got my daughter a new nano and went to hook it up to her itunes account on our mac. Came up with an error 9844 and it cannot connect to the itunes store. She does not have any itunes music in her account or on her ipod so I can reset both if necessary. All my attempts to solve this have failed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. I have ripped a number of dvds that I own to my apple tv using handbrake. Then I use meta-x to modify the tags - including the rating of the movie. After that, iTunes does properly so the rating of the movie. I have properly set up my ATV to ask for a pass for anything that is PG-13 rated. Bottom line is that it looks like my ATV has the version of the movie prior to the editing of the tags with meta-x. The parental controls on the tv show that I have done this way work just fine. I have tried turning off the syncing on all of the movies in the hopes that when I turned it on again the tags would be in the new version but it did not work. Any help / thoughts would be appreciated!
  6. BobJ210

    help with parental controls on apple TV

    That would get me through it this time. Any idea on how to do it without restoring? Would hate to have total restore as the general solution.
  7. I recently ripped a dvd that I own that has multiple episodes on it. I have used metaX to edit the tags, add art etc. The problem is that when I display them in any view other than a straight listing, such as album art, they show as 3 episodes under one image and 1 episode under another image. Is there a way to combine these so that they appear under the same album art cover? Clearly there is something different with the one but I have no easy way to tell what. p.s. - the dvd was for a Sci Fi series called "The Lost Room". If you like Heros, you will love this mini-series!
  8. I have an iMac that is almost full with digital video that I have imported. Recently I bought a time capsule and now I would like to relocate the events that are currently located on my iMac in /Users/bob/Movies/iMovie Events.localized to someplace on my time capsule. Is there a good way to do this? I have already tried moving the iMovie Events.localized directory but I could not get iMovie '08 to figure out where the events are now located. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. BobJ210

    Reading Labeled Disks is problematic

    I have had good amount of experience doing this from my job. The best product to use to remove the adhesive or any sticky residue is desolvit (http://www.dtep.com/de-solv-it.htm) You should be able to find this at target or walmart. You will still need to strip most of the paper to expose the adhesive underneath. Once you do that you should be able to spray the desolvit on and gently remove the residue. You can easily rinse the excess desolvit off with water then dry the cd with a soft cloth. Do not soak the cd in either water or the desolvit. Unlike baby oil or other similar products this product should not hurt your drive at all but if you don't completely clean it will cause it to have a citrus smell. In my job I have to burn and catalog burned DVD's for safe keeping. Sharpie (or if you want to spring for it - the lightscribe disks/burners) are the way to go. Bob