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  1. Capucina

    Paralles problem

    I know people who love gaming, prefer bootcamp! So you may use Bootcamp for games and parallels for work As I have already said in other topics I don't use Bootcamp because I don't game.. almost So parallels is enough for me!
  2. Capucina

    Best Vista version for parallels

    I use parallels and vista. No nightmare I like it! it's enough for me to use windows only progs on mac!
  3. Capucina

    Parallels and BootCamp

    Thanks for this useful info. I didn't know about... And if I have already installed windows via parallels, should I install windows again for Bootcamp.. ? I ask it just to make sure if I have this situation in future, because now I dont' need Bootcamp at all... Parallels is enough.
  4. Capucina

    What Happened To Boot Camp?

    I do the same. So I don't need Bootcamp then. I know people who love playing games use Bootcamp, but as for me I game a bit, parallels is enough for me!
  5. Capucina


    I use parallels. I think you should try (if yo haven't already done it)... I like it. I had no problems with it. I like that it could work in the same time with mac and one more thing - I could save my money! I have a lot of prog which I paid license (the progs especially for windows), so now I don't find any equivalents because I run them through parallels.
  6. Capucina

    Which version of Windows should I install?

    I think it depands through what will you run windows. I heard that parallels are optimazed for vista, about fusion, bootcamp I don't know.
  7. Capucina

    Amazon buys Audible

    Now is clear! Thanks, guys!
  8. Capucina

    Little addition to Apple.com

  9. Capucina

    I don't agree with it, but it's funny

    I see it in the first time! Thank you. I love seeing stories about mac and pc on apple.ru
  10. Capucina

    I got a job at Apple!!!

    So do you like your job? How much time do you work there?
  11. Capucina

    Happy Mother's Day

    I cooked a pie where I draw a heart from berries, I came to her, cleared everything off, washed all dishes, before she didn't get up...
  12. Capucina


    Nikon D40 or D80 + lens (the same price as camera).. I dream about..
  13. Capucina

    New music video..

    Is it youself who did it? Love this. Really. If you have one more, do not hesitate to share
  14. Capucina

    Broke Back to the Future

    Like this thing! Thank you!
  15. Capucina

    University/College Recommendations?

    What do you think about http://www.beds.ac.uk/summerschool ?