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  1. The first photo there looks brilliant, glad to see you're still doing them! Where you source your cases from, may I ask?


    I buy dead iMacs from local electronics recyclers. They usually have a whole warehouse full of PC's with a small batch of macs on one or two pallets tucked in the corner. Often it is hard to find them in good enough condition to build into aquariums out of.

  2. Well...It's been a while since the last post on this thread, but people interested in an iMacquarium still reference this thread as how they found out about them, so I thought I'd give it an update.


    I have built about 50 iMacquariums a year since 2007 and I am currently in the process of building some for this year.


    I have made some slight improvements to the dimensions of the water tank, but for the most part the overall design of the iMacquarium is the same.


    I still offer the iMacquarium Kit for anyone who want's to turn their own G3 iMac into an aquarium. It includes all of the materials necessary as well as a full set of video instructions.


    This has been an amazingly fun and challenging project to work on. Building them take a significant amount of time, materials, and efforte, not to mention my garage is so full of iMacs and tanks that I can't even fit a car in there. But when I add the final polish and ship it off to a new home it's a great feeling.


    Feel free to visit my iMacquraium site at www.jakeharms.com


  3. I build iMacquariums out of G3 iMacs.


    One day at work 3 years ago we had a snow iMac that died. My boss

    asked me to take it out and throw it away because it was beyond

    repair. I couldn't bear to throw it away so I just took it home

    figuring I could do something with it someday. A while later I came

    across a picture of an iMacquarium that someone had made and I knew I

    had found a use for my iMac friend who would have been on his way to

    the junkyard. Fast forward through a bunch of planning and design

    changes and I finally had a working iMacquarium. Everyone who saw it

    thought it was awesome and soon I was building them for family and



    The tank is by far the hardest and most expensive part to construct. A square tank would be no problem but my tank

    design was far from being square. It had to be as wide as the screen

    in the front and taper back to fit the shape of the iMac. I also had

    to curve the face of the tank to fit where the CRT monitor used to be

    to eliminate the gap that would be there if it were flat. I took my

    tank design to a local custom plastic manufacturer and asked them if

    they could duplicate several tanks matching my design. When they said they

    could I knew I was going to be building a lot of aquariums.


    I started collecting dead iMacs from local recyclers, invested in all of

    the materials and supplies I would need, and started building

    iMacquariums in my spare time. I designed a little website in iWeb (www.jakeharms.com) and soon I had my first iMacquarium sale to a man in Florida.


    In the last 3 years I've built about 100 iMacquariums and shipped them all

    over the world. It's a great feeling to take something that was on

    it's way to be destroyed and transform it into something that will be

    admired in someones living room or office again.


    Let me know what you think.

    For more information and pictures visit my iMacquarium Website.















  4. Here are a few pictures I took in the dark. I think the illumination from the light makes it look prety sweet. It's hard to get a clear photo of the fish when you are trying to shoot in low light and they are always moving.







  5. LOL We must be slamming your server. I can't get in to your website. Great product though!


    Ahhh! Finally got through. Reasonable price. Is this something you are doing for only a short while or are you in it for the long haul? Reason I ask is I would be interested in one when I get back from Beijing in Sept.



    I had 50 of the tanks I designed for the inside of the imac case manufactured for me. Therefore I am building 50 aquariums. Word is starting to spread and they are starting to sell fast. I have sold 12 of them over the past 3 or 4 weeks and some I will be giving away as gifts and keeping for myself. They are much more work than I thought they would be when I first started so I am not sure if I will make another batch after I get all of these sold. I guess it just depends how much demand there is after these first 50 are gone. I have shipped them to all corners of the US as well as one to Sweeden! It's hard to tell if I will have any left in september but I doubt it.


    I also have 3 apple CRT cinima displays I want to try to turn into aquariums but I havn't got a chance to start on them yet. I'll probably build those once I am finished with the iMac Aquariums.

  6. I am building and selling several iMacQuariums. Building one yourself is really fun but it is much more work than it appears. I have perfected my design and am now building and selling them. If you are interested I have a detailed post in the buy/sell/trade section, or you can find pictures, features and ordering information on my MacQuarium website.





  7. This post is for anyone who has ever wanted a MacQuarium but didn't have the time or tools to make one or know where to buy one.




    I have made a hobby out of making iMacQuariums out of slot loading iMacs. I designed my own tank for the inside of the iMac case. I had 50 of the tanks manufactured for quality and consistency. I disassemble the iMac, remove all of the electronics, modify the case, install the tank, filter, light, and switch. The face of the tank is curved similar to the CRT screen. This makes a more natural fit against the frame where the monitor used to be instead of just being flat. I designed the tank to be as large as possible inside of the iMac. The case opens easily for feeding fish and access to the inside. The filter and light are wired into one 6 ft. cord. The macQuarium is ready to use out of the box. Simply add your own gravel, decorations, water, and of course fish!


    Visit my website for more pictures and informtion on how to order one.






    - Each iMac computer case has a custom built fish tank mounted inside.

    - I had the tanks manufactured by a plastics company for consistency and quality.

    - The face of the tank is curved to better fit where the screen of the CRT monitor used to be.

    - The tank holds approximately 3.5 gallons of water!

    - I test all tanks to be sure there are no leaks.

    - The filter and light are included and already installed.

    - The light and the filters air pump are connected into one 6 ft. cord which exits out of the original power cord hole on the back of the case.

    - There is a switch on the back of the case to turn the light on and off.

    - All electrical components have been protected to resist water contact.

    - The faceplate tilts open to uncover feeding holes.

    - The colored part of the case is easily removed for access to the inside.

    - There is room inside of the case to store fish food and other aquarium supplies.


    - All colors are subject to availability.

    - Each aquarium I make is buffed and polished to look as new and shiny as possible. Keep in mind, each aquarium is made out of a Used iMac computer and may still contain very minor scratches or blemishes.


    Please contact your local pet/aquatics store for information regarding how to start and maintain a healthy aquarium.


    Contact and pricing information is available on my iMacQuarium website.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.




    The filter and light are wired into one 6 foot power cord. The switch turns the light on and off.



    The faceplate tilts open to uncover daily feeding holes. The colored part of the case lifts off for access to the inside of the aquarium.



    Setup instructions are included, but as you can see it is basicaly ready to use right out of the box.




    Order your own MacQuarium.