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  1. Tyranicus

    RSS Issues in Mail

    A friend of mine uses Mail to read her RSS feeds and is having an issue. After she deletes articles she doesn’t want to keep, it redownloads them. She has “Remove articles” set to “manually,” but she is still having this issue. Does anyone know how to resolve this? She would rather not switch to a standalone app like NetNewsWire if she doesn’t have to.
  2. Tyranicus

    itunes 9

    I know for a fact that isn't true. iTunes 9.0.1 did reinstall the white background, but running the app again brought it back to the old dark design.
  3. Tyranicus

    Connect Mac to ungrounded wall outlet? safe?

    I live in an older building in the US that has no grounded outlets. I use surge protectors for all my electronics, including my desktop PC and MacBook Pro using adapters. I have lived here for 3 years and have never had anything fail on me due to the absence of grounding. I'm not saying it can't happen, but it's not likely. As long as you don't lick your Mac Pro or something dumb like that, you should be fine.
  4. Tyranicus

    Podcasts that us MacGeeks listen to

    My podcasts: Anderson Cooper 360 Apple Keynotes BBC Global News BBspot Car Talk Diggnation Dragonlance Canticle Mac Geek Gab Mac Power Users Mac Roundtable MacBreak Weekly MacCast MacCore NPR Story of the Day Sword and Laser This Week in Tech
  5. Tyranicus

    iPhone 3.0.1 problems on 3GS

    I can set a number as an iPhone on my 3GS, as well as all those other things. Have you tried restoring your phone?
  6. Tyranicus


    Alternatively, you can use VLC to play it.
  7. Tyranicus

    mac mini and iphone

    Unfortunately, you cannot enable WPA on your Mac Mini, if you are sharing the connection wirelessly. It only supports WEP. I would suggest getting a wireless router. They're pretty cheap.
  8. Tyranicus

    Prevent Safari ID

    In Safari Preferences, go to the Advanced pane and check the box that says "Show develop menu in menu bar". Then click on the Develop menu, select User Agent, and pick whatever browser you want. Why have they blocked Safari?
  9. Tyranicus

    Can an iPhone be an iPod Touch?

    Here in the US, each iPhone has its own SIM card.
  10. Tyranicus

    1st Gen Iphone with bluetooth headset

    It dies not work with the original iPhone. You will need a 3G or 3GS for that.
  11. Tyranicus

    Can an iPhone be an iPod Touch?

  12. Tyranicus

    Getting OS 9 on a G4 iMac

    Why do you need to boot OS 9 though? Doesn't Classic work?
  13. Tyranicus

    MacBook Pro HD in a Macbook

    It will work just fine. In my experience, all Intel Mac drives boot on another Intel Mac.
  14. Tyranicus

    New User Wishes 2nd Internal SATA HD Drive

    You don't need to zero the data for it to work.