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  1. I have a mighty mouse that worked perfectly. But a while ago I downloaded steermouse to see if I could get my mx revolution to work with my macbook (long story - and the darn thing never worked). Anyhow, the program messed with the buttons on my mighty mouse. I can no longer squeeze the buttons on the side to see expose nor can i push down on the scroll wheel and see the dashboard. Needless to say this is very frustrating. I was wondering if there was a way to reset the mighty mouse settings? (I deleted steermouse a while ago).
  2. macdood13

    iTunes Remote

    Maybe your thinking of the Sonos controller? I hope not because that does not work with itunes, and you would be locked in with Rhapsody.
  3. macdood13

    Advice on apple computers

    Imacs are very solid machines. Exactly how nice is your uncle?
  4. macdood13

    Icon Sze

    quote name='Walafrid' date='Jan 6 2007, 09:16 PM' post='61426'] All you need to do is go to the desktop and click on it to be sure it's selected. Then press Apple-J, or select "Show View Options" from the View menu (in the Finder). You should then get a dialogue box with a slider for Icon Size – adjust as necessary. Incidentally, this dialogue box is available for any folder you might view in the Finder. Have a look at the other options there too and fiddle about to change how things are laid out. Hope this helps, W. Thanks a bunch-- I have been using osx since it came out and I am still learning new things.
  5. macdood13

    Icon Sze

    So how do you make the icons on the desktop bigger?
  6. macdood13

    what app to use to convert to ipod video files?

    isquint. It's free and it's the best.
  7. macdood13

    Age Of Empires 3

    This game seems pretty neato i've seen my friend play it but I have never played it over an extended period of time. One major gripe: the map drives me insane, just show me the whole !@$#&! thing will ya!!! Questions: 1) will it work with a Macbook with 2 gigs of ram? 2) How much is it?
  8. macdood13

    MacWorld Keynote

    I would go (and I have the means to because my grandparents live in Menlo Park and are well off ) but the money they spent on the keynote would not go to future products that come out of the keynote. I'd prefer the apple products as much as I want to see Jobs in his element. P.S. hopefully I didn't rub anyone the wrong way with my semi-spoiledish outlook on Macworld.
  9. macdood13

    MacBook Protection Pack For 13" MacBook Review

    I will stand by the mighty mouse, expensive price and all for ONE feature... the buttons on the side access expose. Name ONE other mouse that does that. ONE. Yea, didn't think so
  10. macdood13

    The switch

    Yes, we all fall for the eye candy. Enjoy the Mac way of life!
  11. macdood13

    New name for podcasts

    Another reason apple defends podcasts is so that the redmond brick cant use them!
  12. macdood13

    Least Used Bundled Mac App

    how in the heck do you use automator anyhow!?!? I would say automator and iweb (but i'm going to start using iweb now that I have .mac)
  13. macdood13

    Switcher With Questions!

    Sexy Black. Classy White. your opinion, your choice.
  14. macdood13

    Switching from Admin to regular user...

    Statistically since like, NOBODY ever gets into osx it won't make much of a difference to be administrator(were talking STATISTICS). It all depends on your level of paranoia which can be lowered with ani-virus yada yada yada
  15. macdood13

    Top 10 Mac Apps for New Users

    I think the ten apps depends on the user so you should get to know what they need and use before you go suggesting 50 million apps that will just sit on their dock.