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    Maccast 2008.05.22

    Hey Adam, love the podcast! I am a "Sun Guy" in my day job and I just had to point out something I heard while listening to the latest episode last night. I believe it was in your errata segment when you corrected the pricing of 10 user vs unlimited user Leopard server. While your comment about it beating the pants off Microsoft in pricing was 100% correct, you also through Sun Microsystems in the mix. In fact, Solaris is now free and has been for some time. Sun has even open sources the Solaris code base and there is a project out there called OpenSolaris (http://www.opensolaris.org). Like others in the open source business (think RedHat, Suse, etc.) the OS is free, support will cost you something. Thanks for all the work you do preaching the Gospel of Mac. I've turned many of my friends and collegues on to your podcast and we both have made switchers out of many of them. Keep up the good work! - Jerry Martin, Sun guy, Mac geek.