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  1. Awesome John, thanks very much for that. I copied your Automator task and it works great. And to change it to a podcast file you simply "Get Info" for the file and in options change the media kind to podcast. Thanks Sean
  2. Totally awesome John, Many thanks for taking the time to explain. Much easier than I thought. I didn't realize it could be changed "mono'ized" that way in Quicktime Pro. I am just curious though if for any reason I want to take an mp3 or AIFF file, say one that I've created and make it into a m4v file, mainly just so it shows up in my Podcast directory as opposed to getting lost in my large music library, how would I go about doing it? Thanks again Sean
  3. I also have a slightly more complicated question if anyone out there has the know how. I like to listen to the Anderson Cooper AC360 video podcast every day. For some reason every couple of weeks an episode will have messed up audio. Instead of the music (intro theme song) and dialog being in stereo the music will be on one side only and the dialog on the other. This makes it impossible to listen to unless you slightly pull the headphone jack out which effectively shorts the L&R signals together and gives you mono in both earpieces. This is a pain in the butt though. So I thought, maybe it's possible to extract the audio from the screwed up m4v file, convert the L&R channels into summed mono and re-attach to the video file. I've got the first bit done successfully, I have a summed mono audio mp3. In my original question I could simply convert this to a m4v file and at least I would have an audio only version of the podcast which I could listen to without having to resort to jamming my headphone jack halfway into my iPhone. But I thought it would be interesting to go one step further and combine the new audio with the original video. I tried using mpeg streamclip and was able to delete the audio from the video file but how do I add back the new modified audio? Oh, and of course my original question, if I just want to listen to my mono summed audio only version of the podcast, how do I make it appear in iTunes as a podcast instead of an mp3 music file? I thought I could simply change the extension but I guess not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sean
  4. My older G4 running Tiger seems to randomly turn off file sharing. I don't realize it has done this until I try to connect to it via my Mac Pro (running Leopard) and it is not available. If I try to connect the other way around and open up Networking on the G4 it shows the Mac Pro and I am able to log in to the available shares but when I click any one of the available disks to mount it hangs and I get the spinning beachball. The last time this happened I used Cocktail to repair permissions, clear caches etc. I've just tried opening Cocktail and it is asking for my administrators password which I have entered correctly but it keeps coming up with "sorry you have entered an invalid password" error message. I'm thinking the two things might be related somehow. I've tried changing my admin password and then realunching Cocktail but that doesn't work either. Does anyone out there have any ideas how to fix this? As a side note I occasionally run HamachiX on both machines and my third machine at work so I can grab files from either of my home computers while I am at work. My G4 used to be my main machine before I got the Mac Pro and it's admin account username used to be "SB1". When I got the new Mac Pro I made the admin account username on it "SB1" and changed the admin account on the G4 to "SB2". For some reason occasionally when I launch HamchiX on both machines they both come up seeing themselves as "SB1". To fix this I have to reset the Hamachi background process on the Mac Pro. I am wondering if there is still some lingering admin account user info somewhere that is still seeing the G4 as "SB1" and that it is conflicting with the settings on the Mac Pro. Are there hidden files that might have remnants of user account details that I could manually delete? Thanks for your help.
  5. Ive just got a new Mac 2.8 8 core and want to migrate all of my photos from my old G4 running Tiger into my new machine running Leopard. Looking in the iPhoto Library folder in my home directory on the G4 it shows many folders including some from previous years (2001,2002, etc.) before the way iPhoto worked and became a single file. On my new machine the iPhoto library folder has only one file, the "iPhoto Library" file, the G4 does not have this so obviously it is not as easy as copying the file from my old computer to the new one. What is the best way to get all of my photos from the old machine into the new one without losing anything? Thanks Sean
  6. Thanks for the help Graham. It's things like my iTunes library, address book and mail account settings that I want to migrate.
  7. I'm sure this is a very obvious thing but I just can't seem to find anything written about it. I am trying to use migration assistant to bring over some of my data (but not all of it, only specific stuff) from my old G4 running Tiger 10.4.11 to my new Mac Pro running Leopard 10.5.3. Physically the two computers are in different rooms and because of the way my recording studio system is wired it would be a major hassle to bring the G4 (now serving as a backup machine) over beside the Mac Pro and use a firewire cable for the migration. When I launched migration assistant on the Mac Pro it gave me the option of connecting to the computer I am migrating from over my network. When I clicked the option it started looking for available computers to connect to and gave me a pass key I needed to type into the other computer. I launched migration assistant on the G4 and I expected it to come up with a window asking me to key in the pass key but it did not. I stepped through the procedure on the G4 and it did not offer me the choice to migrate over a network. Is this a new feature on the Leopard version of migration assistant or am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help. Sean seanberesford@gmail.com
  8. ampnerd

    Wireless keyboard randomly typing letters

    Thanks Graham. I'll try that.
  9. Has anyone out there experienced a similar problem to me where when typing on the new aluminum wireless keyboard it will randomly inject a letter, number or a combination of both? This just started yesterday for me after I was using Numbers and my G4 suddenly froze. I had to cold boot the machine and when it came back up I started noticing weirdness. I was trying to type an email and when I would type a letter (c for example) it would enter 3 "a"'s followed by the "c" I had typed. I would hit the delete key to erase the "a"s and it would type a "b"! I unpaired the keyboard in my bluetooth setup by deleting it in my list of devices and then re-discovered it. The problem seemed to subside so I went back to work in Numbers. A few minutes later it started again. I would try to type a number in a cell and it would type the letter "a" several times and when I deleted the a it would enter other letters. I have tried changing the batteries, unpairing a second time but it still does it. I have switched back to my wired keyboard and it works fine. The problem is only with the wireless keyboard. I am not having any weirdness with my wireless mighty mouse which is on the same bluetooth adapter. I had heard Adam talk about a software update for the wireless keyboard so I went to Apple to download and install it but realized it was for Leopard only and I am still running Tiger (10.4.11). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Sean