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  1. flatmacsurf

    Need Tips: Transferring Adobe CS5 to New iMac

    John - So I can do the transfer and then de-authorize CS5 on old machine? Does it matter if I do this beforehand? To validate, I'm just entering the key from my box I assume or my Adobe ID. Yes, I knew about iTunes and have done this before, but I put it on my list here as a reminder. Thanks!! Steve Merrillville Wedding Photographer
  2. flatmacsurf

    Need Tips: Transferring Adobe CS5 to New iMac

    Yes Scott, I'm currently in Merrillville, but grew up in Gary so I didn't stray far. What was I thinking?!! I had considered your suggestion to start "fresh" and I suppose that would work even with my purchased plugins.
  3. Hi everyone. I've gotten good information here once before (the new Apple TV is doing great), so I thought I'd try again. I have a new iMac on the way and I'm looking for the best way to transfer Adobe Photoshop CS5 from my old Mac and keep all of the settings. I'm unsure if I need to deauthorize it first and then use Migration Assistant or send it over and then deauthorize it. I run Super Duper, so perhaps this is a better way to go. I have read conflicting reports online. It seems folks have a hard time transferring the Adobe software seamlessly. I have install disc, but I'd rather keep all my settings intact. Thanks in advance!! Steve Wedding Photographer Journal
  4. flatmacsurf

    Apple TV Hardwire Question

    I see on Apple's page that there are (3) ethernet outs on the extreme so that will be the way I go then. I'm clueless about networking and "home sharing", but I assume I will still be able to have my iTunes library show up on Apple TV this way. I imagine I will find my way once I get everything in my hands. Thanks for the tips!!
  5. flatmacsurf

    Apple TV Hardwire Question

    Thanks guys. So walk me through this.... If I get the Airport Extreme Router (for my iPad), but would still like to hard wire the Apple TV (quick download rentals, etc.), I take the Ethernet out from the router to the Apple TV? I guess I'm trying to figure out where to hard wire from. My iMac is connected to my modem via ethernet. Easiest route is to get a router and keep the iMac hard wired and stream to Apple TV. However, I just know I'm going to be impatient with any wireless hiccups to Apple TV. This is the reason I would like to run a wire to it. The only reason to have a router would be for my iPad which currently runs on 3G. I had it in my head that I could take the coaxial output from my wall to Apple TV somehow and then to my TV. My computer is across the room with it's own jack. I hope I'm explaining things correctly. Forgive me if I am not. Thanks again. Steve
  6. flatmacsurf

    Apple TV Hardwire Question

    I will be getting my first ever HD TV next week. I'd like to get the Apple TV as well. However, I'd like to hardwire it via ethernet cable. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Do I have to have a wireless router to have the Apple TV work as expected? I mainly want to just get iTunes rentals, use Netflix, etc. I found this at Amazon, but it seems like overkill, not to mention a high price - Netgear MCAB1001 MoCA Coax-Ethernet Adapter Kit Looking for best practices on setting up the Apple TV in general. Thanks!! Steve
  7. flatmacsurf

    Disappearing External Hard Drive

    I shut down my iMac last night due to a brewing storm and nothing to do with my external drive problem. I'd planned (still do) to replace the cable today. When I booted up the machine, my WD drive appeared on my desktop. I was able to do a Super Duper smart update to the drive. I was then able to successfully boot up from this drive. So, the external drive is back and operating. How long this will last I'm unsure. I will replace the cable and keep an eye on this drive. I wish I had a more definitive answer as to what is going on, but these things baffle me. I've been spending a lot on the machine lately for various software I need, but I will invest in DW soon to help in keeping these drives in line. I'm in the market for a drive dedicated to my expanding photo collection and I want to make sure I keep it maintained. Thanks for all your help. Any other ideas, feel free to post. I will be hanging around here more. Thanks again. Steve
  8. flatmacsurf

    Disappearing External Hard Drive

    Hello everyone!! This is my first post here and I hate that it's a request for technical help, but I'm not having much luck solving my problem on other forums. I have a WD My Book Hard Drive connected via Firewire 400 to my 2007 iMac running Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.2. I use this drive as my Super Duper cloned back up. It no longer appears on my desktop and Disk Utility doesn't see it either. System Profiler indicates that a device is connected but list it as unknown. I have powered it down and unplugged / re - plugged, restarted and the whole bit. I was surprised that my research did not come up with much about external drive issues such as this. It could be going bad on me, but how do you know? If you have some solutions or can direct me to any reading materials on external drives I'd really appreciate it. I have a Time Machine backup via my Firewire 800 port so I'm not freaking out or anything, but I'd like to get more educated about these devices and what to do when they start acting funny. Just not sure if this is a Leopard quirk or the drive. I have test booted from it on occasion in the past. It had been running fine on my Tiger system and transferred to Leopard seemingly without any problems. Thanks for your help. Steve