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    No audio in Bootcamp :(

    I just have XP with Service Pack 2. What I am goona try is to update the Boot Camp to the latest version 2.1, hope it works with fingers crossed. Brian
  2. bl3199

    No audio in Bootcamp :(

    Thanks for the replies, however, there was no sound prior to the install of the game (COD 4) and i have also tried reinstalling all the stuff from the OSX disc that came with the MBP. and still no luck In "device manager" under the "other devices - PCI devices" it have the question mark with the !. Also in Sound and audio device properties, it is listed that there is"no audio device" please help thanks brian
  3. bl3199

    No audio in Bootcamp :(

    Hello, new to the mac world, digg and appreciate the maccast. However, i am having a problem with audio in Boot Camp. Currently i have a MBP with the new Penryn processor, and have boot camp install with windows xp sp 2 for games. But after installing a game i realized that there is no audio and i am stumped! I have search all over for a possible solution and so far no working solution. I have: deleted the windows partion and reinstall windows (no luck) search through the device manager and found out that the PCI is missing with the [!], and try to reinstall it through the mac disk and searches (no luck) i have downloaded audio drivers from realtek (no luck) try reinstall/repair in the windows with the OSX disk but keep getting the "something else is running and it can't update" (no luck) called applecare, they told me to call windows (no luck) Can anyone please offer any suggestions? PLEASE! This seems like a common problem but there is no answer. Please, & Thank You Brian