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  1. That worked sort of .Actually i had to copy everything out of the ITunes folder (except the music) then I pointed ITunes to the music on the mac-mini and after that ITunes asked me if I wanted to update the library so all the playlists pointed to the right drive 30-min. later everything is perfect. My wife said she would kiss u if she could.thank u for the help.
  2. hopefully i can ask this properly. old mac-mini has its itunes library on external usb and i want all the music files to stay there.got the wife a new macbook and did migration assistant to move her account with out moving music files (750 gig of music would never fit on macbook).I know i can point the itunes to usb drive on the mac-mini but my wife does not want to have to rebuild her many playlists.Is this possible. When i tried this in the past none of the playlists can find the music.