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  1. I would prefer to keep my music separate from other audio files in iTunes. The scenario is as follows: I've got a language course with PDF files included. I'd like to move the PDFs to the Audiobooks section along with the audio files, but it seems this is not possible, even though you can have PDF files in the Music and Podcasts sections. At least for podcasts, it would be a possibility to keep non-music audio files in the Podcasts section, but I keep losing track of which podcasts have Do Not Auto-Delete activated and which ones do not. Therefore, I would like to move podcasts that I want to keep (including PDFs accompanying the audio) to the Audiobooks section so that I do not have to worry about losing episodes due to the Auto Delete functionality. For the same reason I am not inclined to try moving files that I want to keep into the Podcasts section. Is it possible to move PDFs to the Audiobooks section? If so, how? Thanks for any help or suggestions.