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  1. jarthur

    Entourage Mail Crashes

    That did it quite nicely, many thanks-Jon
  2. jarthur

    Entourage Mail Crashes

    Hi All, I have an Entourage problem that I wondered if any of you have encountered and have a solution. I received mail with attachments that when I click on either the mail or the attachment my program crashes. So, I can't delete the mail either as clicking on the mail crashes the same. Suggestions? Thanks, Jon
  3. jarthur

    Need to convert old Zip Drive info

    Yes, absolutely used it w/OS 9 before. Thanks, I will give that a try. Drive seems to be working. I got it to read on my PC and the disks formatted for that machine..Jon
  4. I have a bunch of old Zip Drives that I need to get the info off and to a CD or DVD and I can't get my Zip to be recognnized on my 10.4 mac machines.. Does anyone have a working Zip drive that they would transfer the info for me? Or suggestions on how to get my Zip to work..it spins, but it no see. Thanks,J