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    iPhone battery backup

    What is the best supplemental power source for the iPhone as I trek into the wild? I bought one of the solar chargers and it just did not work. Which one lasts the longest and really works?
  2. mdkleinmd

    Converting video tape to dvd

    It worked fairly well. I had a little trouble finding iMovie 06, but downloaded it and am using it. There are still a few hitches, but editing and then saving files back and forth to a Lacie external drive has helped. I do also record via a direct firewire connection now. Then i save the movie to the Lacie, and then delete it from the Mac hard drive, and then empty the trash. To empty the trash I need to restart. hen I can create the DVD, usually by sharing from iMovie 06 with iDVD. With the movie off the Mac hard drive, there is enough room to do this. Thanks to everyone who answered. I am in business.
  3. mdkleinmd

    Converting video tape to dvd

    I am trying to take my old vcr videotapes of my son's hockey games to DVD. I have done a few successfully, but many seem to stop after a few minutes. I am using a DAC-200 analog to digital video convertor box. The tape seems to play well as it records, but after ten to 12 minutes something happens. When I look at the video in iMovie, the whole thing has not recorded, but only part of it. I have tried to do this to the Mac Book Pro drive and to an external Lacie and get the same result. Do I need to record shorter segments or am I just doing something wrong. I have the DAC-200 and the Lacie hard drive connected via a firewire hub to the Mac Book Pro firewire port.