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  1. Ok, seeing what Uncle Sam is giving back to me, I decided to get a Mac Mini to replace my Apple TV in my living room. My plan is to use teh Mac Mini as my media center (sans DVR-have one already), but also use it as another computer occasionally. What I mean is if I see something on TV and want to learn more about it, just put the TV screen in PIP, and look something up on the computer rather than run upstairs to my Imac. I plan on linking my mac mini and Imac via ad hoc wireless connection (the reason I use the wireless now on my Imac is for the Apple TV, so it wouldn't be different I guess). I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse on my Imac, which I would move to the living room and get a wired keyboard and mouse for the Imac. I do have a few questions: -on my tv I have 2 HDMI ports (used now for my satellite box and PS3), 2 component ports (one used for the apple TV), and a RGB port. Should I get an HDMI switcher and share that port between the PS3 and mac mini, or should I look into hooking it up via component or the RGB port? Also where is a good place to look for cables? -I am debating using the mac mini as the media server-moving all my media files to it, but I need to know is it possible to do that while still syncing my Iphone on my Imac? I move music on and off of it often as well as download podcasts, and would I still be able to do that if I have that on my mac mini. I am debating this since I don't plan on using an external drive on the mini (no room on my surge protector), so would it be wise to just stream the media info from the Imac? these are a few questions I have right now, just wanted to get some info. Thanks in advance
  2. PSUDude


    these may be stupid questions, but I thought this would be a good spot to ask this. I've been thinking of trying to consolidate everything I do web-wise. I have the following: -a Gmail account for email -a blogger site to blog on -my various social networking pages (will keep, just wanted to add it) -some stuff on my Verizon webpage thats there for storing than anything -an Iphone where I can do some of these things on, as well as my Imac My question is, would it be worth it to consolidate all this into a mobileMe account? I also use Ical and other features, so I"m debating it would be woth the 100/year to put it all with mobileme and get rid of the other sites. also I registered my name with godaddy.com since I was thinking of making a small site to blog, post my resume, as well as photos/videos I shoot. On mobileMe I know there's a 20 gig storage limit for email/storage. Do websites made on MobileMe count twards that limit?
  3. PSUDude

    Macbook to an Imac

    I am planning on getting an Imac soon and giving my macbook to my sister (no need for a laptop since I have my iphone for email/web). any good tips to make the migration easier? Also, should the time machine backup I have on my external hard drive now be erased from the hard drive before I use time machine on my Imac? Finally, where's the best place to get a laptop battery for the macbook? the one I have on here is old and could be in time to get a new one (had the macbook since late 06)
  4. PSUDude

    iPhone purchase experience

    ordered my phone 7/30 at at&t store on 53rd st and 6th ave in NYC. Picked it up from store this afternoon
  5. PSUDude

    iPhone Protection

    Griffin Nu form. good case and has polycarbonite cover for screen that still allows you to use it
  6. PSUDude

    iPhone purchase experience

    I ordered my iphone from the AT&T store on 53rd and 6th in NYC (right by my job). they said about 10-21 days, so I have time to get whatever I need done with verizon before porting my number over.
  7. PSUDude

    Apple Store or AT&T Store

    I've been debating this as well. I live in NYC, and would like to go to the 5th Avenue store to get it, considering it's 24 hours, but I'm not sure when they phones come in since I dont' really like the idea of waiting for hours outside the store. I may just go to a local AT&T store and just put my money down tomorrow and hope it's here before I leave for vacation (8/29)
  8. PSUDude

    How Long?

    I read somewhre AT&T are saying now 2-3 weeks to fulfill orders. even so, I may go the AT&T store route to get me one
  9. PSUDude

    email backup software

    can't you just go through time machine as well?
  10. PSUDude

    iPhone purchase experience

    just curious if there were any more recent stories about trying to get an Iphone. I have been debating on going to the NYC 5th ave store early one morning to try to pick one up, or I may just wait til Septmber and maybe the demand might die down
  11. PSUDude

    Firefox or Safari

    Has anyone have had the issue of Safari Crashing on them out of nowhere? I've had this happen to me several times the past month, and I just got fed up with it I went back it Firefox full time. I used Firefox for sites Safari didn't open right, but now it's my main browser until some sort of update is released for Safari, or maybe there is something jsut wrong ith my version (I had the beta for a while, got Leoparda couple months ago, and it still has the "bug" icon from the beta version-but it worked fine until recently).
  12. PSUDude

    Macbok question

    Hi, I've had a macbook since Oct 2006. I've always put it to sleep or occasionally shut it down when ever I was not using it. Someone told me it would be better to leave it on all the time (obviously plugged in), since he claims that the constant sleep/shutdown and waking does more harm than good. Also he mentioned since I was thinking of getting an Apple TV soon, it would be wiser to leave it on just so it's easier to stream/sync between the two and I do't have to run back-and-forth between the two. what do some of you think? thanks
  13. I am currently a verizon customer, and since they hate Apple and made all their phones incompatable for the most part with Macs, I'd like an Iphone. I am currently on a family plan with my mom, where I am the primary number. I know that you can port the number via Itunes over to the Iphone, but I want to make sure my mom's phone isn't affected where it's deactivated. Has anyone ever had this situation or know what the right course of action to take? also, how is the overall signal quality in the outer boroughs in NYC? particularly Queens?