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  1. Sneazy

    cant plug in two fire wire devices to MBP?

    i am plugging them directly to the computer... i wouldn't mind if they just ran slower but it stops working. I can get it to work by plugging my hard drive into usb (it has lots of ports) I just wanted to know if this was any sort of know bug or something If not... I think it might be the age of my hard drive... i don't know, but thanks anyway!
  2. I have a MBP, Lacie 500gb external hard drive, and a cannon gl2. If I try to plug both the external HD (fire wire 800) and my camera (fire wire 400) the one that I plug in second doesn't work. When I go to system profiler, and it says "Unable to list FireWire devices". But if I unplug the camera or hard drive it shows up fine! Am I trying to do the impossible by plugging them both in at the same time? Is this a known issue? Any help would be appreciated... I have a project I am working on and i need both my camera and HD connected... -Cheers
  3. Sneazy

    Crossover Games

    WOW thanks a ton for the heads up! guess it doesn't matter now.
  4. Sneazy

    Crossover Games

    I looked around a bit on the forums and did not see any articles about Crossover Games. http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxgames/ I don't know if there are very many gamers on this site but if there are do any of you think that Crossover Games will eventually have a big enough compatibility list that boot-camp is no longer necessary? Or should I spend my money elsewhere? Anyway what do you guys think about Crossover Games? -Cheers
  5. Sneazy


    Here: http://i36.tinypic.com/avjx2x.jpg%22%20bor...%20by%20TinyPic http://i35.tinypic.com/25tw32x.jpg%22%20bo...c%22%3E%3C/a%3E hope these help Thanks!
  6. Sneazy


    I don't know if you guys can help me out or not... I have a G5 Logitech but the cord got weak and broke http://forum.maccast.com/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif. I opened it up (warranty is already gone) and saw that the cord was detachable. I was wondering if anybody knew the name of that connecter with the green, white, red and black cable is... if it helps I can take a picture. any help would be greatly appreciated -Cherrs!
  7. Sneazy

    Logic boards

    I am selling a g4 tower with a bad logic board and somebody asked how to know which logic board he needed to replace it. So, is there a model number somewhere on the board that would help find a new one or identify the one I have? -cheers
  8. Sneazy

    Bigger pictures

    The other picture didn't go? here is the other
  9. Sneazy

    Bigger pictures

    Ok. I Have the pictures on my iPod this is what it looks like in my computer zoomed in as far as I can to keep quality this is what it looks like on my iPod, it is so blurry. iTunes is doing something to the picture before it goes on my iPod but I don't want it to. Thanks, hope the picts help.
  10. Sneazy

    Bigger pictures

    OK I have a map in a folder, I select that folder in iTunes, It makes a folder called "iPod Photo Cache" I look on my iPod and I cant zoom in on them as much as I could on my computer. How do I put a picture here if it would help? Sorry for any confusion.
  11. Sneazy

    Bigger pictures

    Well I got the pictures in but I think itunes makes them smaller, I don't want that.
  12. Sneazy

    Bigger pictures

    How do I get pictures on my iPod touch so that I can zoom in on them and see better detail? Right now itunes makes them small. Any Help? -Cheers
  13. Sneazy

    Problems with G4 tower

    Is there any way I can tell (or narrow down) the problem? Anything is not narrow
  14. Sneazy

    Problems with G4 tower

    I have been having this problem with my G4 Tower sense about two weeks ago. Every once in a while (it could happen once in a day or within minuets of last restart)A gray screen appears asking me to restart in many languages?!!! I haven't made any hardware changes so I put it here. Are there any known problems with a resent update? Any help is appreciated. -Cheers
  15. Awhile back my Macbook pro crashed and I had to restore from my time-machine backup. Everything looked ok but now all my pro apps want me to register again. I thought I was ok but none of the individual apps will take my serial. what can I do? is there an easy way to uninstall all the pro apps and all the stuff they leave behind? thanks -Cheers