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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for answering all my noob questions.

  2. Just purchased a sweet 27 inch iMac! I'm in love!!

  3. FORZA

    Airport Express or Airport Extreme

    Thank you John for taking the time to come up with some interesting/helpful ideas, which I will definitely give a try. P.S. My current place and my last home in San Francisco both have basements, so I will use that to my advantage
  4. FORZA

    Airport Express or Airport Extreme

    I have essentially set up the airport express as a repeater for the extreme base station-not sure if that qualifies it as a WDS setup or not. Running a cable is sort of out of the question since I am renting my place and drilling any holes or running cable under the carpet is out of the question. I purchased the Airport Express and the Extreme as refurbs so some of the sting was taken out of the Apple tax. I did look into the WAP4410, but the reviews were just ok and it was about 40-50 U.S. $ more so I went with Apple. I apologize that I can not confirm your WDS question, but I do appreciate you replying to my post.
  5. I live in an older home that has thick walls that make it hard for me to get a decent wireless signal throughout my house. I currently have a 2007 AEBS in my office and a AE in the living room. Now I am wondering if I should get another AE for the kitchen to continue the bridged signal, or should I get a newer AEBS for the office and move the older AEBS in the kitchen? Thanks for any help with this.
  6. FORZA

    Is Thunderbolt backwards compatible?

    AG, I wanted to get back and say that you are totally correct! It was a little confusing because of the information that I was getting off the net and even from an Apple sales person from Apple.com. After reading a discussion thread from the Apple support forums and checking back with a different sales person at Apple.com It was confirmed that it would not work. So it looks like the 2010 iMac will be better fit for my needs. Thanks again for your response.
  7. FORZA

    Is Thunderbolt backwards compatible?

    Thanks JF for the response. What I am ultimately going to do is sell my Mac Mini so I will just be using the new iMac as my primary computer. The PC will be hooked into the iMac for gaming on that awesome 27 inch screen.
  8. FORZA

    Is Thunderbolt backwards compatible?

    Hey Apple Geek, Thanks for responding. In my question I sort of messed up and said TB cable instead of "TB Port". According to this the TB port is backward compatible and would work for my needs.
  9. I was considering purchasing a 2011 iMac, but I was wondering if the TB ports are compatible with older Mac/PC that have a mini display port? My plan is to hook up my older Mac and PC and use the iMac as an external monitor. I believe this will work with the new TB cable, but no one at the Apple stores seems to know for sure. Thanks in advance for any help with this.
  10. FORZA

    Wireless network help needed!

    Update: I made an appointment with the Genius Bar, and without testing the device for any problems the tech just gave me a new ATV2. Brought it home and hooked it up and everything worked out. The signal strength was excellent compared to the original one and as far as I can tell streaming music and movies is working out much better.
  11. FORZA

    Wireless network help needed!

    The devices I have running are as follows: 2 iPhone 4's, Mac Mini 2010 and a iPad. All running N speed.
  12. I just purchased the new Apple TV which resides about 35 feet from AEBS(2007). The signal according to the Apple TV was at best two bars, which made streaming audio and video a painful expercience. I decided to purchase an Airport Express to extend the wireless signal of my 2007 AEBS, which really didn't work. I am wondering if I am putting too much demand on my older AEBS with all of my devices, or if the walls in my older home are interferring with wireless signal. I was thinking of buying the newer version of the AEBS to see if that would help with the range issues I seem to be having. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. FORZA

    Apple TV will not go to sleep

    Not sure if this is any help to you, but I think the only way to put the Apple TV to sleep is in the settings. Like the 1st gen I believe it is always on.
  14. FORZA

    Mobile Me Sync issue

    Hi Joe. Thank you very much for your post. The funny thing is that I just re-set my data the other day and was going to do a follow up, but you beat me to it:)
  15. FORZA

    Mobile Me Sync issue

    First of all I hope this is the right place to post this question. I have Mobile Me Syncing iCal, Address Book and Safari to my Mac Mini, iPhone, iPad and my MacBook Pro. Everything syncs the way it should except the MBP will not update the current additions to the address book app. The strange thing is that I have had no problems in the past two years and I have not touch any settings that may have caused this issue. Any help/suggestions for getting my MBP Address Book app back to syncing the most current data with my other devices would be most helpful. Thank you in advance.