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  1. Apple Geek

    Reading List in Safari

    It's also good to note that there's a 'hidden' toggle on the Mac version of Safari for Reading List. On the reading list sidebar, be sure to scroll all the way to the top. Above the topmost article is a hidden search bar and button toggle. My guess would be that your toggle is set to 'Unread' instead of 'All'. Once you open an item from Reading List, it's marked as 'Read' and if you're only seeing the 'Unread' items, it'll look like it disappears from there. See the picture below for a better explanation. I'm not very familiar with Reading List on iOS so I can't give much help there. Hopefully this fixes your issue.
  2. I know you said you've tried some third-party software but I'd really recommend TuneSpan. I've been using it for a while and it works great. Plus, it's discounted today (Tuesday 17 Dec) as part of the TwoDollarTuesday promotion. (I know this sounds like an advertisement from the company, but it's not! I use and love TuneSpan. I just wanted to get the word out since it's only $2 today.)
  3. Apple Geek

    Can anyone suggest a good podcast app?

    My vote goes to Downcast. It's the one I've used for years and I think it's great. It's really easy to set up exactly what you're wanting. The shows will play and then auto-roll right into the next one.
  4. Try this. Preferences>Devices>Prevent [devices] from automatically syncing (check) Summary Tab>Options(near the bottom)> Automatically sync this iPhone when connected (uncheck) Apps Tab> Automatically install new apps (uncheck) (near the middle) I'm like you, I don't use my computer to sync ANYTHING with my iPhone anymore except for the occasional ringtone. I've not had the problem that you're talking about because I don't have any iOS apps on my hard drive. I would try unchecking those two items that I mentioned above, disconnecting your iPhone, deleting all of your iOS apps on your computer hard drive and then plugging your iPhone back in to see what happens. Of course, do a backup before any of this! Please report back and let us know what worked. I hope this helps.
  5. I think this is one of the most frustrating things about Mail.app. Luckily though, there's a fix! It's just well hidden for whatever reason. Window menu> Previous Recipients. From there you can delete any address that isn't valid. This should solve your issue!
  6. Apple Geek

    iTunes opens by itself and starts playing

    Have any Apple TVs in the house? I've had problems where my aTV remote also gets paired with my Mac for whatever reason so pressing 'Play' on the remote for the aTV will start playing music on my computer. System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Advanced…>Disable remote control infrared receiver. Another possibility: ever installed an app that acts as an iTunes remote (or has that functionality built in such as Alfred)? Maybe you have an app like that running in the background unbeknownst to you and some key combination is triggering it. Check all of your installed apps. Check your Login Items (System Preferences>Users & Groups>Login Items). If it happens again, open the Console (Applications>Utilities>Console) and review it for anything that might answer your question.
  7. Apple Geek

    Can not print to a shared printer

    Have you tried completely removing the printer from the MacBook's system (in System Preferences) and re-adding it?
  8. Apple Geek

    I realized App Store was easier. Interesting.

    I buy in the App Store as long as there's no difference between versions. For something like the app you described or a text editor etc it's a lot easier to buy through the App Store. But when it comes to the apps that need more system level access - i.e. TextExpander - I definitely buy straight from the developer.
  9. Apple Geek

    Wanted: Cloud storage without the syncing!

    Sounds like you just need an FTP server to throw the files on. You'd have to pay but it would get your files offsite and you could access them anywhere. Maybe AmazonS3?
  10. Apple Geek

    Safari 6.0.3 Won't Load Images on Webpages!

    Do you have the Developer menu enabled? There's a toggle in that menu that says 'Disable Images' - you might want to check that. You could always just wipe and reinstall Safari but, unfortunately, I don't know of any good way of doing that other than re-applying the latest OS X combo update since Safari is packaged with the system now and Apple doesn't provide stand-alone downloads anymore.
  11. Apple Geek

    How To Connect iMac To Network

    Yeah, if your Netgear is also a wireless router it looks like it and your AirPort are trying to coexist…which isn't really happening. Personally, if I were you, I'd put the Netgear router into bridge mode (which is turning off the DHCP) so it acts like a modem and I'd use the AirPort as my router. Apple's AirPort Utility for the Mac is nice and easy to understand and other router interfaces are generally more confusing. That being said, what John suggested would work, too - in that case you're just using the Netgear as your router and putting the AirPort in bridge mode. Be sure to post back and let us know if this worked.
  12. Apple Geek

    Where is the 128Gb iPad?

    From the Press Release:
  13. Apple Geek

    May dump iTunes Match. What should I do?

    I've never (and have no current plans to) cancelled my iTunes Match subscription so I'm just going by guesses here but I would think that as long as you have the songs physically downloaded to your machine (a Mac, not an iOS device), you won't lose anything after cancelling your service. Your library will just go back to the way it was before subscribing. Also, I'm pretty sure that Playlist syncing is part of the service. I can see my playlists on my iPhone. Further clarification from Apple's site:
  14. Apple Geek

    Clip from "jOBS"

    1. Still hate the name. 2. Still not the biggest fan of Kutcher (though he looks the part, I still can't get past his 'That 70s Show' 'stupid' voice) 3. I still plan on seeing the film, though I'll wait for post-theatre release. 4. Man, I still hate the name.
  15. Apple Geek

    Looking for a vector drawing program

    Google SketchUp? I'm sure there's a free one somewhere on that site.