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    Orchestral samples and sFx for garageband

    I'm sure you meant well, but it can be considered very, very spammy if you just join and your first (and only) post is an advertisement. If you were to spend some more time around the boards, join in the conversations, and get to know everyone a little bit better, then people are more likely to take you a little more seriously when and if you want to advertise something. So please, spend some time exploring the MacCast community. Apple Geek
  2. Apple Geek

    iPhone 3.0 update - Voice control

    Voice Control is only a feature on the iPhone 3G S. Older models of iPhones and iPod touches are not capable of the Voice Control feature. This update had to do with hardware so a software upgrade would not be able to add it. Apple Geek
  3. Apple Geek

    iPod Touch 3.0 Email Push Fetch Confusion

    Does pushing the little refresh arrow in the bottom left corner of the Accounts screen not refresh all of your accounts? It does for me. Apple Geek
  4. Apple Geek


    Not sure if you've heard or not, but your wish has been granted: Check out this story. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you are getting it any earlier, but you won't have to pay any extra when it comes! Apple Geek
  5. Apple Geek

    Iphone 3.0 question

    Flash was never announced for 3.0 so I'm not sure why you thought it was coming. As for MMS (I'm going to assume you are in the US) - Apple has stated that AT&T will be able to handle MMS "later this summer". Though I'm not sure how you could have missed that one either since Apple had that disclaimer everywhere it mentioned MMS....So for MMS you should direct your complaints at AT&T.
  6. Apple Geek

    3.0 software update combo?

    It would be more possible (though still as illegal) if he also had and iPod touch and you only wanted to buy it one time. There are big differences between the iPhone versions and the iPod touch version. The iPhone version has to update things that go with the Phone, Messages, etc that the iPod touch is not capable of. But like I said - if your dad had an iPod touch it would be a little more possible than him having an iPhone. Apple Geek
  7. Apple Geek

    Disable rotation on iPod touch?

    Yes, you are correct. There is actually a way to do it if you jailbreak (which I did at one time) BUT after that (the jailbreak not the "don't rotate" option) completely bricked my iPod touch and I had to get a new one - I can live without the few bonuses you get with a jailbreak. Apple Geek
  8. Apple Geek

    Disable rotation on iPod touch?

    That is not currently available on the iPod touch. No news about it in iPhone software 3.0 either. If I had to guess - I wouldn't get your hopes up. Apple Geek
  9. Awesome, that worked for me! Great tip, thanks! Apple Geek
  10. I'm pretty sure that there is no way to get rid of the bookmark button without taking away the address bar (unfortunately, because I, too, would like to see it gone...). Also, I'm sure you are already aware that there is a reload "button" at the end of the address bar right next to the RSS button. If you are wanting to get that reload button to be more of a standard button like the rest, I don't think there is a way to do that either. Sorry to bring such bad news, but that is just the way things are I'm afraid. Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  11. Apple Geek

    Dock Spaces

    Can you explain further? What do you mean by "deleting"? If you mean that there are just no applications in your dock anymore, it is really easy to get them back. Just open up a Finder window and drag the apps you want in the dock to the dock. Apple Geek
  12. Apple Geek

    iTune Files Keep Appearing on Desktop

    I'm glad my suggestions helped. Yes, you are correct that it is generally safer to use a standard account rather than an admin account. By trashing the preference files - you did more of "resetting" iTunes than just reinstalling the application. (It's like you gave the application a new body but didn't fix the "brains" of the app, where the problem was occurring.) By resetting the preferences you should have gotten the series of questions that you answered a long time ago when you first opened iTunes - because it now doesn't remember what you chose. I know I went into way more detail than I needed to, but oh well... Glad I could help. Apple Geek
  13. Apple Geek

    iTune Files Keep Appearing on Desktop

    I will suggest again trying to delete those preference files. (I assume you still haven't done that judging by the content of your posts). To do that go to your Finder, click on your home folder, go to Library, Preferences, and find the ones that I mentioned in my earlier post. Trash them or move them to the desktop at the very least - just get them out of that folder. Quit iTunes, restart your Mac and then launch iTunes. See if that helps. If that doesn't fix - I'm out of ideas. Apple Geek
  14. Apple Geek

    iTune Files Keep Appearing on Desktop

    Try trashing the preference file found in ~/Library/Preferences/. Upon looking in there, I have three files that pertain to iTunes - com.app.itunes.eq.plist; com.apple.itunes.plist; and com.apple.iTunesHelper.plist. I would first try just moving them out of the folder (to your desktop or somewhere accessible) restarting your computer and then opening iTunes and see if it re-creates the preference files. Then see if you can recreate the problem. If that doesn't work (I'm just throwing ideas out here) try repairing permissions through Disk Utility.....not sure why that might help, but I don't think it would hurt. Hope any of these helps. Apple Geek
  15. Apple Geek

    iTune Files Keep Appearing on Desktop

    That is interesting. I've not heard of that problem before. The only thing I can suggest is to go into your Preferences then under Advanced just make sure you know where your library path is. You may need to change it or try the reset button and see if this helps. Here's a pic for reference: I may be completely off track here, I just hope this helps. Apple Geek
  16. Apple Geek

    using timemachine drive for other stuff?

    Yes, it is possible but I would recommend partitioning the drive to keep Time Machine contained and separate. I actually did this for a couple of months and it worked out all right. Apple Geek
  17. Apple Geek

    Ipod touch: play music slowed down

    Glad that worked for you, but I seriously doubt that there is any other way to do it (without some possible 3rd party application or something...) Apple Geek
  18. Apple Geek

    Ipod touch: play music slowed down

    I HAVEN'T tried this, but I'm guessing that in theory it should work: 1. In iTunes, right-click on the song(s) you want to play slow and select Get Info 2. Under the Options tab, under Media Kind, select Audiobook 3. Sync song(s) to your iPod touch 4. On your iPod touch go to Settings/Music/Audiobook Speed/Slower 5. Play your song(s) and I'm guessing (hoping) that they will be slower. Again - I HAVEN'T tried this method but it looks like it should work.....? I'm sure someone else has a better, more definitive answer. If you try this, please report back and tell us how/if it worked. Apple Geek
  19. Apple Geek

    Extract Text from PDFs

    Nice find, this may come in handy some day. Thanks. Apple Geek
  20. Apple Geek

    Alright, so here's one for you to try:

    Worked like a charm. So glad there was an easy fix! Thanks so much for your help. Apple Geek
  21. I'll try to make this as short and sweet as possible: my iTunes library is very large (by my standards). I have around 12 GB in music, and just under 30 GB of TV Shows and Movies. All of my music is stored on my internal HD so I can access it any time. My TV Shows and Movies (any video content within iTunes) is on an external USB drive. Right now, everything works and plays as it should. I got /am getting another external firewire hard drive for my graduation and I want to use that as my "media drive". Now, I think you know where I'm going with this, but how do I move my video content from my old USB drive to the new drive WITHOUT iTunes freaking out? I know of and have found plenty of articles that can tell me how to move my entire iTunes library to a new location but never ones about moving a part of my library. That leaves me a little worried that there will be no easy way to do it. Just to recap: I want all of my music to stay put (internal hd) but I just want to be able to tell iTunes to look at my new drive for my video content instead of my old one. Help and comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks. Apple Geek
  22. Apple Geek

    Book Recommendation from interview?

    Not sure about the interview you are talking about but may I direct you to this topic (which I actually started) asking basically the same question. Everyone in there offered some great helps and tips. Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  23. Apple Geek

    Update 10.5.7

    Please see my post above. I had no problems upgrading to 10.5.7 when downloading from Apple's website directly. Apple Geek
  24. Apple Geek

    Free skype call recorder for mac

    I'm pretty sure you can record from two sources using WireTap and it will combine them....I don't know exactly because I've only had to record from one place, but I do know that there are two places you can have inputs from. Here is a pic of what I'm talking about, again I'm not completely sure of what you can do with it, but I think this is what you are looking for. Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  25. Apple Geek

    Update 10.5.7

    UPDATE: Weird, I had the same message....currently downloading from here and will update later if successful. UPDATE#2: Downloading it from the link above did the trick! Good luck! Apple Geek