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    Free skype call recorder for mac

    Just click the Purchase button shown on the image below and then check out through the "My Basket" link near the top of the page. Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  2. Apple Geek

    Free skype call recorder for mac

    I haven't tried Wire Tap Studio with Skype, but it works fantastic with other apps I have used it with (Safari and iTunes) so I don't see why it wouldn't be great with Skype. I'm sure some other people can either back me up on this one or suggest something even better. Wire Tap is a little expensive ($69) but I got it free through MacHeist this year and I really like it - plus you may be able to find a deal on it somewhere around the internet... Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  3. Apple Geek

    Ok, so I've tried so hard, maybe I'm just stupid

    Ok, I've tested it and it appears to work perfectly thus far. It is a little hard to test it out completely since I have the date set to current (and it doesn't want to name two things the same) but it is working great as of now! Thanks for the reply. Apple Geek
  4. Alright, so I have this digital magazine that I download every morning and I want to archive it. Now, it downloads to my Downloads Folder and has a long string of numbers as a default name. Here is what I want to happen - I have created a new folder in my documents where I will archive the magazine, when I drag the PDF file into that folder I want the name of the file to change (completely replace the old name) to today's (the current) date - format: mm/dd/yy. I don't want to have to do anything other than just drag the magazine into that folder and have it change automatically. I'm not really smart enough to know how to create a script that does that and I've tried a bunch of different ways using Automator but I couldn't get the exact results I wanted. Plus, I couldn't see a way to have it done automatically.... Ok, I hope I'm just stupid and that there is an easy way to get this accomplished. Your help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. Apple Geek
  5. Apple Geek

    Delete only certain files

    Move the files that aren't from the jump drive on to the desktop momentarily? That is the only way I can think of doing it..... Apple Geek
  6. Apple Geek

    Apple TV or Mac Mini

    I would recommend listening to this episode of the MacCast. It should give you tons of info you need. Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  7. Apple Geek

    App syncing on iPhone

    Try deleting them completely from your iTunes library and then re-downloading them (you can download them again for free) and see if that fixes the problem. Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  8. Apple Geek

    Apple Mail

    I discovered I have this problem too. I read somewhere (sorry I can't remember where now - it may have been on the Apple Forums) that it has something to do with the Safari 4 Beta. As you said there are really no solutions at this time, but I have found that saving as a PDF document through the Print dialog box does save it for you (but in a PDF format obviously). This seems to be the only solution as of now, hopefully Apple knows of this problem and fixes it (10.5.7 maybe???). Hope this helps. Apple Geek P.S. If you don't have Safari 4 Beta installed, then I'm sorry for wasting your time and I really don't know what is going on
  9. Hey guys, I have (kinda) a stupid n00b question for all of you. Right now, I am a senior in high school and next year I will be attending Kansas State University to major in Computer Science. I know I probably won't hit the actual computer science part until maybe sophomore or junior year because I have all my gen-ed classes to get through first, but I kind of wanted to get a head start. So my question to you is: What is a good programming language to start with? I have next to no knowledge of any sort of programming. About the only things I know are the very few HTML/BB Code tags that I need to use on forums (and that is not even really related). A couple of weeks ago I ordered a few books, one is a beginner's guide to C Programming and two others are beginner's guides to C++ programming. Are these even good places to start or am I on the completely wrong track? Suggestions of where to start and even some books to check out (or online resources) would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the simple questions and I hope I didn't make myself sound stupid. (There will probably be more as I get more responses to this thread ) Thanks! Apple Geek
  10. Apple Geek

    Microphone for iPod Touch

    I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that the 1st generation iPod touch is not compatible with any microphone. I thought that that was only a feature of the 2nd gen. Can someone clear this up for me? Apple Geek
  11. Apple Geek

    How to get started in programming

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I completely understand and I really wish that I had been able to take some sort of programming class in high school - the problem is we are a very, very small 2A high school (that means we only have 120 kids total). Being from a small town, we just don't have the resources to have classes like that. The closest I got was taking Electronic Communications I and with that we only spent about 9 weeks building webpages 7 to 8 of which were using Dreamweaver (completely GUI-based......) so yes, my knowledge is lacking in this area, but so were my resources. Also, I'm not 100% sure about when my "real" computer classes will start during college (since I don't enroll until June), but my cousin is there now majoring in Computer Engineering and he said that he was just taking all general education classes right now.......so I don't really know. I'll keep working on these C, and C++ books and maybe look into the AppleScript 1-2-3 book that Dolphbucs mentioned. The end of the school year here is going to be very hectic for me (I only have 4 weeks left, but I also run track so that eats time) but when I get some free time this summer, I will definitely hit this a little harder. Thanks again for all the suggestions! Keep them coming! Apple Geek
  12. Apple Geek

    disable faces iphoto

    Based on the responses to the poster in this thread it would appear that disabling Faces in iPhoto '09 is not an option. Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  13. Apple Geek

    Fantastic new Gmail feature

    I would beware of that - sounds very April Fool-ish to me...I mean if you are too lazy to even read your e-mail, then you need to get off your butt and do something else... Apple Geek
  14. Apple Geek

    iMac G3 Blueberry

    Sent you an e-mail. Apple Geek
  15. Apple Geek

    Movie Library

    I would first suggest looking at Pocketpedia (which is free) in the iTunes store. I'm not sure if you can add DVDs directly to the database there or if you have to sync from your desktop. Either way - the companion software is called DVDPedia (it is $19 US) from Bruji. Hope this is helpful. Apple Geek
  16. Apple Geek

    How to change iTunes skin in Leopard.

    I actually tried this out of curiosity's sake, and I couldn't get it to work. iTunes would crash upon launch. I am by no means saying that I did it correctly, but by replacing the file already in the iTunes package with the one I downloaded, it did not work. But luckily, a simple replace of the original file and all was normal again. Apple Geek
  17. Apple Geek

    How to change iTunes skin in Leopard.

    I don't think it is possible, that is why no one is responding... Apple Geek
  18. Apple Geek

    Show off your Desktop

    I would recommend using Skitch. It is a very easy application to use. Then when you get the image you just hit "Share" and it does the uploading for you. It will then walk you through to find the right links to use to add it to message boards like these! Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  19. Apple Geek


    Still doesn't make it legal. Apple Geek
  20. Apple Geek

    iTunes 8.1 about to be released?

    EDIT: iTunes 8.1 is available NOW! You can also grab a Front Row Update if you go through the Software Update under the Apple Menu. Apple Geek
  21. Apple Geek

    All DRM-Free to Playlist

    I would try this: Create a Smart Playlist (either option-click on the plus symbol in the bottom left corner or File/New Smart Playlist) and for the criteria set it to "Kind" "is not" "Protected AAC audio file". This should get most of the DRM-free songs in your library. Alternately, in your library switch to list view, hide the artwork, right click on the bar that is the column headings (Name, Album, Time, etc) ADD the column "Kind", then click on the heading "Kind" to sort by kind, then you can find all the songs that aren't "Protected AAC audio file"s and manually drag them to a new playlist. This kinda sounds confusing but it really isn't. Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  22. Apple Geek

    Mail bug

    I've never noticed this problem. Mainly because if I need to move a message I just click and drag. If you need to copy a message, just option+click and drag. Apple Geek
  23. Apple Geek

    Online Videos

    Oh yes, I forgot about VLC. That is another great App. Apple Geek
  24. Apple Geek

    Online Videos

    Have you tried Flip4Mac? Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  25. Apple Geek

    Cannot sync purchased songs from iPhone to my Mac

    I'm glad everything worked out. Apple Geek