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    Forums on iPhone?

    I haven't used it, but for those interested here's the link to the app: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ip-board-communities/id372597645?mt=8
  2. Apple Geek

    Mail isn't working in 10.5.8

    I really have no idea what's going on but I'm going to throw some things out there that I would try. Does this happen when you try to send the message or immediately when you just open the compose window? Look at the Console and see if Mail logs any messages that may be helpful. Delete the Mail Cache ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.mail. Drag the preference file to the desktop (don't delete it - you said you were worried about what it may do to your preferences) if that fixes it, I would suggest a fairly tedious way to get your preferences "back" but it would at least get them back - just take screen shots of all of the preference windows so you have something to remember what specific preferences you have set. Click on one of your mailboxes (if you have more than one) then under the Mailbox Menu click Rebuild way at the bottom -- the Mail help says that this should be used if you have garbled messages and that it just redownloads all attachments and messages from the server again so it's unlikely to fix your problems, but I don't think it could hurt. Check the "Composing" tab of your Preferences and make sure there's nothing wonky going on there. You mentioned that it's a problem on 10.5.8 - did this start happening immediately after you updated to that version? Had you installed any other update recently? Do you have any plugins installed for Mail? Most of the plugins I see online (I don't use Mail.app so I don't have 1st hand experience) get broken with any update Apple does to Mail - basically make sure your plugins are all up to date. That's about everything that I would try. It's obvious since your other accounts work fine that the nuke and rebuild option would work but that's a pretty drastic measure and I can understand why no one would want to do that. Also, I know you know this Huskermn but I feel like I need to say it anyway: BACKUP before trying any of these actions!! I hope at least one of these helps you figure out your problem, and even if they don't I hope they maybe helped you think of another thing to try that does end up solving your problem. Please report back to let us know how you got it fixed. Good luck!
  3. Apple Geek

    iTunes library missing in media browser

    Do you still have your iTunes library in its default place in your file system? ~/Music/iTunes It's just a guess but maybe if you have everything stored on an external hd or even somewhere else on your system, the Media Browser doesn't know where to find your iTunes library.
  4. Apple Geek

    Pages in landscape?

    FYI: I own neither an iPad nor Pages for the iPad (but I have used it). Anyway, the "Print a Page" section on this page of the Apple Pages Help website says that you can print in landscape, I don't know about keeping it in landscape for editing though - again, I don't have an iPad to test it. EDIT: Shoot, I just saw that when I searched for 'landscape' and went to that Print a Page section, it jumped me over to Numbers instead of Pages. You can probably poke around the Pages section and find something though.
  5. Apple Geek

    iPhone 4 Newby

    Even better, setting up the iPhone by restoring from your iPod touch back up will mean that all of your settings and important data will be on there the first time you use it. (I'm fairly certain you can use a backup from an iPod to restore to an iPhone as long as the OS version is the same - if I'm wrong someone please correct me).
  6. Apple Geek

    RSS/Newsreader apps that stay in sync

    I don't really know why you would feel like you are "joining" one side or the other. I have EVERYTHING sync through Google (RSS, Contacts, Calendars, email) and it all works flawlessly with my Mac and my iPhone. It's not Google Reader that you should worry about, it's the client you use to view it. Reeder for both the Mac and the iOS are my favorites but there are plenty of other great alternatives. You don't have to "pick a side" - use what works. I hope that I didn't come across as attacking you, that wasn't my intent. I just thought I'd throw my ideas out there.
  7. It sounds like you at some point disabled the pop-up that asks whether you want to keep the items or move them to the trash (which strangely only occurs after the first dialog asking if you want to remove an item). Only the first dialog has the option to "never ask again" but I assume that if that is checked, you'll also never be asked to keep or delete the item. Long story short go to Preferences >> Advanced >> Reset all dialog warnings. That should fix the problem. If not, you may just give your preference file a boot (delete it) and try that.
  8. Apple Geek

    DisplayName.plist file opening on boot

    You might also check in Macintosh HD/Library/Startup Items to see if anything in there is triggering it..
  9. Yeah you really have to be careful when uninstalling anything that Microsoft puts on your system. You're bound to miss a few things. That's really disappointing that you even used the MS uninstaller and it still left stuff behind. P.S. Nice choice of words in your sig: "Windows" Free. You're obviously still not "Microsoft" Free…yet.
  10. Apple Geek

    Booting a mac only on certain days/times

    I've never used it myself so I don't know if this exact feature is in the application but I know Adam used to talk about how he loved Power Save Mac from Faronics. Might be worth checking out.
  11. Apple Geek

    4.2 is here

    My favorite part of the updates is finding little (admittedly sometimes pointless) changes that aren't mentioned in release notes. 1st one I noticed: Voice Memos got an icon update.
  12. Apple Geek

    Hallowe'en costume

    Yeah, but does it have flash?
  13. Apple Geek

    Disguising Safari

    Doesn't work for every site but try this: Make sure you have the "Develop" menu turned on (Safari>>Preferences>>Advanced>>"Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar". Then go to the develop menu: Develop>>User Agent>>Pick your poison. You might have to reload the page for it to take effect and I don't know if it holds across different sessions (quitting and relaunching Safari) but I had a friend who needed IE for a site and it worked for him.
  14. Apple Geek

    Texting from/to Mac

    Yes, you do need a .me or AIM account to log into iChat. I'm sure there's a way for the "phone user" to initiate the chat (by texting to a special # or email) but the easiest way is for the "computer user" to send a text first, then the person on the phone just needs to reply to that message. Honestly, I'd suggest you just get a Google Voice number. I rarely text from my phone anymore (in fact I don't even have a texting plan on my iPhone). I sometimes use one of the Google Voice apps on my iPhone to text others, but most often I'm on my computer using the Google Voice website to text other people. Super simple and FREE.
  15. Apple Geek

    Texting from/to Mac

    I have no experience with that service. But you can send SMS messages for free through iChat.
  16. I think we need a little more information. Are you having this problem on your Mac, or on an iPod/iPhone? You have restored.....what, exactly? Your iTunes library on your Mac? Your iPod/iPhone? Give us/me as much detail as you can and I/we'd be glad to try to help you out.
  17. Apple Geek

    Best way to read epub files on the iPad? ...

    Stanza is nice....and free. But so is iBooks. With free apps, at least, your best bet is to try all of them and see which ones you like the best. Experimenting with paid apps can get a little pricey but you have nothing to lose with free apps.
  18. Apple Geek

    switcher help needed-msn contacts

    Just doing a quick test, I think Address Book can natively handle CSV files so I don't think you need Abee. Did you try the "File>>Import..." from Address Book and just navigate to your CSV file? This brings up a long list of things you can select to import. Maybe that will work better.
  19. This happened to me once. A simple re-boot of my machine fixed the problem - with no data loss either. Try that and report back.
  20. Apple Geek

    Cannot get ITunes to find my movies

    There are a couple of things I would try. Delete the library (select all of your songs/movies/podcasts/etc in iTunes and delete them) iTunes will ask you if you want to move the items to the trash but say NO - Keep Files. Then quit iTunes, locate all your media on your hard drive, open iTunes and either File>>Import and find your media OR just drag the folders of songs, etc into iTunes. Under preferences/Advanced you might click the reset button next to the library path or you could even select change and move to /Users/<your user folder>/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music. Then, I think the most important thing is under the File Menu>>Library>>Organize Library... check both of the boxes in that dialog (you might not be able to check the second one if your library is already organized as a Media library) and sit back and wait while iTunes organizes. I'm sure other people have many other (maybe better) solutions. These are just some of the things I would try if I were in your situation. Good luck! Oh, it never really hurts to trash the preference file every once in a while - that might "set iTunes straight" on where it needs to look to find things.
  21. Apple Geek

    Who's First ?

    I've got it - I'm there on Ping (Matt Janssen). Interestingly, I can't find your profile dolphbucs when I do a search. Anyway: iTunes 10. What I like: Ability to hide checkboxes in list views, ability to hide icons in sidebar (I never disliked them, but I like the simple text interface now), the new hybrid-album/list view, the updated GUI, Ping. What I don't like: the volume slider (looks like the iPad iTunes slider which is good for a finger, but way too big for a mouse pointer), the vertical 'window action' buttons (I don't mind it, but I thought Apple was all about simplicity and consistency? this is just going to confuse people, I know it), the icon (it looks OK, but I think it could have been better and at a quick glance [and small size] it could easily be mistaken for Safari [especially when they sit next to each other in the dock]), the name (I understand the weight that the iTunes name has and the generality of it [like Kleenex] but it's like calling a modern computer a calculator - that may have been its original purpose but it's so much more now). #1 thing I don't like: STILL NOT COCOA/64-BIT NATIVE. For iTunes' 10th anniversary Steve says "Let's give it a new icon" but we can't update the code? C'mon Apple - you're killing me here.
  22. Apple Geek

    Hey Adam ... Starting a Ping acct ?

    That's a fantastic idea - I'd definitely follow that! It'd be a great centralized place for all the MacCast music. Also, if I correctly understand how Ping works this would also be a good way for us (the listeners) to give the artists feedback on their music.
  23. Apple Geek

    iOS for iPad in the 1st?

    You all are correct about the new accounting changes. iOS 4 was a free upgrade for iPod touch users. (Can you believe that I paid $19.95 for 1.1.3 on my iPod touch which brought 'awesome' changes such as the mail, weather, stocks, notes, and the map apps to my iPod??) As far as an iPad iOS update - I see it happening sometime, but honestly not next Wednesday. Wednesday is about iPods and iPods only (maybe iTV, but I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see it).
  24. Apple Geek

    iPhone 4, 1 minute behind

    I understand your point, but that's not quite the point that Neal and I are trying to make. Of course it's logical that your microwave and various clocks around the house are different - manually putting in the time is always going to cause some differentiation. What Neal and I are trying to figure out is why something (the iPhone) that we [theoretically] sync with our computers every day doesn't stay in-sync and why it is consistently about a minute slower. As Neal suggested, this is probably just a tiny software bug that should be reported to Apple.
  25. Apple Geek

    iPhone 4, 1 minute behind

    I've had this problem since I got my iPod touch, and now since I've had my iPhone 4. That leads me to believe it has to do with the OS. Sorry, I don't have a fix for you - I'm only stating that I've experienced the same.