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    Spell checking in safari 5, huh?

    System Preferences>>Language & Text>>Text>>Spelling (drop-down list)>>Setup... Then just make sure that what you want to be checked (for spelling) is checked and maybe in a specific order. I'm not really sure, I've never, ever messed with those settings. In fact, I didn't even know they were there, I just did a search for spelling in System Preferences and that is what came up.
  2. Apple Geek

    Adobe Air Assistance Request SOLVED

    I've never used this site so I don't know of its reputation but I think I found what you are looking for on versiondownload.com.
  3. Apple Geek

    iPhone not seen by iTunes

    I haven't personally used PhoneView, but now that I see the icon I'm pretty sure the last time I went to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, the Genius had PhoneView on his MacBook Pro. If it works for an Apple Genius I guess it has to be a good app. (So in a sort of round-about way I second the promotion of this app)
  4. Apple Geek

    iPod shuffle

    This post is basically to see if anyone is interested in buying my 3rd gen iPod shuffle. I bought it in March of 2009 (a few days after the new design was released) so sorry, it's out of AppleCare. But, as the title indicates, I have barely used it. I would guess it has been used less than 10 times total. I thought I would have a use for it but I already had my iPod touch and then after I bought my 160GB iPod classic last September I really had no use for the shuffle. Included would be everything that came in the original packaging and I even have the original box that I'll probably ship it in. Earbuds will be included unless you don't want them (though they look just as new as the shuffle itself). The iPod is black in color. Like I said, this is just to see if anyone is interested. Price, pics, and any other info is certainly available on request. Thanks for looking. Apple Geek
  5. Apple Geek

    iPod shuffle

    BTW, your link is broken. But I'm not a member on MacRumors and I would feel bad to just join and make my first post something I'm trying to sell - probably wouldn't come off too well with the community.
  6. Apple Geek

    iPod shuffle

    Ok then, looks like I'll be moving this to eBay.
  7. Apple Geek

    New Mac Mini

    I think the machine looks very nice. I like what they did with everything in it and overall, I think it's an improvement. However, I agree with you - the price hike seems a little weird and for me makes the Mac Mini much less appealing. I could (maybe) understand a price increase of $50-100, but $200?! I doesn't seem like Apple.
  8. Apple Geek

    iTunes Podcast Updates

    I wish Apple would address this as well. Currently, there is no way to "Update" your Podcasts on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad within the Music app. You can, however, find podcasts in the iTunes Store on your device. Unfortunately, you will have to manually find each one of the podcasts and download them individually, though. Other than maybe an App in the App Store that will do automatic fetching of podcast subscriptions, I don't know of any way to do what you want on your iPhone. Hope this helps.
  9. Apple Geek

    Resetting the dock

    Nice, I hadn't even thought of that.
  10. Apple Geek

    Resetting the dock

    Not automatically, but you could just look for a stock image from Apple.com or elsewhere of a "new" Mac screenshot and see what icons were in it and put them back manually. EDIT: Here, I even found a picture for you:
  11. Apple Geek

    Mac OS X Mail not deleting GMail?

    I've done some searching and found a few settings you might want to play around with. Go to Gmail in your browser, click on Settings and then the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Under the bottom section are settings pertaining to IMAP. The Auto-Expunge setting is probably the one you want to look at. I have it set to 'Immediately expunge messages when I mark them deleted in IMAP'. This sounds more like what you are looking for. Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  12. Apple Geek

    Mac OS X Mail not deleting GMail?

    I've got 2 of my Gmail accounts running through Mail as well. I don't know if I can help you with the "not deleting" problem, but there is a way to get some of those extra mailboxes to not show up. Note: This is a Google Labs product so just be warned BUT I've never, ever had this cause a problem. Anyway, to get it set up, sign into Gmail on the web. Then go into your settings and click on the Labs tab. Then find the lab that is called "Advanced IMAP Controls". Enable it and save your changes. Now under you Labels tab in your settings you should see a whole bunch of checkboxes next to all the labels that say "Show in IMAP". Just uncheck any of them you don't want showing up in Mail and you should be all set. The only one I have that shows up in Mail now is my Spam folder, incase it catches the occasional "real" message, but otherwise, my Mail sidebar is now clean! Like I said, this really doesn't help the "not deleting" problem - or at least I don't think it does (maybe this setting is part of the problem...) but hopefully this helps someone out. Apple Geek
  13. Apple Geek

    Mobile Me to be made Free ????

    I haven't heard great things about MobileMe, but being free would at least get me to try it out. My current iCal sync with Google Calendar works but it is a little wonky. It would be nice to have a cleaner solution (aka MobileMe) to have my calendars in sync with all my i-Things. Same with Address Book. Eh, we'll see.
  14. Apple Geek

    Difference between 38 and 64-bit OS

    Yet you still haven't fixed two typos in your original post AND your "Interests" include "Editing Wikipedia"? Hmmmmm. Anyway, it's my understanding that 64-bit operating systems can take advantage of way more RAM than 32-bit OSs can (theoretically a finite amount, but in practice an infinite amount - something like 16 billion GBs). I think it also improves speed and other things. Though, since it's not as widely used - yet - as 32-bit systems are, there are currently a lot of compatibility issues. But like I said, I don't have a great answer - maybe someone else here does. Apple Geek
  15. Apple Geek

    Difference between 38 and 64-bit OS

    I have no good answer. But you might want to check out the Wikipedia article on 64-bit. Specifically this section and this section. A simple Google search will yield hundreds of results as well. Also, I'm sure it's just a typo, but you may have noticed that it is 32-bit and 64-bit NOT 38 and 68.
  16. Apple Geek

    My Alerts in iTunes

    That, I'm not sure about then. As long as you have the artists checked in the second list I don't see why you shouldn't be receiving the emails.
  17. Apple Geek

    My Alerts in iTunes

    Maybe I'm not understanding something. You can add specific artists (without purchasing from them) by going to their artist page and clicking "Alert Me" (first pic above). This will add the artists to your list. In the second pic above, if you uncheck the top checkbox I assume that you will then only receive emails from artists that are added to the bottom list. Is this not what you are wanting to do? I'm sorry if I'm misunderstanding what you are wanting to do. Apple Geek
  18. Apple Geek

    Best External Hard Drive

    Yeah, I have a Seagate FreeAgent 500GB and I love it. I do have a Lacie as well, but it is very noisy - I wouldn't recommend it.
  19. Apple Geek

    My Alerts in iTunes

    Within the iTunes Music Store, click on your name in the top right corner to go to your account settings. Towards the bottom, click on "Manage My Alerts" and there you can uncheck the item that says to email you based on your purchases. Then you can just add the artists to your My Alerts from their artist pages (which it sounds like you are doing right now). Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  20. Apple Geek

    Folding laptop stand recommendations

    I've been using the iLap from Rain Design since I got my MacBook Pro. A little pricey (depending on your laptop model) but still a great stand.
  21. Apple Geek

    Tiger to Snow Leopard?

    Oh, I just re-read my post and I guess I did kinda make that sound weird. I wasn't actually offering you my discs because I know they will only work with a MacBook Pro (now I'm just sounding mean). But yeah, I would suggest just checking your system with the specs on Apple's site and see if you can run Snow Leopard. But as you hint, those 27 inch iMacs aren't exactly ugly machines . I'm not sure what version of iLife/iWork you are running but I'm pretty sure that even the versions that came with Tiger will run under Snow Leopard. Might be worth checking out though if you are deciding between the $29 and $169 version of SnL.
  22. Apple Geek

    Tiger to Snow Leopard?

    As long as your system supports it, any copy of Snow Leopard will install on your machine. Technically (read: legally) the $29 Snow Leopard is for people who own Leopard and the $169 version that includes iLife/iWork '09 is for people like you who are on Tiger or previous. However, both versions are exactly the same and are full copies of the OS and will install on any machine that supports it. One of the benefits of not having "Registration Codes" like Windows requires. Heck, even the family license version and the single license version are the same disc (though I don't condone buying the single license for multiple computers). If you are really looking for just going to Leopard then I think the only way to get those discs is eBay unfortunately. I say unfortunately because, as was brought to my attention by Leo Laporte's radio show the other day, people are asking outrageous prices on eBay. Thankfully, someone in the chat room (during Leo's radio show) was willing to send the caller his retail Leopard disc so he didn't have to buy one on eBay. Otherwise, Huskerman, I'm not sure where to buy Leopard. I'd gladly send you mine but my only copy of Leopard is from my MBP restore discs. This is about all the help I can offer. My suggestion would be to just make the upgrade to Snow Leopard if you can. Though, you may try Craigslist in your area.
  23. Apple Geek

    iTunes podcast 'mark as watched'

    I'm not sure what you are wanting to do? When you sync you iPod back (after listening to them), it should update the podcasts so they are marked as watched in iTunes. Otherwise I don't know how to mark them as watched without right-clicking.
  24. Apple Geek

    Best software to DVD Rip to itunes to iPad

    Totally agree with Graham. I wouldn't have suggested anything different. But just to add on that, the latest versions of Handbrake don't include a way to crack the DVD protection on commercial DVDs (this is so they can stay legal). To solve this problem - also make sure you download VLC and just put it in the same place as Handbrake. VLC has the info Handbrake needs to crack the copy protection. You can download that here: http://www.videolan.org/