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  1. I'm here....I guess...

  2. Apple Geek

    Maccast Forum Upgrade

    It's really weird - just yesterday I was thinking about how "old" this forum looked compared to some other ones that I visit. And I wake up this morning to find this! As quick thoughts, I like the new design a lot. Sure there are some things that we will have to get used to, but so far I think it's great! I look forward to everything that comes in the future. Apple Geek
  3. Apple Geek

    iCal Alarms not working

    Glad you found a solution! Thanks for the link. I'll keep it handy incase I end up with the same problem, too! Apple Geek
  4. Apple Geek

    iCal Alarms not working

    Nothing comes to mind. Can you give us a pic or give us an idea of how you have your alarm set up? For example: what kind, when, specific sounds? This may be helpful in solving this! Apple Geek
  5. Apple Geek

    Update for iLife

    I'm sorry that I don't have any expert advice, but I, personally, am going to hold out. I know Apple won't be at Macworld next year, but I wouldn't be surprised if they still held some sort of event in the first quarter of the year. Even if they don't - I would expect an update to the iLife/iWork series. Honestly, unless there is something truly 'incredible' (in my mind, not Steve's ) then I may still stick with '08 -both iLife and iWork. I've been using them since I got my Mac last year and I don't have much incentive to upgrade even to '09. We'll see though. Sorry for not really helping - I just wanted to add in my thoughts. Apple Geek
  6. Apple Geek

    3rd gin ipod touch case

    They shouldn't be. Nothing has changed externally from the 2nd to 3rd generation. Apple Geek
  7. Apple Geek

    OSX asks me for my password ALL THE TIME

    Wow, I run my machine the same way you do but I've never run into that problem. I would try re-downloading Safari from Apple's site and maybe even trashing your Preference files. Honestly, this is the first time I've ever heard of this problem so I don't really know what to try but maybe these will help. Apple Geek
  8. Apple Geek

    Cant Open SMS meesages in iPhone

    Indeed, MMS is not available on the original iPhone. Straight from Apple's Website: Apple Geek
  9. Apple Geek

    Ipod Mini low battery, how to charge

    Yes, Dolphbucs explained it very well. Seeing as the last iPod mini was made over 4 years ago it is very likely that even a "new" mini would have a dead battery. Choices are either to change the battery, as Dolphbucs suggested, or better yet - spend a little more money and get a new (or even used) nano. Apple Geek
  10. Apple Geek

    Does Mail stink now or is it me?

    Well, I was more implying just wiping the Mail accounts and re-adding them. If deleting and re-adding a Mail account doesn't fix (or at least improve) the problem, then I doubt a clean-install would. Like I said, the IMAP-configured accounts would be easier to delete and re-add since the read/unread count and deleted messages is synced to the "cloud". Apple Geek
  11. Apple Geek

    Does Mail stink now or is it me?

    Hmmm, I haven't been having the issues described. What sort of accounts are you using (POP, IMAP, etc) and (GMail, local ISP, Yahoo, etc)? Also, how did you upgrade your system - clean install or upgrade? If you did just an upgrade and didn't have to re-enter your Mail accounts it might not hurt to delete them (the Mail accounts) and start over - obviously if you have an IMAP account this will be much easier than a POP account, but this is just something that I would try if I was having the problem. Sorry I couldn't be of any help. Actually, I'm not quite sure why I even posted this....oh well. Apple Geek
  12. Apple Geek

    Can anything be done

    Leopard might help, but sometimes something as simple as a clean install of your current OS (I'm assuming that's Tiger) can clean things up a bit and get you back to a nice speed. If you haven't done a clean install since you got the machine over four years ago, then this will definitely speed up your system. Hope this helps. Apple Geek
  13. Apple Geek

    Columns in word. Deadline tomorrow. Help?

    I've only used Word on the Windows side, but I could have sworn that there was an option along the lines of columns being from "this point on only." Try looking where you selected to put columns in the document in the first place and look for maybe a check-box that says that. If all else fails - reset the whole document to one column, select the part that you want to be two columns (highlight), and then go and put columns in - that should do it. Hope some or any of this was helpful. Sorry, I'm going off some very old memory here... Apple Geek
  14. Apple Geek

    Mac Mini very slow

    System Preferences --> Accounts --> *Pick your account* --> Login Items.
  15. Apple Geek

    Wishlist an album?

    Sure you don't: Just click on the down arrow next to "Buy Album" then click "Add To Wish List"!
  16. Apple Geek

    Mac Mini very slow

    Well, my first question is - did you do an 'upgrade' or did you do a clean install? An upgrade is convenient, but a clean install is the best way to ensure that your Mac is running the best it can - it cleans out all the 'junk' and starts fresh. Apple Geek
  17. Apple Geek

    Deleting Email

    So I'm confused - is the deleted mail showing up on her iMac or on her iPhone? You mention iMac in your message but this is the iPhone section of the forum....?
  18. Apple Geek

    itunes 9

    Ok, sorry. The link must have died since the time I posted it.... anyway try this or this.
  19. Apple Geek

    itunes 9

    The word "this" in my post is a link. Click it, read it, try it. Apple Geek
  20. Apple Geek

    New announcements

    Good news! iTunes 9.0.1 was released today and among many of the improvements, it now restores the old functionality of the green "zoom" button - now it toggles the mini-player just like before! Apple Geek
  21. Apple Geek

    newbie question re:MMS

    If I remember correctly- that's the exact same argument that Steve Jobs used when he introduced the iPhone as to why it didn't have MMS (you can just send an e-mail). If e-mail works great for you, then I don't see any reason why you would need to shell out the extra money (I guess it costs extra in Canada?) for the MMS. Apple Geek
  22. Apple Geek

    Can iLife 08 run on Snow Leopard?

    Works fine. I had iLife '08 on my Leopard Install Discs and didn't want (or need) to upgrade to '09. Re-installed iLife '08 after my Snow Leopard install and have had no problems at all. I mainly only use iPhoto as well but it works great. I assume that all other iLife '08 apps will have no problems either. Apple Geek
  23. Apple Geek

    itunes 9

    Try this.
  24. Apple Geek

    Mail with Snow Leopard

    So glad you found a solution! Glad we could all help. Apple Geek
  25. Apple Geek

    10.6.1 wants to install again

    Well, it is obviously not installed if "About This Mac" says you are running 10.6 but did you make sure to restart your Mac after you downloaded the update? It doesn't install until you do a shut down, Software Update only downloads the software. Apple Geek