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    Cool Laptop Case

    NP the seller is really good it shipped from UK to canada in 5 days
  2. mcatton

    Cool Laptop Case

    i bought 2 of Larobe cases these are kinda cool. I'm a Graphic Designer and i sometimes take my powerbook with me to work to transfer files or be able to bring home work, and these sleeves work really well. http://www.be-ez.com/prod_larobecolor.html the only problem is that they dont sell in North America..i bought mine off ebay from a company called addestra or something.. here is their online store at ebay http://stores.ebay.co.uk/addestra
  3. mcatton

    Front Row Video Help

    okay...so i have posted this in the iTunes section because in a way it has to do with the itunes software. Im running the new imac g5 with front row, i have some TV shows on my computer, if i put them in my movies folder they show up as movies in front row...but their not movies..their TV shows, i cant seem to find anything in iTunes that will allow me to tell it that these are TV shows. i have found the drop down for Music Videos, but what about TV shows...does anyone know this one ??? Thanks in advance
  4. mcatton

    20 Imac Isight Service Guide

    so a bit of an update..i took apart my 20" imac and pulled the harddrive ... i'll start by saying this was not easy. i swapped the HDD and went to start up the machine wtih it all torn apart just to take the data off, i plugged the power cable in and poof the circut tripped, all the lights turn off. you can imagine the panic i started to have. i pulled the other HDD out and put the original back in re-assembled everything and crossed my fingers. You wouldn't believe my happyness to have the machine start up without a hitch ...FEWW! with that little scare now i thought lets not mess around anymore, i re-assembled the old machine and started it up..using my ipod i transferd the data. to my surprise it stayed on JUST long enough to be able to transfer all my data.. IM SAVED. Thanks for everyone's help and anyone who is thinking about taking one of these machines apart...best of luck. I can give you directions up to the point of taking the LCD off..but any further your on your own. anyone thinking about taking one of these apart...you might want to wait until after your warrenty, apple has a good possiblity of knowing if you do your own service work on this (ie the black tape around the LCD pannel)
  5. mcatton


    there is also iCream..i've seen it at my mac store before but i couldnt find a link for it.
  6. mcatton

    20 Imac Isight Service Guide

    LunchBox: the external enclosure is a great idea...the only problem is that most external drive cases are made for IDE and the drive in the imac's are sata. plus the old hdd i have to send back to apple within 10 days.. so then i would be left with this drive enclosure if i was actually able to fine one...but good idea Jubliee: Target diskmode...another great idea, i guess i left out the fact that my old imac has a logic board issue...the reason why my machine was replaced..im able to start my machine up but it crashes after about 3 mins. so target diskmode wont work. thanks for eveyone's help so far...lots of good ideas..but none that work for me maybe someone will be able to link me up with a service guide...any apple cert tech's out there... ???? wanna pass on a 20" imac with isight service guide PLEASE...its all i want for christmas !
  7. mcatton

    20 Imac Isight Service Guide

    no i mean a apple service guide...they are the manuls that the service depots are giving...the describe step by step instructions on taking apart you product... there are tones of these floating around on the net but i can seem to locate the new iMAC with the isight.. can anyone point me to a link ?? i started to take apart the imac last night but it's totaly different than the previous model, when you losen the screws the whole front bezel comes of exposing the LCD panel i didnt take it completly off cause it felt like it was hung up at the top where the isight is and with out the guide im kinda scared to dive right in
  8. hey anyone know where i can pick up a service guide for iMAC 20" with the isight. i need to pop in my HDD from my old computer to get files off it..but i dont want to lose another computer. Thanks for all help
  9. mcatton

    Aggressive G5 iMac Superdrive

    well let's see who's does shoot it the furthest... mine is 8 " ?
  10. mcatton

    iMac G5 1.8 Crashing

    It almost sounds more like a logic board issue. depending the the generation of imac's you have there is actually a recall on certain imac's check it out ( i couldnt find the link but i know its on apples website, but im sure somone here will find it for us!) So that could be one issue or you just might need to have it repalced period. I am going threw almost the same issue as you..except mine doesnt turn off, the computer will freeze then the fans will kick into Mach 3, and you locked up, with mine however i have to restart it every time. I'd have to say get on the phone with apple or head down to your local apple store or for thoes of you who aren't lucky to be near one the local service depo, and have them check it out...the gentleman that did my replacement had it done in an hour and half. Best of luck to you
  11. mcatton

    Aggressive G5 iMac Superdrive

    okay...so it looks like my issue has been solved. Its been a long preocess, i started with 2 superdrives being replaced, then the logic board, and i was still having issues...called apple back and i now find out it's the bezel, but before going to take that in im having logic board issues now...my machine with freeze up about 8-10 times a day. so i finally fixed the issue today, i called back to apple and spoke with a apple customer relations agent, we were on the phone for a couple of hours, but my machine is now being replaced. Oh the joy !, the agent in customer relations was very nice, he even went to the extent of upgrading my machine for me to the 20". i have regained all respect i had lost with apple...although i do think there might be issues, or i just get all the lemon's here's my Lemon List Emac - Defective CRT out of the box PowerBook 17" - 3 blown pixels, superdrive replacement, battery replacement and battery charger ( that almost caught on fire) Ipod (3rd Gen) - Battery Known Issue, Blown HDD Imac - 2 superdrive replacements, 1 logic board replacements and if i kept the model to get it working another logic board and LCD and Bezel Although i have had alot of issues i must admit i have never really had and problems with apple and getting the work done !
  12. mcatton

    Aggressive G5 iMac Superdrive

    i've have the same problem with my imac G5 it will spit the disc right off my desk. i have also come across about 8 other ppl that have this same issue. I've replaced the superdrive which seem'd to have work for about a week then it started up again, my next step is to repalce the logic board which needs to be done anyways due to capasitors are swelling up. my question for you is do you have a 1st gen Imac G5...that seems to be the effected group, im not sure if they changed the drive between first gen and second gen's but this could be the problem.
  13. mcatton

    HOW-TO Podcast for idiot

    okay...well i have my sound file recorded...its not talk just simply music. It's my friends demo and he is really good and want him to be known on a wide basis so im taking it to the ipod scene. the part that im having trouble with is the getting it on the web. Thanks adam for the link above i havent gotten to look at it yet..but i will shortly all help is welcome Thanks again
  14. Afternoon all im coming to you for a little help today...im a long time listener to podcast and i want to become a creator. i have searched threw the old forum post..but couldnt find what i was looking for. I believe adam on one show went threw how to create a podcast but im not sure i would like to start doing my own podcast but i have no idea how to do this...if anyone can help or point me somewhere that can help an idiot go about this Thanks in advance