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  1. I have an iMac g5 that died because of a bad power supply and logic board. It was too expensive to replace the parts so i counted it for scrap and opened it up. I got to the screen which was in fine shape and decided to do something with it. can I turn it into a screen for movies and podcasts from my ipod? what hardware would I need if I did that? if I mess up, I toss the computer, no harm done so I'm not really worried about difficulty. thanks!
  2. emmett117

    Podcast Suddenly Stopping in the Middle

    i did that. i waited at least 4 days but they still keep messing up!! i also get an error code "err = -3260" some podcasts dont download the whole episode, some show they download all the way but stop playing halfway throught. i have even had this problem this shows from the maccast!!
  3. emmett117

    Podcast Suddenly Stopping in the Middle

    i had the same thing happen to me but i was wondering how i can get it to go away forever? it happens every week with diggnation and very often with leo laports tech guy. i have to re-download the podcast at-least 3 times before i get the whole thing.