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  1. The Edge

    Safari vs Firefox

    I've always been using Safari and I love the way it looks and works. But recently I tried Mozilla's Firefox and realised that many options on sites have been denied me because of Safari! I'm talking about stuff like Gmail and the formatting buttons, and Blogger and its formatting buttons. My question is, if Firefox can access all those options from within an OS X environment, why can't Safari do the same? I don't want to switch to Firefox fully because it just doesn't LOOK very OS X to me, if you get what I mean. Any ideas? Can i add software to Safari to get the same capability? Is Apple doing anything to match up to Firefox?
  2. The Edge

    Freeware LAN Games

    Why don't you try Halo Demo? Its free, available on apple.com and besides allowing you to play on LAN, even has gamespy servers for you to play online. Also Unreal Tournament 2004 has a good demo with multiplayer options.
  3. The Edge

    Microsoft Does Ipod Packaging

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAGr3mVVUwE I don't know if anyone here has posted this link before, but it's not on the front page in the forums and it deserves to be. Thank goodness they don't pack ipods eh? [its Safe For Work so don't worry just watch it.]
  4. The Edge

    Mac Remote Control

    I own a Sony Ericsson Z520i and after listening to your episode on 21.02.06, i went and searched for software for my phone that uses bluetooth to control the mac. And i discovered, like inspectorgadget said, that the software is already in the phone! however the preset buttons are for Windows and won't work for mac, what with different keyboard shortcuts like Cmd + Tab instead of Alt + Tab. Well check out http://developer.sonyericsson.com/site/glo...misc/p_misc.jsp and get the Bluetooth Remote Control for Mac. what it does is it will customise do all the nitty gritty that inspectorgadget described above, for you. So you can preset buttons to switch applications, move the mouse around etc. you can even customise the image that will show on your phone! Check out this SITE for more on how to use the software, how to set up your Bluetooth phone as an external keyboard and actual samples which are really nice looking. But I'm still having some problems with certain commands, like Cmd + Q and Cmd + W. The assigned buttons in my phone doesn't work with those commands. Anyone have any ideas on those?[/url]
  5. The Edge

    adding a sound file to Garage band problem

    With garageband could it be because your tempo for your master track is too fast? I'm not sure I don't use garageband for podcasting, but I do use audacity, and I import lots of little sound clips all the time, and they never sound sped-up or faulty. the only problem I had that resembles the unlistenable part was when i tried to import .AIFF files into audacity. So sorry I can't be of much help.
  6. The Edge

    Forum Rankings

    Drew Carey in Whose Line Is It Anyway: "Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter" which he follows up by comparing the points with something that really doesn't matter. If he reads this I guess he can say something like "Yep the points don't matter, just like the number of posts you have in an online forum you geekazoids." Maybe then we will get it.
  7. The Edge

    Making mp3 file size smaller?

    dead herring doesn't have to eat off his mouse-clicking finger because audacity does have the function to reduce the bit-rate of your mp3s. I use audacity for recording my podcast as well and the default setting causes the huge file size, probably because audacity thinks you're trying to record and mix a song. What you do is open up Preferences in Audacity, click on the File Format tab, at the bottom you should see MP3 Export Setup. Change your bit-rate there to a lower value from the default of 128 and you should dramatically reduce the size of your mp3s! Use the Quality tab to change the sampling rate but I think if you leave it at the default value, the file size should still be manageable. Hope this helped.
  8. The Edge

    Eliminating Background Hiss when recording

    Thanks for all your help guys, I made do with the built-in mic in my ibook, recorded with audacity, and the podcast turned out fine (or so I think. check it out at http://feeds.feedburner.com/wyncast) I think with some background music, the background hiss is covered up and all is fine. however I may get the iMic, just for the amplification and better sound quality, and so I can plug in a directional mic too. Thanks again!
  9. The Edge

    Eliminating Background Hiss when recording

    joshimacvid: I've tried recording with the built-in mic before and I'm pretty satisfied with the quality, and my only problem is with a mild background hiss when the track is amplified. Goatman: i am deciding between GarageBand and Audacity. Normally which band in the EQ should i lower to remove the hiss? And what does the low pass AU do? I tried the latter and didn't notice any major difference. :wink:
  10. I'm using an iBook G4 and would like to record podcasts with the built-in mic and either GarageBand or Audacity. Is there any software or method available to clean up the recorded audio, remove the background hum/buzz/static/noise? I know Adam mentioned in his interview with Snowball that he used Soundsoap to clean up the track, but as a budget-conscious student, are there any freeware options or methods that don't require payment? Thanks!
  11. The Edge

    games screw up your computer

    i have the halo demo and it works perfectly fine on my iBook g4 1.07Ghz running Tiger, but i find it best if i turn the graphic settings to the lowest level possible, to experience the best gameplay. And especially if you're creating a game for multiplayer and hosting it, it helps to quit any unused applications to prevent your game from lagging, especially if you have many players in your game. See you on Halo!
  12. The Edge

    Old Mac in Lost.

    macdood13, check out this page: http://www.tv.com/lost/show/24313/episode_...e_listings.html it tells you everything you need to know about each episode of LOST and even trivia and stuff you wouldn't know just by watching the show.
  13. The Edge

    Downloading QT movies online

    Oh, and one more thing. if you want to play your video files full screen (you need QTP to do that), here's something you can use. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Its the VLC controller. and it plays .WMV files too! hope this helps too!
  14. The Edge

    Downloading QT movies online

    if you're using safari, you can try this trick: open the activity window, look for the file with the extension .mov (i.e. the QT file you want to download) click on it, then cmd+C to copy it open your download window, cmd+V to paste the address in that window. You'll start downloading that QT file to your desktop! (note certain files, like game trailers, require QT pro to obtain in a larger size, if you only have QT, its a pretty small movie, so you may be better off buying the pro version) Hope this helps!
  15. The Edge

    Expose Trick

    How about something totally redundant that serves no purpose? press Shift and F9, F10, or F11 and see the windows move at half the speed, just because they can. ha. can't figure out why that feature was included. :?: